What Does BSF Mean on Snapchat | Who is Your BSF in 2022?

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Nowadays, no one cares about grammar or prepositions, but they mock you when you don’t know internet slang. Snapchat is coming to the top tier regarding the contributions of terminologies to the internet. Let’s see what does BSF mean on Snapchat.

Internet slang has evolved a lot over the years. Most of them are added to the dictionary due to their wide usage. According to the situation, some terms like SFS have more than one meaning on Snapchat. BSF is a must-word if you are someone who loves to connect with people as you need it to label someone specifically.

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BSF is one of the latest terms floating around lately on Snapchat. It became very common to denote someone as your BSF on Snapchat even if they are not on your best friends list on the platform.

What Does BSF Mean on Snapchat?

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When you send Snaps every day to someone, your streak score will improve, and they might become your super best friend with double pink hearts on Snapchat, but what if they are not your true best friend in real life? How do you say someone is more than my friend and a sister to me? BSF entered the chat here!

BSF means ‘Best Sister Friend.’ It means she is more than a friend or a sister from another mother. It is used to define the strength of the connection between two friends.

Several other lingoes originated from BSF, like IBSF, which means ‘Internet best friends.’ IBSF ruled the internet while the pandemic stormed as it made a lot of people connect through the internet.

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How to Use BSF on Snapchat?

BFF was a very common term for ‘best friends forever for a long time. I think Gen-Z has gone a step further to define the connection and made BSF. There are many alternatives to BSF other than best sister-friend. Some use it as a bridge in conversation.

When you talk about something and say a joke, you can use BSF to bring the audience back to the conversation. Here it means, ‘But Seriously, Folks.’ If you want to send a Snap to your BSF, do it like this,

  • Good morning my BSF!
  • Let’s go trekking today. Get ready for evening BSF!
  • I might have a hell lot of lists for a party, but you are on the top, my BSF!

You can congratulate your best friend on any achievements by posting a picture of her with a caption that says, ‘Go, best friend, BSF forever!’

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How to Respond to BSF on Snapchat?

If someone calls you BSF, you should respond as it means you are unique to them. How are you planning to respond? Let me give some hints,

  • You are my sunshine, too, BSF!
  • The whole world knows we are BSF!
  • Aww, How can I exist without my BSF?!

If you know two girls who have been close since kindergarten, tell them, ‘You must be BSF, and it is cute!’. If you have WCW on your girl gang, let her know you are her BSF for life. If you are BSF in real life, stop searching for what does BSF mean on Snapchat and act like a real BSF. Wonder how?

  • Do matching eye makeup
  • Wear the same color
  • have coordinated phone cover
  • Dye together

If you got more ideas, let me know in the comments.

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Wrapping Up

When you have a special one, give them a nickname and when you have a soulmate to do anything with you, call her BSF! Here I have covered everything I know about what does BSF mean on Snapchat. Share it with your BSF on Snapchat to let them know what you can do together in real life.


Frequently Asked Question

1. what does BSF stand for TikTok?

It means ‘Best sister friend,’ which can be used to call a close friend who is more like a sister.

2. What is BSFL?

Best sister for life.

3. What is SFS mean on Snapchat?

It has many full-forms like ‘Spam for Spam,’ Snap for Snap,’ and, Shoutout for Shoutout.


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