What Does WYLL Mean on Snapchat | 2 Ways to Respond to WYLL in Convos!

What Does WYLL Mean on Snapchat

Snapchat is back with new slang. This one had everyone scratching their head at first. Many users thought it was the informal usage of “will.” But that definitely was not the meaning. So, what does WYLL mean on Snapchat? Here is what the slang really means on Snapchat convos.

New slang on Snapchat is pretty normal now. Remember that one time when everyone was confused about what WTV means on Snapchat? With new features that the app is best known for, it can get a bit difficult to keep up. More now that Snapchat Plus, the premium membership version, gets the newest updates first.

So, what does WYLL mean in Snapchat? Read the article until the end to know how to use it in convos on Snapchat.

What Does WYLL Mean on Snapchat?

What Does WYLL Mean on Snapchat

WYLL means “What You Look Like.” Especially when used on social media apps like Snapchat. The slang is used when you are talking to someone, and you don’t know what he/she/they look like. As social media keeps changing and evolving every day, not every app has a profile picture. Similarly, on Snapchat, where all of us use Bitmoji, it’s impossible to know what the person looks like. You can ask someone what they look like using this slang.

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How to Use WYLL in Conversations?

How to Use WYLL in Conversations?

Just like most slang on Snapchat, you can use this as it is. A whole sentence in itself- WYLL. You don’t need to add any content or explanation when you as this. The other person will know that you want to know how he/she/they look in real life. Bitmoji used on Snapchat is supposed to represent how you look. But, most people do tend to exaggerate how they look on Snapchat.

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How to Reply to WYLL in Conversations?

How to Use WYLL in Conversations?

You now know what does WYLL mean in Snapchat. But how do you respond when someone asks you WYLL on chat? Here are some ways in which you can reply to WYLL in conversation.

For Instance #1

  • Drew- I like talking to you, WYLL?
  • Abagail– My friends say I look like morning sunshine. JK. I’ll send you a snap, just so you know.

For Instance #2

  • Joe– We have been texting back and forth for the past hour, WYLL?
  • Taylor– You will have to wait until we meet!

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Wrapping Up

So, now you have your answer to what does WYLL mean on Snapchat. Share this article with your friends. Or on your social handles as an issue in the public interest so everyone knows what the slang means. We will be back with more trending updates. Keep visiting Path of EX!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is WYL in texting?

WYL stands for Watch Your Language in texting.

2. How do you respond to WYLL on Snapchat?

WYLL means What You Look Like on Snapchat. 

3. What does WYM Mean on Snapchat?

WYM means What You Mean on Snapchat.

4. What does WYLL mean on Instagram?

WYLL on Instagram means what you look like.

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