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Path of EX is your one-stop digital hub for all things tech. Founded in 2020, Path of EX quickly established itself as a common hub for tech enthusiasts, social media junkies, OG gamers and avid streamers. We believe accessing technology is for everyone, and we aim to empower our readers with our clear and practical know-how, breaking down the complex jargon of the sphere. At Path of EX, we are immensely proud of the trust our readers have bestowed upon us, and it drives us to continue serving our readers every day. Acquiring more than 206 Million impressions and more than 7 Million views from across the globe, we will remain dedicated to demystifying technology, bringing simplified top-quality content, and providing practical value to our readers.

“We are creating a digital legacy fueled by our passion for technology.”

Manik Sharma

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We love tech and are kind of geeky about it! With our high-power spectacles, we tend to bring you the easiest way out of every technical problem. From the latest AI marvels like ChatGPT to indispensable iOS and iPhone hacks, we're on a mission to decode tech one how-to at a time.

Social Media

If social media were Hogwarts, consider us mighty Dumbledore! When it comes to spilling the tea on TikTok, Instagram, or Snapchat, we don’t gatekeep. At Path of EX, we are all about sharing the sickest tips, algorithm 101s and little-known hacks after trying and testing it ourselves.


Explore the ultimate gamer's playground at Path of EX! Your hunt for secret codes, unlocking levels, elaborate walkthroughs, and comprehensive game guides ends here. For you to hit all jackpots, we shell out daily game answers, the latest platform how-tos, and the 411. Be the best Wizard on the scene!


At Path of EX, music and video content meet expertise. We help you relax and stream into your infinite Netflix and Disney Plus universe. Our yearly Wrapped coverage will keep you vibing with us throughout the year as we go deep into Spotify, YouTube Music, and other streaming platforms.

Meet Our Team

Manik Sharma
Manik Sharma
Smriti Razdan
Tech Category Lead
Muskan Gupta
Gaming Category Lead
Antra Koul
Social Media Category Lead
Faila Khan
Social Media Writer
Eashita Ghosh
Content Writer
Tech Writer
Shikha author photo
Shikha Tyagi
Tech Writer
Shivangi Author Photo
Shivangi Gupta
Content Writer
Srishti Thukral
Gaming Writer
Ujjwal Khajuria
Content Writer
Urooj Farooq
Content Writer
Vasordhara Aggarwal
Gaming Writer
Ananya Giri
Gaming Writer
Asima Rameesha
Content Writer
Daksha Gupta
Content Writer
Priya Pranesh
Gaming Writer
Farhad Farooq
Content Writer
Kawya Pandey
Gaming Writer
Mynaz Altaf
Tech Writer
Owais Hameed
Content Writer
Rajat Gupta
Tech Writer
Sarthak Koul
Tech Writer
Varsha Dubey
Social Media Writer
Twisha Shah
iOS & iPhone Writer

Our Editorial Policy

We love what we do at Path of EX and that’s why we want to bring our readers the best content. Since we have many categories, we hire writers who have expertise in those categories. We only hire people who are genuinely interested and passionate about their niche of work. 

All the articles at Path of EX get reviewed, fact-checked, and published by specialists making sure every article follows strict guidelines. We also have a dedicated team of writers for revisiting previously published articles and updating them after regular intervals. 

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Reach out to us! We’re active and ready to connect with you on all our social media platforms. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. For more detailed inquiries or if you need further information, please visit our Contact Us page.