21 Best Snapchat Filters For Selfies Made For Guys & Girls

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With 210 million snaps created every single day, Snapchatters surely make great use of its filters. Talking about filters, its users have created more than 1 million filters to date. Is that enough to tell you the snapping application has a lot of diverse choices when it comes to filters? Dive into this article and know about the best Snapchat filters for girls and boys. 

When everything goes wrong in my day, do you know what makes it a little better? Snapchat filters! I know, some of you might come up by saying, Snapchat sets impossible beauty standards, especially for women. Yes, while that’s true, everybody who uses filters does it on their own for themselves. So, if they are choosing by looking better with filters, it’s still their chosen people.

Enough with the chit-chat. Let’s quickly go through each section of this article and check out all the filters on your app. If you like these lenses or have used these before then tell us about your reviews in the comment section below. 

6 Best Snapchat Filters For Selfies 

21 Best Snapchat Filters For Selfies Made For Guys & Girls

Selfies have become so popular that today everyone has their favorite poses for selfies. Be it your right profile or left, if you are taking a selfie on Snapchat that it has to make you look your best. Check out the filters that we have mentioned below. They are highly recommended by us.  

1. Perfect Selfie

Among the top best Snapchat Filters for selfies, the first one is Perfect Selfie. This Snapchat filter really enhances your selfie by giving it a more warm tone. 

Use Perfect Selfie Filter on Snapchat.  

2. Blush Tone

Blush Tone is another great filter from Snapchat that inverts the colors a bit. More than inverting it really brings out the pop in color. Plus it looks super cool with selfies. 

Use Blush Tone Filter on Snapchat.

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3. Ciao Mood

21 Best Snapchat Filters For Selfies Made For Guys & Girls

Now, this best Snapchat filter is my personal favorite. It makes everything so smooth while creating a little chic vibe. 

Use Ciao Mood Filter on Snapchat. 

4. Vibrant selfie

Vibrant Selfie is another great filter on Snapchat that can help you bring the color out of the pictures. If that sounds like something you can try then do use the filter by clicking on the link below. 

Use Vibrant selfie filter on Snapchat.

5. Bright Filter 

21 Best Snapchat Filters For Selfies Made For Guys & Girls

When it comes to creating the best Snapchat filters for selfies, no one beats the Snapchat team. The Bright Filter is something that can make even a dull picture into a beautiful one. 

Use Bright Filter on Snapchat. 

6. Soft Filter Multi Person

This filter is truly soft in every manner. The Soft Filter Multi Person can modify the faces of whole groups. 

Use Soft Filter Multi Person on Snapchat.

Best Snapchat Filters For Guys

Usually, guys on Snapchat don’t use beauty filters. I know I might be a little stereotyping, but you know what I mean. Here are some filters that will definitely look good on guys for sure. 

1. Simple Love

21 Best Snapchat Filters For Selfies Made For Guys & Girls

Simple Love is a pretty cool filter from Snapchat that can be used by anyone actually, but I think it would look the best on boys. No extra enhancements, no change in colors. A very simple filter indeed. 

Use Simple Love Filter on Snapchat. 

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2. L85 Effect

L85 is a bit dramatic but trust me it will look great with mirror selfies or basically anything that is not too colorful. 

Use L85 Effect Filter on Snapchat.

3. Indie x Noise 

Don’t we all love a little blurred filter? The one that just makes our picture the perfect one. Yep, Indie x Noise is that same filter with all those magical things.

Use Indie x Noise Filter on Snapchat. 

4. BW Film

21 Best Snapchat Filters For Selfies Made For Guys & Girls

Do you love some black and white drama? If that’s a yes then BW Film will definitely come under your list of best Snapchat filters.

Use BW Film Filter on Snapchat. 

5. Sunset Lamp

We all have seen those pictures on Instagram with those beautiful lamp lights. Guess what? It’s literally the best Snapchat filter for you guys. 

Use Sunset Lamp Filter on Snapchat. 

Best Snapchat Filters For Guys To Make You Look Better

Guys, you already look good, these filters will only make you look better. They are aesthetic and cool and everything classy. 

1. HDR

21 Best Snapchat Filters For Selfies Made For Guys & Girls

HDR instant makes you feel like you are in the middle of a shoot and its camera grid really does that for you. It has minimal drama and a lot of elegance so make sure you try it at least once.

Use HDR Filter on Snapchat. 

2. mood

Yes, I know I am not supposed to bring a black and white filter, but these best Snapchat filters are so good that I have to include them in this list.

Use mood Filter on Snapchat. 

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3. Moods 

The Moods filter makes your picture a little blur with actual moods written in the middle of the picture. I am sure a lot of you can pull this filter off really well. 

Use Moods Filter on Snapchat. 

4. Black Face Mask

21 Best Snapchat Filters For Selfies Made For Guys & Girls

Nothing looks better than some background blur, dual-chrome, and the classic black mask. Use this filter once and you will love it for sure. 

Use Black Face Mask Filter on Snapchat. 

5. Vintage Film

Vintage Film is a great Snapchat filter for those who love to make memories out of pictures while making you look your best.

Use Vintage Film Filter on Snapchat. 

Best Snapchat Filters For Beauty

Below we have mentioned the most widely used Snapchat filters. Try them and see if you have ever used them or not. 

1. Blush Tone

21 Best Snapchat Filters For Selfies Made For Guys & Girls

Who doesn’t like some pech tint on the apple of their cheeks? Everyone, or is it just me? The blush never goes out of style and this filter is proof of it.

Use Blush Tone Filter on Snapchat.

2. Smooth Soft Skin 

We might not have the perfect skin but we have filters to compensate. The Smooth Soft Skin makes your skin tone even and you shine like you are in the middle of the spotlight. 

Use Smooth Soft Skin on Snapchat. 

3. Pink Butterflies

The Pink Butterflies filter is by Snapchat, and by far it is my most favorite filter. The light dim, and purple butterflies look great on everybody, especially girls.

Use Pink Butterflies Filter on Snapchat.  

4. Love You Baby❤️ 

21 Best Snapchat Filters For Selfies Made For Guys & Girls

Although a picture clicked from this filter cannot be sent to everyone, that doesn’t mean you cannot use this filter often. Click beautiful selfies and send them to your loved ones. 

Use Love You Baby❤️ Filter on Snapchat. 

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5. Airy Shadows

A little pink on lips, some even tone, and a nice blush that looks just perfect. Trust me, you cannot look more beautiful than this filter makes you. (No puns intended)

Use Airy Shadows Filter on Snapchat.

Wrapping Up

Filters are so much fun. From black and whites to dull and then the ones who pop every color, we have chosen literally from thousands of filters and lenses over Snapchat. That was all about this article on “Best Snapchat Filters”. If you found this article informative enough then comment below and let us know about it.

Do not forget to share this article with your friends. Have a great day and keep visiting PathOfEx for more helpful stuff! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular filter on Snapchat?

Anime Filter is currently the most popular filter on Snapchat.

How do you get the best filters on Snapchat?

Visit the lens explore section, and search for the type of lens you want. Simple, beauty, black and white, anything. Click on the filter you like and save it in your favorites.


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