How To Get Instagram Widget In iOS 17? All New Lock Screen Capture

iPhone widget; How To Get Instagram Widget In iOS 17

Since people have started hearing about the latest Instagram widget, users are wondering what is all this buzz about. Since Instagram did not officially announce anything about this widget, I took it upon myself to learn how to get Instagram widget in iOS 17 so I could also test for myself what this widget is all about. There’s also news that Instagram is planning to bring some additional features with this widget to iOS, so it will be interesting to dig deeper into that matter as well.

No matter what generation you belong to, Instagram is the most used social media platform at present. For some, it is an addicting waste of time, while others call it a home. It provides a single common platform to creators as well as viewers, all for entertainment. If you look for it, entertainment is the best-selling product out there right now. This makes Instagram well-deserved for all the hype and attention it currently holds.

Read this article so you can also learn how to get Instagram widget in iOS 17, plus get updated on whatever I find out on Instagram’s additional features with this widget.

How To Get Instagram Widget In iOS 17?

iOS; How To Get Instagram Widget In iOS 17

Through strong and reliable sources like 9to5mac and Beebom, I was able to get a look into what the Instagram widget looks like. They further explain the features it adds to your personnel and what are some other features that might join this Instagram widget very soon.

Firstly, what is confirmed as per these sources is that the Instagram widget is available on the lock screen, and with only one click, it will lead you to the Instagram story camera. You will neither need to unlock your phone nor go through the hustle of opening the Instagram app. Given below are steps on how to get Instagram Widget in iOS 17:

  1. Long-press on the lock screen of your iPhone.
  2. Click the Customize button.
  3. Select the Add Widgets option.
  4. Locate and find the Instagram option and choose the Story Camera widget.

Reportedly, iOS never introduced any Instagram feature, even though Instagram was only available on iOS devices at the time of its release. Regardless of this history, Instagram has remained a separate app that requires to be downloaded and installed and has never collaborated directly with iOS for anything. Right now, You should get familiar with the new Instagram widget and what else is in the store for iOS users.

Instagram iOS; How To Get Instagram Widget In iOS 17

I found numerous new users of this Instagram widget appreciating the upgrade for the comfort it provides, while criticism is also present about this feature in bundles. While some are enjoying the Instagram camera being just a click away, there are iPhone camera enthusiasts who do not appreciate the widget as much as expected. Plus, some users reported the Instagram widget accidentally opened the camera. This also increases the possibility of accidental story uploads that might get uploaded on Instagram unknowingly by this widget. Read the steps given below if you are wondering how to remove the Instagram widget:

  1. Long-press the Instagram widget.
  2. Tap the Remove button.
  3. Select the Remove option again to delete the Instagram widget from your home screen.

With this camera widget, there are also the App Clips feature and the Support regarding Live Activities that is supposed to be coming out with new updates. You might be able to imagine the load that App clips will take off you by providing faster access to any app feature that you need. On the other hand, the live activity support will help you keep track of ongoing activities on your device. It might be just the tool that will solve the accidental uploading issue that some users are facing. 

Why Do I Have No Instagram Widget On My iPhone?

iPhone functions; How To Get Instagram Widget In iOS 17

While the information on the Instagram widgets is fresh and still officially not confirmed by Instagram, many users are still in doubt about this whole thing. Thanks to this article, you have already learned everything you need to know, like the general information about the widget and how to get Instagram widget on iOS 17. Now, there are still users who are unable to find this widget on their devices. Below, you will find out why you are unable to find Instagram widget on your iOS device:

1. iOS Version

The new Instagram widget is not available on iOS versions below iOS 16. So, you will need to make sure that your iOS device is working on an iOS version 16 or above. To be more accurate, the Instagram widget might be coming out with iOS 17.4 update.

2. App Version

iOS version; How To Get Instagram Widget In iOS 17

Make sure that your Instagram app is updated to its latest version. The Instagram widget will only be available for you to use if both the device and the app are functioning at their latest version.

3. Location 

Lastly, location is a factor that might be responsible for you not being able to use the Instagram widget. While this feature is only surfacing slowly, it might take some time for the feature to come out in your location as well. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to get Instagram widget in iOS 17, it is your turn to decide how this widget either helps you or makes it more complicated. Have a live experience on your device with this feature, and let me know in the comments how you feel about the new Instagram widget. This new one-click camera is doubtfully the only Instagram feature that iPhone users will get. So, stay in touch with this article or Apple’s latest updates and announcements on their site and social media to be the first to be the first to catch up on the trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Instagram Widget On iOS 17 Free?

Yes, the Instagram widget is available for free with the Instagram app in iOS 17.

Q2. How To Get Instagram Widget On iOS 17?

Long-press the lock screen >  Click Customize > Add Widgets > Story Camera.

Q3. Is iOS Version 16 Compatible With Instagram Widget?

Yes, the Instagram widget is compatible with iOS versions 16 and above.

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