Snapchat Slangs Explained: Easy Guide on Snapchat Lingos, Icons & Terms

Snapchat Slangs Explained: Easy Guide on Lingos, Icons & Terms

Snapchat is built with popular terms, acronyms, and trending acronyms that help you to connect with each other. This platform is a popular multimedia instant messaging platform and is used by millions of users. So, if you want to connect with other Snapchatters, you can use different Snapchat lingo, or slang terms on the platform. So, here is the ultimate guide on Snapchat Slangs explained for you.

Snapchat is known for the latest updates and is built with amazing features. You can use the Snapchat Solar System and use Snapchat Plus subscription to enjoy exclusive features. To use all the features, you can use Snapchat lingos or slang to enhance the user experience on the platform.

So, let’s get started and know everything about Snapchat Slangs. Below, I have given all the details about the new popular terms and you can understand them easily.

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Snapchat Slangs Explained

Snapchat Slangs Explained: Easy Guide on Lingos, Icons & Terms

You can use different slang terms and acronyms on Snapchat. So, here, I have given you the list of Snapchat terms that you can use on the platforms and maintain your friendship circle on Snapchat. Let’s get started now and know the meaning of trending Snapchat Slangs.

What does S mean on Snapchat?

A person might receive a snap with “S” or “strx” or “streak, “ the meaning of which is the sender wants to maintain a streak with you. So, if you are receiving a blank snap with “S”, turns out the “S” in the snap means Streaks.

What Does OTP Mean on Snapchat?

OTP on Snapchat means ‘One True Pairing or Pair.’ This acronym is part of a shipping culture that pairs different fictional characters romantically. It is majorly used in gaming worlds and movies. This also refers to a person’s favorite character in a series of games or movies

What Does MB Mean on Snapchat?

MB is an abbreviation for ‘My Bad,’ used in text messages on social media while admitting a mistake. It is like the ‘Shoot’ we used when we said something stupid.

What Does WSP Mean On Snapchat?

WSP is an acronym for What’s Up. You can use it to ask anyone how they are. This acronym is also used in place of HRU, which literally refers to how are you. The acronym is equally used by Gen Z and millennials.

What Does DW Mean on Snapchat?

DW means ‘Don’t worry’ on Snapchat. DW is an abbreviation and an amazing way to remove any kind of tension you may have during a Snapchat conversation

What Does IG Mean On Snapchat?

IG on Snapchat refers to ‘I guess.’ This acronym has been in use for a long time. As most of us are used to the saying during our real-time conversations. This comes in when we need clarification about something we are speaking about or need more confidence to speak up in front of someone. 

What Does SN Mean On Snapchat?

SN stands for Screen Name on Snapchat. This is the most possible meaning of SN on Snapchat. This could refer to the Display Name that someone has chosen for themselves on the app.

What Does WSG Mean On Snapchat?

WSG on Snapchat means “What’s Good?” The abbreviation is usually used to ask your friends what they are doing. You can use this slang to ask your friends what they are doing for the evening or after school.

What Does DSB Mean On Snapchat?

DSB is slang in Snapchat terminology. It means Don’t Snap Back. DSB is an acronym that is used in serious situations. It is used to convey that you don’t want to talk to the person at that specific time.

What Does BSF Mean on Snapchat?

BSF refers to a friend with whom you are too close, like a sister or sibling. Basically, it refers to a friend with whom you are practically inseparable. The full form of BSF is Best sister/sibling friends. The other meaning of BSF is also ‘but seriously, folks.’

What Does TTM Mean on Snapchat?

TTM means on SnapchatTTM on Snapchat means ‘Talk to Me.’ It is an abbreviation to let the person know you want to talk to them.

What Does WYO Mean on Snapchat?

WYO on Snapchat is a way of asking your friends about their plans. WYO means ‘What you on?’. You can use WYO to ask your friends about their day’s plan. You can also ask your BFF to know about their plans.

What Does BBG Mean On Snapchat?

On Snapchat, BBG means Bikini Body guide which is a workout series initiated by Kyla Itsines. On Snapchat, it is a workout challenge. She is from Australia and is quite famous on Instagram with millions of fans and their success stories.

What Does SFS Mean On Snapchat?

SFS on the platform Snapchat refers to snap for snap. Influencers majorly use this acronym to encourage or urge their followers on the platform.

What Does SSB Mean on Snapchat?

