Where to Watch Shark Tale | Is it Streaming on Peacock or Netflix

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Shark Tale is an American computer-animated comedy movie. The story is based on a fish named Oscar falsely claiming to have killed another fish named Frankie. To watch such a cute animated comedy movie and get an idea about the platforms where to watch Shark tale.

To grab your attention, I would like to tell you that Shark Tale is being nominated for the Best Animated feature at the 77th Academy Awards. It premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September 2004, whereas it was released in theaters in October 2004. The movie was made with a budget of $75 million and made a profit of $374.6 million. To know more about the movie, you have to watch Shark Tale.

To watch such an amazing animation of fishes regarding a false claim of murder will be great fun. For all animation lovers, it is a must-watch.

All About Shark Tale Until Now

Where to watch Shark Tale

The story of Shark Tale revolves around a fish named Oscar. Initially, the story depicts how Oscar was humiliated in his childhood and how desperately he wants to be rich and famous. In the movie, a son of a gangster shark boss is killed while on a hunt. The dead’s brother thought to use this incident in his favor.

With this incident, the sea underworld was shaken. Oscar was found at the scene. After that, Oscar pretends to be the killer. Soon after, Oscar realizes that it will have severe consequences. You can choose any below-shared platforms to watch such a cute animation of the sea underworld in Shark Tale. 

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1. Shark Tales on Netflix


Yes, Shark Tales is on Netflix. To watch cute animation on the sea underworld, click on Shark Tales on Netflix. If you do not have Netflix subscriptions, you can get it with any of the offers.

  • For Basic subscriptions, $9.99 per month.
  • For Standard subscriptions, $15.99 per month.
  • For Premium subscriptions, $19.99 per month

2. Shark Tales on Vudu


Yes, Vudu has Shark Tales on it. You can watch it anytime on Vudu by installing the app on your device and then renting or subscribing to Vudu and start watching. You can use Vudu with the following offers.

  • Rental pricing ranges from $.99 to $5.99.
  • Purchase pricing ranges from $4.99 to $24.99. 

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3. Shark Tales on Apple TV

Apple TV

All Apple users are grateful to the company that offers you Apple TV. You must want to know why. This is due to the reason that Apple TV offers you Shark Tales. In case you haven’t subscribed yet to Apple TV, you can get it at $4.99 per month, and along with that, you will get three months subscription free.

4. Shark Tales on Peacock


Yippee!! Guys, Peacock has Shark Tales on it. In case you are thinking about the subscription plans of Peacock, do not stress much; it is as free as a Peacock. But it only has premium plans that are as follows.

  • Peacock premium monthly plan at $4.99 per month.
  • Peacock premium yearly plan at $49.99 per annum.

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Wrapping Up

After reading the article, you must be wondering if you cannot lose the fun by not watching Shark Tales. Therefore, the above shared information will help you in choosing the platform regarding where to watch Shark Tales. Do share in the comments how you like the movie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix have Shark Tales?

Yes, Netflix has Shark Tales.

Does Shark Tales on Apple TV?

Yes, Apple TV has Shark Tales.

Is Shark Tales a Peacock?

Yes, Peacock has Shark Tales


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