Garmin Connect To Strava Not Working | Reason & Potential Fixes

Gramin Strava; Garmin Connect To Strava Not Working

Strava is a renowned player when it comes to tracking devices, and so is Gramin. Since the collaboration of these two, users have reported a very positive review in response. Syncing your Strava with Gramin account gives you a plausible tracking device that covers your activity tracking perfectly. However, what to do when Gramin connect to Strava is not working? I noticed my data was not uploaded to my Strava account recently. The only reason for this could be due to Gramin Strava sync not working.

Gramin has been providing for us since 1989, and it is still one very underrated platform that deserves to be a go-to platform for tech genies. It could be the prices or the fact that Gramin does not promote its product as wildly as technology brands of today do. After all, there have to be some benefits to being one of the top GPS technology contributors in the world. Plus, the whole process of Gramin’s product manufacturing to sale is solely handled by Gramin itself.

Read this article to find out how my Gramin connect to Strava not working issue got fixed in a matter of minutes. Also, you will read further the proper process to make sure that your Gramin and Strava are connected.

How To Fix Garmin Connect To Strava Not Working?

Gramin to straval Garmin Connect To Strava Not Working

On the community hub forum of Strava, the moderators have admitted to Strava and Gramin syncing issues surfacing recently. Strava labeled it as a mere syncing delay from their side and nothing else. This proves that your device or app did not have anything to do with your Strava Gramin syncing issues.

I have found users claiming that their syncing was automatically fixed after the Strava Gramin synch started working again. At the same time, people with fixed connection were aggrieved due to the lost tracking data, while the Gramin connect to Strava was not working. You will read the fixes to this loss of data in the points given below:

1. Manually Uploading To Strava

You can upload your lost data manually by:

  1. In Gramin Web Connect, open Activity.
  2. Click the Cogwheel on the top-right corner.
  3. Export to TCX and wait for the history file to be prepared.
  4. Open Strava and click Upload Activity.
  5. Select File and upload the TCX file you got from the Gramin.
  6. Click the orange Save button at the bottom to save the activity.

Even though this might be annoying to do on an app that is supposed to do the same automatically, there is no better way to get your data uploaded perfectly on the Strava app manually. This is also suggested by the Strava moderators tackling this issue, that users should try uploading data manually in case their lost data is still missing after twenty-four hours of this incident. 

In case you are faced with any unknown errors while uploading this data, Strava officials encourage you to upload the screenshot of this error to Strava’s customer care so they can track and fix the error.

2. Re-uploading by Gramin Mod

Gramin watch; Garmin Connect To Strava Not Working

Another suggested solution to recover your lost data from the Gramin Strava syncing not working error would be to try revoking and re-adding Strava app permissions. You should read the steps given below to learn how you can do that:

  1. In your Strava account, Open Settings.
  2. Visit Apps option.
  3. Revoke access to the Gramin app from there and refresh the page.
  4. Locate “Connect to Gramin” on the right-hand side of your Strava account.
  5. Make sure that your data is re-connected to the Gramin app and test your activity.

Wrapping Up

Gramin connect to Strava not working surfaced the most in the past week. The Gramin and Strava faced issues in synchronization, making people lose their workout details. This is undoubtedly very annoying for people who depend on these apps to entrail their fitness journey or just workout tracking. However this error occurred for some time and got fixed in a matter of minutes automatically. So, if you also faced the Gramin connect to Strava not working error, this article will guide you through the right process to recover data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is The Strava App Free?

Yes, the Strava app is free to use, though you can buy premium plans to enjoy some additional features.

Q2. Why Is Gramin Connect To Strava Not Working?

There was a minor disturbance in Strava’s connection with other apps recently, making numerous users face problems between Strava and Gramin’s syncronization.

Q3. How Do You Recover Lost Activity Due To Gramin And Strava Syncronization Issues?

You are advised to manually upload the lost files from Gramin to Strava.

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