SSB is a very well-known acronym among Snapchatters. SSB on Snapchat means Send Snap Back. SSB can be used as a reminder. You can also use this acronym with someone you just started talking to. Even if you are just started talking and have a low Snapstreak score.

What Does PMO Mean On Snapchat?

According to the Snapchat lingo, PMO refers to ‘Put Me On.’ Here it means to link with someone. PMO also refers to someone whom you want to follow on Snapchat. It also means letting the other person know that they wish to introduce a particular thing to the person on Snapchat.

What Does HY Mean on Snapchat?

In Snapchat, the term HY denotes Hell Yes and Hell Ya in Snapchat. It explains the sheer excitement of affirmation one exhibit with its text. When a Snapchat user sends HY during a conversation, it means that he is utterly pleased to confirm his YES to a query or a statement

What Does ION Mean on Snapchat?

The meaning of ION isIn Other News.’ The acronym is used almost by all users globally. The acronym ION is used not only on Snapchat but also in text messages and DMs. There are emoji keyboards that have stickers related to the ion. You can search for it with the help of ION.

What Does SS Mean On Snapchat?

The term SS stands for Screenshot in Snapchat. For example;

Maria: You won’t believe what John said! Let me send you an SS!

Carrey: Okay! Send RN!

What Does OML Mean On Snapchat?

OML is an abbreviation for ‘Oh My Lord!’. It is used to express surprise or annoyance. It is used when ‘Woah’ isn’t enough to express your emotions. Especially your intense annoyance or total surprise from the news your friend just told you about. It is an expression that shows how shocked or irritated you are.

What Does KYS Mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, KYS means ‘Kill Yourself’. The acronym was birthed by a joke among friends, and when one made an arrogant reply on it online. So, you know, although it may sound like a Kiss, the inner meaning is much more deadly than it sounds.

What Does WYA Mean on Snapchat?

WYA is the short form of ‘Where You At.’ This is used for casual conversations on the platform. But the phrase needs to be grammatically corrected. Anyhow the users on the platform love using the lingo, and they mean where you are when they write the phrase on Snapchat.

What Does GMS Mean on Snapchat?

GMS means ‘Good Morning Streaks’ on Snapchat. GMS is used to keep the streaks from being broken usually. If you are not sending snaps to your friend on Snapchat for more than 24 hours, Snapchat will break your streak with them.

What Does WTM Mean on Snapchat?

In Snapchat lingo, WTM refers to What’s the move. This abbreviation is majorly accompanied by the posts you share or stories you post on your Snapchat account. This means a user wants to understand the details of the photos you have posted.

What Does Pft Mean on Snapchat?

Pft is an expression that is used to disagree with a statement. Sometimes you post something on the platform, and the user disagrees with the statement in the post. Then you come across Pft in the comment section. So, Pft refers to the sound made in disagreement.

What Does MBN Mean on Snapchat?

The term MBN on your Snapchat signifies the statement ‘Must be Nice’ which means that you are asked to be more polite and kind than usual. When the other one pings with the hashtag MBN during a conversation, it acts more like a reminder to be kind with your behavior.

What Does WYLL Mean on Snapchat?

WYLL means “What You Look Like.” Especially when used on social media apps like Snapchat. WYLL is used when you are talking to someone, and you don’t know what he/she/they look like.

What Does IMY Mean on Snapchat?

IMY is referred to as a short slang term for the word ‘I Miss You‘ on Snapchat. It is mainly used during informal or personal conversations in order to express a particular set of emotions to the other person. IMY can be used while expressing grief, sorrow, love, or feelings for another person. Another person can be a spouse, colleague, friend, or close friend.

What Does YW Mean on Snapchat?

The term YW stands for ‘You are welcome’ on Snapchat. The term is quite handy and is used as a response to thank you messages and is often used in Snapchat texts. You can even replace YW or yw with “UW,” “urw” and “ur welcome.” The other way is to respond with “yvw,” which means “you’re very welcome.” 

What Does HRU Mean On Snapchat?

In the world of Snapchat, HRU clearly stands for How Are You. When a Snapchat user pings you with HRU, it simply means that he/she is asking about your well-being. It can either be used as an ice breaker or just about gelling with one another.

What Does IDM Mean on Snapchat?

