Editorial Policy

A lot of content gets published on PathofEX regarding Technology, Social Media, Gaming & Streaming. Our main aim is to make sure that everything we tell you is something that you can trust and follow. 

That’s why we have a dedicated editorial policy to guarantee the finest quality in our content.

Mission & Values

At PathofEX, our team is passionate about making the world of technology more accessible and enjoyable. Our mission is to simplify technology, gaming, streaming and social media, ensuring that everyone can be up to date with the latest trends. We strive to bring the fun and excitement of new gadgets, games, streaming content and social trends right to your screen.

We believe in the power of clear and simple information. Our articles are written by our team of authors to guide you through the rapidly evolving digital landscape, offering easy-to-follow advice, step-by-step tutorials, and updates that keep you in the know. 

At PathofEX, we transform the overwhelming into the understandable, turning tech novices into informed users.

As we navigate through the latest in technology and gaming, our team’s commitment remains strong to provide content that is not only informative but also engaging and trustworthy. 

We always consider PathofEx is a place for discovery and learning. We promise new knowledge, practical tips, and insights to each user. From detailed how-to guides on the newest tech to tips on mastering your favorite games and staying up-to-date with social media trends, PathofEX is your one-stop destination for all things digital.

We continually try to update and refine our content, making sure that our audience receives the most current and practical information. 

Our Original Content Process

We produce original content, and all topics are determined by our team of experts who live, breathe and enjoy technology.  

Every content piece that you see on the website is reviewed and then published by our editorial staff. Our dedicated team of writers make sure that the content will be produced in accordance with our Original Content Process, and no third party will have any control over the content quality.

Each article that we publish gets reviewed by and approved by our editorial team who make sure that the below mentioned things are being followed in our content.

  • Fact Checks – We make sure everything we tell you is checked and correct. We use a lot of different sources to get our information so you can be sure it’s reliable. Our editorial team checks each article carefully before publishing it, making sure everything is correct and clear.
  • SEO Adherence & Guidelines – Our team ensures that every content piece adheres to search engine’s best practices, contributing to its discoverability and relevance.
  • Structural Integrity – We make sure all our articles are readable and well-organized. Each post is written in such a way that you’ll find and understand the information quickly. This makes it easy for you to get what you need from our articles.
  • Updation Of Content – One of our main priorities is to always keep our articles fresh and accurate. Our team tries to check all our articles monthly to make sure everything our audience reads is true and up to date.
  • Industry Trends –As a technology blog, we keep an eye on all the latest trends and techniques in the digital space. This helps us make sure our articles include the latest and most interesting tech news and tips, following the top standards in the industry

How We Update and Verify Our Content

1. Social Media 

In the Social Media space, it is pretty easy to spread misleading and clickbait information. That’s why we are firm believers in authentic research and first-hand experience. 

Our Social Media team of researchers and updaters is always on the web, looking for the latest updates and recently launched features of TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. We have curated detailed guides for these three apps. 

With every app update, a few settings are changed, some features are introduced, or some bugs are removed, and it is our job to deeply research each factor and bring you the most simplified content that satisfies your doubts and queries. 

We also look for emerging social media platforms that bring something new to the social media realm, such as BeReal, Threads, Lapse, and Bluesky. Our first priority is to access and use the apps ourselves before writing about them. 

Sometimes, due to geographical restrictions, we have to use a VPN. If we still can’t access those apps, we connect with our sources from across the world where those specific apps can be accessed. We ask our sources for screenshots and connect with them to provide you with authentic information. 

2. Technology

Since day one, PathofEX has been driven towards providing people with simplified content, and Technology is the best place to begin with. Using Technology, exploring AI, and accessing apps aren’t the same for everyone; in fact, it is quite different for different audiences. 

Here’s where our Tech researchers and experimenters play a crucial role. We spend a great deal of time only researching and assessing emerging AI tools. After all, when no one knows the potential of AI in general, we have to start somewhere. At PathofEX, we assess and take our time to test the AI tools and push their limits. Our ChatGPT coverage is proof of our excellent work. 

We have many Apple enthusiasts in our team who keep on adding more value to the iOS section of the website. We majorly write about apps & sites that are accessible across the globe. We might use VPN in certain areas of our research to check the app functionalities and usage in different locations. 

We continue to look for new general tech domains to bring you information no one has researched before, giving you valuable and unique content. 

3. Gaming

All gaming research and writing starts with playing games! Our coverage extends across various platforms, such as Roblox and Consoles, and we offer comprehensive Game Guides to ensure that both casual gamers and hardcore enthusiasts find value in our content. 

We provide news of upcoming games, post-release updates, and holiday updates, as many games have seasonal events and offers. 

By covering all these aspects, PathofEX ensures that our gaming content is detailed, up-to-date, and informative, helping our readers stay ahead in the non-stop, ever-evolving world of gaming.

4. Streaming

At PathofEX, we are passionate about your entertainment. We spend long hours exploring the streaming apps to help you seamlessly stream your favorite shows and music. 

A lot of video streaming apps, such as Netflix and Disney Plus, have geographically limited content. Shows available in the USA aren’t always available in other countries, leading to a lot of confusion for readers. Sometimes, only a few users face certain errors. 

Lucky for you, we have solutions for most of the errors, and we are able to provide solutions for them because we access and use all those applications. For services we cannot access in our location, we reach out to our sources in locations where those services or apps are available and connect with them for functionality and insights. 

We are true fans of Spotify and YouTube Music, and our Wrapped/Year in Review campaign is solid proof of that. We also actively look for emerging players such as Audible. Readers can also suggest us to explore any new apps or streaming services.