What Does Blue Circle Mean on Snapchat? Everything About Blue Circle SC (2023)

Blue circle mean on Snapchat

The different colors that appear as you send a chat, snap, or video are the norm on Snapchat. With new updates that are rolled out every other day, it does get a bit tricky to understand it. You wake up one day to see the blue circle on your friend’s story and wonder what is this now?  Trust me; we have all been there. So, here I will tell you What does Blue Circle Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a fun way to interact with your friends. You can send them photos of your everyday life. Add stickers to make it more interesting. Use different quirky filters. The most unique feature of Snapchat, for the longest time, has been your messages disappearing after viewing. But as new updates have been rolled out, you can now save your friend’s snaps as well. Bitmoji Stories and Cameo Stories are customized for you and your friends. With all these amazing features, it’s a fun app to have.

Snapchat’s newest feature is the blue circle around a Snapchat story. Does this mean anything? Or is the blue circle Snapchat’s way of revamping their app? Let’s quickly debunk what does blue circle mean on Snapchat. 

What Does Blue Circle Mean on Snapchat Stories?

blue circle mean on snapchat

A blue circle appears on your friend’s story when it is a private story. A private story can only be viewed by the people who are added to the private story group. The blue circle also has lock emoji at the bottom, making it clear it’s a private story.

It is a neat way to keep your snaps on stories hidden from all your friends. Or even if you want only a select few friends of yours to see the story. The blue ring around the Snapchat story on Snapchat will only appear for private stories.

Snapchat story blue ring is another one of its sneaky features where your other friends won’t be notified if you don’t add them to the group. This ultimately means they won’t even know you have posted the story.

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What Does Blue Circle Mean on Snapchat Chats?

blue circle mean on Snapchat

A blue dot appears in Snapchat chats when you are in chat with your friend. The blue dot will turn into a smiley emoji when they are looking at your chat or typing. The smiley suggests that they are paying attention to your chat. When the dot or smiley disappears, the person has left the chat. The blue circle in Snapchat helps to know if your friend is active in the chat or not.

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Wrapping Up

With new updates being rolled out every other day on Snapchat, its list of features keeps increasing. The newest addition to the list is the blue circle. Even if you use the private story feature or don’t, it’s always good to know about the newest features on Snapchat.

So now you know when one of your friend’s Snapchat stories has a blue circle or ring around it what it means. Do you like this private story feature on Snapchat? Let us know in the comments below! Visit Path of EX to learn about the latest and trending topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no blue circle around the Snapchat story?

If you have watched the story on Snapchat, you will be unable to see the blue circle. Or, if there is a server issue, there will be no blue circle.

What does the purple circle mean on Snapchat?

The purple circle on Snapchat means the other person has uploaded the new content on their profile.

What is the difference between purple vs blue Snapchat story?

If the story appears on the dedicated stories page, you will see a purple ring. While as if you open the chat page, you will see the blue ring.

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