IDM usually refers to ‘I don’t mind.’ This lingo is quite famous among folks on Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. IDM can also be used as ‘It doesn’t matter.’ IDM, as an abbreviation, can be used in a more professional context like Informed Decision Making, Intelligent Dance Music, Integrated Disease Management, and more.

What Does PMOYS Mean on Snapchat?

PMOYS stands for “Put Me On Your Snapchat.” It is a request for someone to add you as a friend on Snapchat. This phrase is often used in social media or online dating contexts as a way for someone to ask to connect with someone else on the app.

What Does SB mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, SB means “Snap Back”. Keep in mind that when you start a conversation with your friends, they send you a picture and then text you: “Hi David, SB!”. It means they are asking you to send back a snap. SB can also help you to gain Snapstreak. 

What Does GNS Mean on Snapchat?

GNS stands for ‘Good Night Streaks.’ Yes, in the Snapchat world, it is a way to say goodnight to your friends. People send a snap at night to their friends to say goodbye or goodnight to them. GNS or Good Night Streaks is a form of Snapstreaks, and it helps you maintain the streak with your friends.

What Does FS Mean on Snapchat?

In Snapchat, the term FS stands for ‘For Sure,’ where the users grant an expression of affirmation to another user and claim that their statement is highly agreeable. ‘For Sure’ is also used to verify something on Snapchat whenever any particular user puts up a question or performs anything on the platform.

What Does ND Mean on Snapchat?

ND is referred to as ‘And’ on Snapchat. Whenever a user has to break a conversation and begin with a new statement, ‘And’ is one of the best acronyms to use during a conversation. However, why should one let go of any opportunity that defines them as a cool statement? Instead of using AND on Snapchat, ND is your go-to term.

What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat?

The term KMS stands for Kill Myself or Kill Me Now on Snapchat. In case you are feeling overwhelmed and need to vent out, you can use the term on the platform. Users use it to create a melodramatic effect in a conversation, but sometimes you need to take it seriously as the user might use it in a suicide threat or express that a person is depressive.

What Does SMH Mean on Snapchat?

SMH stands for ‘shaking my head’ on Snapchat. When you disapprove of something, you usually shake your head in disapproval. Hence, while conversing on Snapchat, you must put the physical motion you use for objection into words, as the person on the other side can not see your reaction. But when they read the abbreviation, they will get to know it. 

What Does ISTG Mean on Snapchat?

In the platform of Snapchat, ISTG means I Swear to God. The meaning of the acronym is not new to the platform and has been in use for ages. The acronym has different meanings and hence can be used in different contexts.

What Does NGL Mean on Snapchat?

NGL refers to Not going to lie’ on Snapchat. The origin of this acronym is still being determined; hence, people do not know when the acronym started being in use. Although the abbreviation existed even before it came into use in the platform of Snapchat. 

What Does WTW Mean on Snapchat?

WTW commonly refers to What’s the word. When you want to check on someone and know their whereabouts, you message them WTW. This is one of the easiest ways to knock someone on Snapchat. The acronym WTW also helps to initiate a conversation on Snapchat. In addition, it helps to know the whereabouts of anyone you are concerned about. 

What Does WRD Mean on Snapchat?

The term WRD on Snapchat exhibits a strong sense of agreement one expresses on a certain viewpoint or a fact presented. When a person sends WRD during a conversation, it wholly signifies how a person agrees to the statement so expressed by the latter.

What Does MK Mean on Snapchat?

In Snapchat, MK refers to ‘Mmmm-ok.’ It means you want to ensure something or about someone during any conversation. And it also refers to when you agree to any statement during any argument or debate. This acronym is used in almost all the social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and others.

What Does FT Mean on Snapchat?

FT on Snapchat stands for FaceTime. FaceTime is a video calling app feature for iOS users. In case you get a text on Snapchat which says FT? it means the other user wants to have a video chat with you. FT is generally used in uppercase and is generally used in Snapchat messages. So, in a way, the term is essentially an invitation to join the user in a video call.

What Does ATP Mean On Snapchat?

The term ATP stands for Answer the Phone on Snapchat. Whenever a user pings you with ATP, it clearly means that the person is asking you to come over and answer the phone. In other words, it clearly means ‘Talk to me RN.’ So whenever someone asks you to ATP, all you need to do is pick up your phone and talk.

What Does ASL Mean on Snapchat?

