9 New Snapchat Plus Features in 2023: Everything You Need To Know!

Snapchat Plus Features

If you use Snapchat daily, you know Snapchat Plus was recently launched. The plus version is an upgraded version of Snapchat. Snapchat Plus was added as a premium experience on June 29th. So what is Snapchat plus all about? Snapchat Plus, according to the official site, lets you experience experimental and exclusive features. Let’s see what are Snapchat Plus Features.

We all love using Snapchat. Sometimes for its the amazing filters. Other times just for fun. Whatever your reason is for using Snapchat, you now have the option to upgrade to Snapchat Plus. Snapchat has new features like the Solar System, Snapchat Plus Badge, custom app icon, and much more.

Many features are still being rolled out as trial features on Snapchat Plus. We have listed the best features that Snapchat Plus has to offer that will change your mind about buying the premium version. Read on to learn all the new Snapchat Plus Premium Features.

What are Snapchat Plus Features?

Snapchat Plus Features

Snapchat Plus offers some really cool and exclusive features. The upgrade, however, does come with a membership fee. During the launch of Snapchat Plus, the membership was available for 1 year, 1 month, and 6 months. You can select a time frame that suits you the best. Snapchat Plus also offers a 7-day trial as an introductory offer. So, what are Snapchat Plus Features? Let us dive right into it!

1. Snapchat Plus Solar System

Snapchat Plus Features

One of the most talked about features of Snapchat Plus has to be the Solar System. This is a feature on the app that lets you have your own customized Solar System. It will feature your top 8 best friends. This feature was one of the first features released when Snapchat Plus was made available.

Each one of your best friends will be given a planet in place of an emoji. The number that the planet has in our Solar System is the number your friend stands on your friend list.

2. Snapchat Plus Friend’s Ghost Trails

Snapchat Plus Features

Snapchat Plus also has an upgrade to its Snap Maps. One of the Snapchat Plus features is that it lets you see all the locations that your friend has been to in the past 24 hours. For you to see your Friend’s Ghost Trails, they have to share their location with you. You will be able to view their current location by tapping on their Bitmoji, which is visible on the Snap Map.

3. Snapchat Plus Pin Your Best Friend

Snapchat Plus Features

Snapchat Plus has a very unique feature for your best friend list. You can pin your #1 BFF. This feature lets you customize your best friend list. You get to choose who will be on the top of your best friend list. This feature also affects your Solar System on the app.

4. Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch Count

Snapchat Plus Features

Snapchat Premium Features does come with its own exclusive perks. One of the Snapchat Plus features is the story rewatch count. On the standard app, you were able to see who all view your story in the order your friends saw that story. But in the Snapchat Plus app, you will be able to view who saw your stories and how many times that person re-watched your story. The eyes “👀” you see on your stories will let you know all the deets on your story now.

5. Snapchat Plus Profile Badge

Snapchat Plus Features

Now that Snapchat has launched its premium membership Snapchat Plus, how do you even know who has it? Snapchat Plus has its honorary badge that you can add to your profile. This will let other users know that you are a Snapchat Plus user. However, Snapchat Plus Badge is disabled by default. So, you will have to manually turn this feature on.

6. Snapchat Plus Custom App Icon

Snapchat Plus Features

Snapchat Plus also lets you customize the app icon. You can change the app icon without any third-party app if you use Snapchat Plus. This way, you can change the app icon to any of your favorite app icons. This feature is again an exclusive Snapchat Plus feature.

7. AI on Snapchat

7 Amazing New Snapchat Plus Features in 2023 | Everything You Need To Know!

Snapchat has introduced and launched its own chatbot called “My AI,” which has been developed with the popular OpenAI text tool called ChatGPT. It is to be noted that My AI chatbot is available for Snapchat+ users.

The feature is quite exclusive, as only users who pay $3.99 per month in order to get access to pre-release, exclusive features on the platform. The location of the chatbot is to be pinned to the top of the Chat tab.

How to Use Snapchat My AI?

Who doesn’t want a friendly chatbot on their favorite social media platform? Snapchat’s My AI is the latest addition to the AI frenzy that is going on in the world. Here, you will learn how to use My AI on Snapchat.

8. Restore Snap Streak Feature

7 New Snapchat Plus Features in 2023: Everything You Need To Know!

Snapchat is testing a feature that will help you to restore Snap Streak. With just one tap you can restore the Snap Streak. Snapchatters will see a pop-up that shows the Restore. Tap on Restore and you can easily restore it. Moreover, you will also see the Restore option in the chatbox.

Limitation of Snap Streak Restore Feature:

Snapchatters will be able to restore only one single free snap. After that users have to pay $0.99 to recover more Snap Streaks.

9. Pause Snap Streak Feature

7 New Snapchat Plus Features in 2023: Everything You Need To Know!

Wrapping Up

Now you have a clear idea of the Snapchat Plus features. Snapchat Plus has a membership fee of $3.99/ month. It offers the users to buy the membership for the periods of 1 month, 6 months, and a year.

Will you get Snapchat Plus now that you know all the features that it offers? If there is another feature of Snapchat Plus that you love, but we missed out on do leave us a comment below. Till we get back to you with more updates, keep an eye on Path of EX!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell who has Snapchat Plus?

Yes, you can tell who has Snapchat Plus by seeing the Plus Badge. You can view this badge on the Snapchatters profile.

What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus is a premium membership service offered by Snapchat.

Is Snapchat Plus available on Android?

Yes, Snapchat Plus is available on Android as well as on iOS.

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