What is Snapchat Plus Solar System in 2022 | All You Need to Know About It

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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It’s a brand new day, with an amazing new addition to Snapchat Universe. Snapchat has launched a premium version known as Snapchat+ or Snapchat Plus. One of the features of this premium version is Snapchat Plus Solar System. No, you will not be able to be the sun of your crush’s solar system. But this is an interesting feature. Here is all that we know about what is Snapchat Plus Solar System.

Snapchat is that one quirky app that no one needs, but everyone wants to have. You can trust Snapchat to have the best filters that are best suited to the situation. Trying to take a pretty picture with your friends? Snapchat has got your back. Along with this, it has a feature like SnapMaps that let you see the real-time location of your friends. Its Bitmoji Stories and Cameo Stories will include your friends as well.

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Snapchat is offering its Snapchat+ membership. It will let you access experimental new features at the price of $3.99/ month. Let us see what is Snapchat Solar System all about.

What is Snapchat Plus Solar System?

Snapchat Plus Solar System

Snapchat Solar System is a new feature that is offered exclusively on Snapchat+. Snapchat will now let you have your own solar system which will consist of your 8 best friends. But there’s a catch. Unlike the Best Friend emoji that you used to see, you will now see planets. Snapchat solar system planets will be assigned to each best friend on the rank they hold in your best friends list. So if it is your friend list, you are the solar system’s sun. Subsequently, if your friend is showing as Venus, they are your #2 best friend. 

Other than this, Snapchat+ will also let you differentiate between best friends and friends. Each list will now have 8 friends. The friend’s list will let you know that the person is one of your best friends, but you are not one of theirs.

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Wrapping Up

What do you think about the new Snapchat+? While the solar system is a really great way to jazz up the app, I think the best friends and friends list is a bit too much. Given the membership subscription, it seems like Snapchat has a lot of new things in store. We will get back to you with the latest trending stuff. Keep checking in with Path Of EX.


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