ASL is an acronym used in Snapchat to ask about a person’s age, sex, and location. If you have started talking to someone you found on Snapchat, you can use this acronym. This will let you know the person’s age, sex, and location. Since we all use Bitmojis on Snapchat, it is difficult to know about the person. It is always a good idea to ask them on chat.

What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

If your friend texted you with ‘GTS’ and you don’t know what does GTS mean on Snapchat, let me help! GTS does not have a single meaning on Snapchat. The basic meaning of GTS on Snapchat is “Good Times.” Also, it means ‘Go to Sleep.’

What Does IMSG Mean on Snapchat?

IMSG refers to Instant Messaging Games. When you come across such an acronym on the platform, it means someone is inviting you to join the games. The abbreviation is quite common on the social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok. Here gamers invite their friends to join in and play the games online.

What Does HB mean on Snapchat?

HB in the Snapchat jargon refers to Hurry Back. This is used to call back someone on an urgent basis. This acronym is widely used on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok as well. The acronym is widely used on the platform by many users.

What Does LMR Mean on Snapchat?

LMR stands forLike My Recent” and promotes your recently posted content on social media. “LMR” can also be used on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The content is posted by influencers and close friends who would want their content to be liked by others on the platform.

What Does MHM Mean on Snapchat?

MHM refers to something when you agree or say yes to anything you hear. And everywhere, it has the same meaning or expression. This acronym is actually a short form of another expression where you actually agree with someone or something. The actual word is mm-hmm.

What Does TBH Mean on Snapchat?

TBH when used on Snapchat meansTo Be Honest.’ It is used as a short form to express the phrase. You can use it to say what you truly feel about a situation or person. This slang allows the user to express their honest opinions or thoughts on something or about someone.

What Does WCW Mean on Snapchat?

WCW refers to ‘Woman Crush Wednesday.’ In 2010 a movement named Man Crash Monday started, which later became popularly known as MCM. In 2015, MCM gave way to a hashtag, #WCW, and women simply loved and used it to encourage other women. WCW was mainly used for posts about women who are found attractive by other users. But now, the meaning of WCW has many more reasons and uses. It is also used nowadays to appreciate a lady.

What Does S/U Mean on Snapchat?

In the Snapchat world, the slang S/U stands for Swipe Up on Snapchat. Where most influencers use this feature to take their audience to their newly posted video on other social media platforms, many brands and businesses use this to promote their range of products.

What Does Bffr Mean On Snapchat?

on Snapchat, the term Bffr stands for ‘Be f#*king for real’. The term is self-explanatory. Bffr is majorly used during a conversation when the sender wants the other person to be real with himself and others in regard to a specific matter. In other words, Bffr is used when one person wants to communicate to another person that he is being naive, fake, and diplomatic

Snapchat Icons Explained

Snapchat Slangs Explained: Easy Guide on Lingos, Icons & Terms

Snapchat is built with amazing features and there are amazing filters made for boys and girls. Moreover, there are so many Snapchat icons and they reveal different meanings. So, here, I have mentioned the list of Snapchat Icons that will help you to understand easily.

What Does X Mean on Snapchat?

X mark is a reminder for you to add that person to your friend list if you haven’t added them yet or remove them by tapping on Clear Conversation. You will find this grey X mark on Snapchat next to a person’s or contact’s name who is not your friend on Snapchat. This is what X means on Snapchat. It is something that every other Snapchatter wants to know

What Does Blue Circle Mean on Snapchat Stories?

A blue circle appears on your friend’s story when it is a private story. A private story can only be viewed by the people who are added to the private story group. The blue circle also has lock emoji at the bottom, making it clear it’s a private story. So, a blue Snapchat story means keeping your snaps on stories hidden from all your friends.

What Does a Grey Arrow Mean on Snapchat?

A grey arrow is an indicator on Snapchat. It appears when your content on the platform is not delivered and is pending. This arrow may appear when there is an internet issue and the message is not delivered to the designated person you are sending it to. It also might mean the person whom you are sending the message can not accept your snap right now.

What Does the Yellow Dot Mean on Snapchat?

Many users have noticed the yellow dot on the profile icon of Snapchat. The meaning of yellow dot on Snapchat is that there’s a notification. The notification on Snapchat can be anything. It can be about a story being posted or that you have got a friend request on the platform and even an update notification from Snapchat. To make the dot disappear, you can tap on the profile icon and view the notification. Once all the notifications on Snapchat are read, the yellow dot will disappear immediately.

