What Does The X Mean On Snapchat (2022) | How To Remove ‘Grey X’ On Snapchat?

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Snapchat is one of the trendy applications that bring in a wholesome of surprises and shocks every new day. And the new buzz is about the X icon on Snapchat. But what does this X icon mean on Snapchat? Go along this page and learn What this X icon means on Snapchat and How it can be removed?

Snapchat has always been fun with amazing filters, dressing bit emojis, and numerous features, however, another thing that makes this app a hit is endless Snapchat conversations on either personal chats or groups. I love-love Snapchat for everything that keeps me in check with the streaks and allows me to not be so hard on myself. Drop your reason for sticking around Snapchat in the box below. That would be a relief to me, hearing I am not the only addictive one here, Phew!

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Moving forward to the major concern for the day, let’s move forward and dig a letter deeper into this random X sign. Head on further and learn what this X icon means on Snapchat and how this icon can be removed. Run, pals!

What Does The X Mean On Snapchat?

What Does The X Mean On Snapchat & How To Remove This Icon | 2022 Version

The little grey X icon placed next to the Snapchat user’s name has been a big confusion in the user’s brain lately.

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According to our research, this is what this X icon on Snapchat means:

1. You Are No Longer On Their Friend List

If you ever encounter an X icon next to your Snapchat friend’s name, there are high chances that you have been removed or blocked from their friend list. 

2. They Are No Longer On Your Friend List

The other reason for this X icon next to your Snapchat friend’s name could be that you have removed them from your friends’ list. 

To sum up, this X icon on Snapchat defines that you two friends on Snapchat are exactly not Snapchat friends anymore. This means that your sent messages won’t be well received by them and likewise. It will also flash Pending below their Snapchat conversation.

How To Remove The X Icon On Snapchat?

To remove the X icon on Snapchat, all you need to do is follow these 2 steps dropped down below:

1. First things first, check if they are added to your friend list or not. If they are not, add them. 

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2. Look if you are added to their Snapchat friends list and if you are not added by them, you can ask them to do so. 

3. Finally, after you are done with the 3 above steps, the grey X icon will be removed. Although you may need to relaunch your Snapchat again. This depends from system to system. 

What Does The X Mean on Snapchat (2022) | How to Remove X Icon on Snapchat?

X icon beside the Snapchat conversation can be removed once both the Snapchat users add each other to the Snapchat friends list. This is considered the best way to build a strong foundation for two Snapchat users. 

Snapchat Conversations can reveal a lot more than we assume them to do. This X icon on Snapchat can be a real surprise or shock to some who didn’t imagine losing one of their closest friends. Well, take this as a sign and talk to them before freaking out about their random deed! 

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Wrapping Up

Summing up this whole mystery about the X icon on Snapchat beside the user’s conversation name, all I can say is that you never know what this yellow application brings to you the very next day. All we can do is keep a continuous check and visit Path of EX more often for all the recent updates. 

I hope all of your conversations regarding this X icon on Snapchat are answered well. Path of EX welcomes your every concern. Do write to us below if you have any of them. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the X mean in Snapchat?

If you see the X next to a Snapchat name, all it means is that you and that person is not on each other’s friends list.

How do you tell if someone blocked you on Snapchat?

If you’ve been blocked on Snapchat, you won’t be notified, but there are ways to check. If you suspect someone has blocked you, search for their username, check your conversations, or try to message them via Snapchat. If all else fails, searching for their name from another account can confirm if you’ve been blocked.

Does pending on Snapchat mean blocked?

No, this does not necessarily mean you have been blocked. Usually, when you send someone a message or snap on Snapchat and you get the ‘pending’ arrow, this means that the other person has not accepted your message or friend request.

Why is there X on my Snapchat?

If you see the X next to a Snapchat name, all it means is that you and that person is not on each other’s friends list.


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