What Does Unviewed Story Mean On Snapchat: New Notification Alert! [2022]

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Are you getting continuous notifications from Snapchat notifying you about your unviewed story? Well, who knows whether it is about the new glitch or a new feature, but all we know is notification is driving many users crazy right now. Endless notifications every minute saying x number of Snapchat stories unviewed is a real mess.

Head on through this article and learn what does Unviewed Story mean on Snapchat. Let’s unveil whether unviewed story notification is a part of the upcoming Snapchat update.

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What Does Unviewed Story Mean on Snapchat?

What Does Unviewed Story Mean On Snapchat | New Notification Alert! [2022]

The new notification alert: Unviewed Story simply speaks for the stories that are still left to be viewed by you. A user usually receives the ‘Unviewed Story’ notification at the end of the day. It notifies the user of the stories that they may not have seen.

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Whenever you leave the story unviewed, Snapchat notifies you of the number of stories that are yet to be viewed by you.

For instance: You receive a Snapchat notification saying ’18 Unviewed Stories.’ It simply means that you have not seen the said number of stories yet.

Does the ‘Unviewed Story’ Depict a New Glitch on Snapchat?

Speaking for the glitch, it is yet to be discovered whether it is a new glitch or not, as Snapchat developers still haven’t said anything in this regard.

Where Snapchat users are assuming it to be a newly aroused glitch, it is yet to be confirmed by the official team.

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Does the ‘Unseen Story’ Depict a New Feature on Snapchat?

Well, where each one of us is craving to know the answer, Snapchat hasn’t officially announced its new ‘Unviewed Story’ notification alert.

However, all we can do this raise and report our issue and wait for the team to respond as soon as possible.

Note: The ‘Unviewed Story’ notifications are a new alert to notify you about your new unviewed stories. Take it as a reminder and see what your pals are up to.

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Wrapping Up

This was all about What does Unviewed Story Mean On Snapchat? Either view your friend’s stories or just mute the notification, whatever fits well in your comfort zone.

Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts, and we will get back to you asap.


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