What Does Grey Box Mean on Snapchat?

There are different meanings for the grey box on Snapchat. Sometimes, a gray box flashes on the chat of the user with whom you have never shared any snap. Mostly, you will see the message ‘Tap to Chat’ beside the grey box when you haven’t exchanged any snaps with the person so far, and it is going to be your new start. To sum up, the Snapchat grey box means that the particular person is not in your contacts. It also defines a pending action on Snapchat.

What Does the Purple Circle on Snapchat Mean?

In 2013, Snapchat introduced a new feature in their application known as stories. Any user has twenty-four hours to post any photo or video and make a story out of it. After that, a purple circle would be seen around the person’s profile picture posting the story.

What Does a Lock Mean on Snapchat Story?

In case you are wondering what does the lock mean on Snapchat story, well, to make things easier for you. The padlock icon on a Snapchat story means that it is a private story. A private story on Snapchat means that a user can choose an audience of their own for their Snapchat story; it can be a small group of friends.

Snapchat Terms Explained

Snapchat Slangs Explained: Easy Guide on Lingos, Icons & Terms

Below I have given the information on Snapchat terms so that you can easily understand and use the features exclusively. Go through all the Snapchat terms.

What Does Other Snapchatters Mean on Snapchat Story? 

“Other Snapchatters” are users who may or may not have added you, but you definitely haven’t added them. You may wonder how someone who’s not on your friend list viewed your Snapchat story. This means you have kept your account public. 

What Does Added You Back Mean on Snapchat?

In case you have received a notification that says, ‘added you back, say hi!’, it simply means that the other user to whom you have sent a request has added you back and has now accepted your friend request. To simplify, ‘added you back’ is a notification that says your request is accepted by the user and you are now friends with the user on the Snapchat app.

What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat?

You might have seen the unwanted word ‘Pending’ on the profile of a person. You can also see it in the chat tab or their DM. Usually “Pending” appears with a grey icon which raises more questions like ‘what does pending mean on Snapchat in the grey arrow?’ 

What Does Received Mean on Snapchat?

The term Received on Snapchat means that the user has received a message that someone has sent. But the message that is sent is yet to be opened or responded to. It is to be noted that a message can be a text message, audio, or even a snap, can be included. In simple language, the Received status on Snapchat appears when you receive a message from a user on Snapchat.

What Does Opened Mean on Snapchat?

You will see opened beside the Snapchat message when it is seen. You or your friend will see this once the messages have been seen by the receiver. You will also see the time that has passed since the message was seen. So, if your friend saw the message 10 mins ago, you will see 10 mins beside the opened message.

What Does Recents Mean On Snapchat?

The word Recents on Snapchat show all the people with whom you’ve had chats. Communication can be on any grounds: chats, snaps, or stories. Whenever you interact with someone on the app, every friend of yours comes under the tab ‘Recents’ and you can spot those people on the priority list.

What Does By Mention Mean on Snapchat?

When someone tags on Snapchat, you receive a Snapchat notification about the mention in the same way as on other social media platforms. When you tap on the notification, you will be directed to the post or story you are mentioning. The By Mention notifications on Snapchat are quite specific, and these notifications provide you with information about activities with your username on the platform.

What Does Unviewed Story Mean on Snapchat?

The new notification alert: Unviewed Story simply speaks for the stories that are still left to be viewed by you. A user usually receives the ‘Unviewed Story’ notification at the end of the day. It notifies the user of the stories that they may not have seen.

What Does Clear Cache Mean on Snapchat?

If you want to know what does clear cache do on Snapchat, let me tell you Snapchat does not delete the memories and data linked to the most frequently used apps. This method helps leverage the cached data in the phone and allows the memories and Snapchat to load faster. However, when the cache does not clear on time, data loads build up, resulting in less space available in the phone. 

What Does Accept Friend Mean on Snapchat?

The term Accept Friend works in the same way as it does in major social media platforms but it works in a slightly different manner on Snapchat. If you see the term Accept on Snapchat, it means the other user has added you as a friend. You can later remove the user on Snapchat if you wish to.

Wrapping Up

I hope you understand all the meaning of Snapchat slangs, lingo or terms, and icons easily. Go through all of them and use all the terms exclusively. So, what are you waiting for? Share the article with your friends and let them know about all the trending Snapchat slangs. Keep visiting Path of EX for all trending stuff. Have a great day!

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