Foldable iPhones: September 2022 Release!

Foldable iPhones

Monopolizing the market with its premium and high-end mobile phone, Apple has yet again made sure that they never go out of trend. iPhones have been at the top of every list of best mobile phones for half a decade and there is still no matching to their standards. Apple’s plan for a Foldable iPhone is no secret. These rumors have been floating in the last two years and the recent events intel suggests that this is no more a rumor on Twitter but a live picture in action.

Recent leak makes sure that Apple has surpassed the planning stage and they are definitely working on something new and big. The Economic Daily News reported that the company has sent out various prototypes to its manufacturing supplier for testing. Foldable mobile phones will not be a new thing, but big things and new technology is expected by the company.

There is information on the release of the new Foldable Phone. It is expected to be released by September 2022, and might also be called the iPhone 14. It is known that the company has produced its iPhone at Foxconn in Taiwan but no more information about the prototypes is known as a fact.

Some leaks also suggest the replacing of the iPad Mini with the new, yet to be launched, foldable iPhone.

Foldable iPhone: What do we know?

Foldable iPhones
Source: 9 to 5 Mac

The rumors of the foldable iPhone started back in 2016 that mentioned that LG would be mass producing foldable displays in 2018 for big companies like Apple and Google. Another rumor to this story continued in 2017, which suggested that Apple would be partnering up with LG to develop the foldable iPhone.

LG is very well company for its foldable display prototypes, including folding like a book as well as rolling like a newspaper.

Coming to the recent events, it is also rumored that Samsung has offered to supply foldable displays to Apple. Also, Corning, the current supplier of the Apple company, is working on a foldable glass solution. It is further reported that Samsung has provided Apple with some foldable display samples for the last one year.

Jon Prosser has claimed that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone prototype which stands very different from that of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Samsung Galaxy Fold features a single display design but it is expected that the Apple foldable iPhone will feature two separate display panels that will be connected by a hinge. The phone would also have round and stainless steel edges like the previous iPhone: iPhone 11. The two separate displays are also expected to be seamless.

When Will Apple Launch the Foldable iPhone?

There are many rumors about the foldable iPhone but they are just rumors. There is no certainly accurate information with any concrete evidence as to when will the foldable iPhone release.

A November 2020 rumor says that the foldable iPhone might be launched in 2022. But there is no launch date release date for now.

What will the iPhone Flip Look Like?

Foldable iPhones
Source: Bloomberg

There is no concrete proof stating the looks of the foldable iPhone. But we all have seen foldable phones by companies like Samsung, Huawei. The smartphone by Samsung and Huawei folds vertically both inwardly and outwardly. But Apple’s patent has featured a device that folds horizontally.

We still don’t know how will the foldable smartphone by Apple would look like but it is sure that the device is in making. The recent rumors just state about the two displays of the phone that will be connected by a hinge in between.

What is the Competition?

As said earlier, Foldable Smartphones are no more a new thing in the market. Companies like Samsung and Huawei have already marked their territory in this field.


Samsung came out with the Samsung Galaxy Fold that folds in the middle with some hidden hinge. This smartphone retails for $1,980. Samsung also came out with the second generation of foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Flip, in February 2020. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a 6.7-inch smartphone that folds in half which makes it more compactable and pocket-sized.


Huawei came out with its folding smartphone: Mate X. This foldable smartphone was released in February 2019. The Mate X retails at the price of $2,600. The smartphone folds outwards instead of inwards.

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