Amazon Prime in Canada and How it is Different from the US?

Amazon Prime in Canada and How it is Different from the US?

Amazon is a Seattle-based company known for its online delivery of the product, but this was in 2010. Now Amazon or now called Amazon Prime has taken over the internet and is giving hard time to competitors like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime Video is a paid subscription program by the company offered in many countries like the US, Germany, Japan, Canada, India, UK, France, Italy. The subscription offers many different plans varying the audience. From online streaming videos to fast or one-day delivery, Amazon Prime membership has its perks. If you have a membership to this program and live in Canada or the US, there are things you need to know.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a premium subscription program that gives you fast delivery, free shipping on products bought directly from Amazon, videos, music. Amazon Prime has been used by many users from different countries. It came to the US in 2005 and reached Canada in 2013.

The number of users has continued to grow over 100 million around the world and blame the pandemic for that. with the increase of users, the perks are increasing as well. Amazon comes up with a new Prime feature now and then. Prime Music, Prime Drive, Prime Reading, Prime Gaming, Twitch Prime, and many other features.

Amazon Prime Subscription cost in the US and Canada.

Subscription plans can be a bit confusing and complicated but Amazon keeps it simple with Canada. If you want a monthly subscription, you will have to pay CA$ 7.99 and for an annual subscription, the price goes to CA$79. While subscribing to the services you also have 30 days free trial. After 30 days you can upgrade the plan by choosing either one.

If you are a student, Amazon provides you more benefits. Students, by uploading their identity cards can get 6 months free trial and after 6 months, they are supposed to pay only 50% of the subscription amount. With all these plans you get fast and free shipping and free streaming.

Whereas for the US, the monthly rental is $12.99 and yearly is $119.

What other features and perks do you get from Amazon Prime Canada?

Amazon Prime in Canada and How it is Different from the US?

Prime Reading: Amazon came out with kindle and it was a blast for readers and now the readers are here for another treat. Amazon’s Prime Reading gives you the benefit of carrying your favorite title anywhere with you. The e-books charge monthly which you can read for as long as you want.

Prime Gaming: Prime Twitch is a live streaming- video platform which is also provided by Amazon for US and Canadian users. Prime Twitch gives you a one-month free Twitch channel subscription and ad-free viewing.

Prime Video: The Prime membership also includes Prime video which is a video-on-demand service that gives you access to thousands of TV shows and movies. This feature is available for users of the US and Canada. Prime Video also comes up with a 30-day free trial period.

Amazon Music: Amazon has left no stone untouched in its expansion. With gaming, videos, movies, and whatnot, Amazon also provides its own music streaming with Prime Music. You can listen to millions of songs and even download them. Your favorite music should not be taking away your data and Amazon takes care of that. Amazon also offers Amazon Music Unlimited for an ad-free experience while jamming to your songs.

What are the shipping benefits with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is known for its fast and free shipping. Along with free shipping, Amazon gives you the perk of Free Two- Day Shipping which is available for users of both, the US and Canada. Also, US members get an upgraded facility of Free Same-Day delivery over millions of items in the metro areas. On groceries and essential items, the US users get Free Two-Hour delivery with Prime.

What Devices are Compatible to Run Prime Video?

With the ongoing growth of the online world, it becomes important to know that your money is invested in the right technology. Amazon Prime Video supporting devices are:

  1. Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV Stick
  2. Android Devices
  3. Blu-Ray Players (LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony)
  4. Ios devices
  5. PlayStation 3 and 4
  6. Set-Top Boxes
  7. Smart TVs
  8. Web Browsers
  9. Xbox One and One X consoles 

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