Snapchat Best Friends List Order | Choose Your 8 Friends on SC

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The friendship that you share with your school or college or even childhood friends is quite different from the ones you share on social media platforms. Snapchat has come up with one of the latest features where they make a list of the friends with whom you interact the most. So let’s check the Snapchat best friends list order.

This feature is incredible and you do not have to make the list yourself. Snapchat does the hard work for you. Many people have tried this feature and they are loving it. You can also try this feature with your list of friends and I am sure your friends would also love it.

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Check out the latest feature on Snapchat best friends list order. I a sure you would love it and would be shocked to see the list. Share the feature with your friends and they would also be surprised to use the feature.

Snapchat Best Friends List Order

Snapchat Best Friends List Order | Choose Your 8 Friends on SC

The Snapchat Best Friend List Order is from top to bottom. The Snapchats best friends list order is divided in a unique way so that all your best friends are divided into two columns. Each column has four names. The order in which your best friends would appear comes as per the algorithm of Snapchat. So you have to read the names from up to down not from left to right.

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Snapchat Best Friends From 1 to 8

Snapchat Best Friends List Order | Choose Your 8 Friends on SC

As the list order of your best friends on Snapchat comes from up to down, the first column would have the first four names and the next column would have the nest names from five to eight. Snapchat determines your best friend on the platform according to your chat history and interactions with them. The Snapchat algorithm does the rest of the job of determining them in order of the list.

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Wrapping Up

The above article has all the information to solve all your problems and queries regarding Snapchat. We have already curated the details in our article above. I have already tried this in my account and you can try the same in your account as well. I am sure you will definitely love it. Subscribe to our website now and get more updates on your favorite social media account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Snapchat best friend list order?

The Snapchat best friends list order is the list of the best friends you have on your Snapchat account.

How to make the Snapchat best friends list order?

You can make the Snapchat best friends list order on Your Snapchat account but Snapchat makes the list.

How many best friends would be there in Snapchat best friends list?

You would find only eight names in the Snapchat best friends list.


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