What Does the Purple Circle on Snapchat Mean | Truth Behind the Purple Ring

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Shivangi Gupta
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There are many social media platforms on the internet today. Getting into the intricacies of each of them and following them is a neck-breaking task. Genuinely speaking, I sometimes get so tired of remembering them that I tend to forget which is for what! If you are also in the same boat, do not worry; we will help you solve the reason for one of them. For example, what does the Purple Circle on Snapchat mean? Have you ever wondered the same?

There are many features on Snapchat that we generally do not pay heed to like BSF, MB and GMS. These are short forms or abbreviations for words or phrases that we use in our daily life. Using them makes the content unique and relatable to many users. 

What Does the Purple Circle on Snap...
What Does the Purple Circle on Snapchat Mean? – WordPress

Here I will discuss one such feature below: why do we find the purple circle on Snapchat? It may seem irrelevant for some, but this is a fruitful one for many. So, let’s not waste time looking for the answers. 

What Does the Purple Circle on Snapchat Mean?

In 2013, Snapchat introduced a new feature in their application known as stories. Any user has twenty-four hours to post any photo or video and make a story out of it. After that, a purple circle would be seen around the person’s profile picture posting the story.

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What was the Purpose of the Purple Circle on Snapchat?

What Does the Purple Circle on Snapchat Mean | Truth Behind the Purple Ring

The purple circle on Snapchat indicates that new content is available on the person’s profile to the users’ friends. So they may click and watch the same. To this day, the feature is available.

What do They Need to Add the Purple Circle on Snapchat?

Sometimes, social media handles upgrade their features to give users a better experience using their apps. But some people find using such an application quite daunting, and many questions come to their minds about its utility.

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Was the Feature Used Before Snapchat?

What Does the Purple Circle on Snapchat Mean | Truth Behind the Purple Ring

Stories with the purple ring were even before other social media apps had the stories option. During that time, Netflix was still in incubation as it was gathering stories from other production houses and licensing them. 

Wrapping Up

The added color-coded feature’s leading utility helps the users look for new content. It is essential as a promotion tool on the social media handle. It also helps to share more and more unique content on Snapchat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the purple circle on Snapchat mean?

It refers that the user of the application having posted a new story.

Where does the purple ring appear on Snapchat?

The purple ring appears on the profile picture of the person who has posted the story.

For how long does the purple ring stay on Snapchat

The purple ring would stay on Snapchat for 24 hours along with the story.


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