How We Review Products

Here’s how our readers get trusted expert opinions and independent reviews. 

At Path of EX, we truly value the trust our readers have in us, and we are determined to provide them with honest, unbiased, and independent reviews. We understand the responsibility and how crucial it is for our readers to make guided and informed decisions, and that’s why we have a rigorous review-testing process. 

Our excellent expert writers are the pillars of Path of EX. 

Our team brings together the best minds at work to evaluate the products and services our readers are interested in. (Read About Us here) Our aim is to provide the present applications and long-term insights into the things we review so that our readers get the best out of their money. Is something truly worth it? Path of EX will tell! 

Analyzing, testing, and reviewing technology doesn’t need to be complicated. We follow a consistent set of parameters for testing and reviewing. We have honed these methods over the years to ensure the advice our readers get is accurate, useful, and worth all their money. 

This page will explain how we review products, test services, curate device comparisons, and give thought and consideration to every piece of content on our website. This is a part of our commitment to keep providing you well-informed and helpful content. 

How We Evaluate

The way we evaluate products isn’t prescribed. Reviewers have the autonomy to assess and form their own opinions about the items they test. This freedom, however, is balanced with a set of internal guidelines to ensure that despite the diversity of voices and perspectives, there remains a consistent standard for fairness and thoroughness across all our reviews.

At Path of EX, our reviewers have full autonomy to form their own opinions and suggestions about the items they have accessed and tested. The process is balanced with a bunch of internal guidelines to provide uniformity between all the articles. Despite the myriad perspectives, there are common standards we stand with for providing equal fairness and thoughtfulness to all of our review articles. 

Independence and Objectivity

We take pride in informing you that we do not accept payments for favorable reviews. Our content isn’t influenced by any monetary factors and is purely independent in all forms. Only research and repetitive individual testing guide our honest assessments. We aren’t biased and take a great deal in forming our opinions, but those opinions aren’t dependent on any factors we do not mention here. 

Thorough Research & Testing

Rushing through the review process is never our goal.  We do detailed research on a product online. Before publishing any review on a product or a service, we do multiple tests from various user perspectives to ensure proper usability, performance, and accurate product functionality. We test the items for various scenarios and real-life situations to give you the most precise assessment. 

User Experience

User experience depends upon a myriad of factors. UI, accessibility, performance, features, price range, and a lot more factors come into play. Testing a product or a service for all these criteria can be different for everyone. How some tech expert tests a device and how a normal user gets a hands-on experience can be two different things. But, here at Path of EX, we try to bridge the gap to ensure the reviews are aligned according to the needs of a wide range of audiences. 

For example, a gamer might push an Android phone to its far limits to get an idea of the true potential of the processor and battery backup; however, a student might only use the same phone for watching educational videos on YouTube. Our reviewers here will provide an answer that targets both the gamer and the student, ensuring the readers get the right choice of device according to their specific needs. 

Performance and Reliability

We intensely focus on the durability and reliability of the products and services we review on Path of EX. A product can perform very well at the time of its launch, but how well it keeps on performing over the years is a matter of extreme importance. How prone a service or software is to errors and how much time it takes to overcome those errors is a big question when it comes to reviewing. We only recommend products that stand the test of time. 

Cost-to-Benefit Ratio

In the process of reviewing, we give much importance to the cost-to-benefit ratio. It helps the readers determine the value for money a product, software, or service is providing for its features and offerings. This point also helps us write detailed comparison articles of devices and services across a broader spectrum. 

Community Feedback and Reviews

We give utmost importance to genuine user feedback. We actively seek and consider users’ opinions and reviews in our assessments wherever applicable. This provides our readers with a well-rounded and complete perspective on an item tested from a wider user base. Hence ensuring a complete and truthful review.

Continuous Updates

As the tech world evolves, so do our reviews. Sometimes, new updates fix previous bugs and accessibility issues and even introduce brand-new features. We keep up with the latest updation of the new versions of our reviewed products and services so that our readers get up-to-date information. Revisiting our published reviews allows us to form new opinions upon significant changes.

Why You Should Trust Us

We hold firm values for our editorial integrity. We are quite transparent about how we make money, from advertisements to affiliate programs to sponsored posts. Other brands and companies do not have any say in how we review and what we review. We do not use Artificial Intelligence in any of our review pieces. All our articles are written and curated by humans only. There are pre and post-publish checks of all our articles (including but not limited to Review Category). We have special experts for Fact-checking the published content. The content gets revisited in timely durations to maintain optimum relevancy and meet the reader’s requirements at different times. 

If there’s any change in our review and editorial policy, we inform our readers about the same by updating the respective pages. We intend to be as transparent as possible to maintain a healthy relationship of trust with our readers. 

If you have any questions about our writing process and review policy, feel free to contact us at