Is Xbox No Longer Making Consoles: 7 February 2024 | Did Xbox Stop its Production

is xbox no longer making consoles

Could It be the end of Xbox? Microsoft is doubtful about the manufacturing of Xbox after the continuous decline in sales. So, is it true it is Xbox no longer making consoles?

Even though Xbox had many edges over PlayStation, for instance, better exclusives and a powerful engine to run things, Microsoft could stop manufacturing Xbox in the future due to plummeting sales year after year and a tough competitor in PlayStation.

While no official statement has been made by the officials at Microsoft about the outrage of Xbox fans, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, did tweet about it and asked the Xbox Fanatics to stay tuned for updates on the matter. So, let’s find out what Xbox has decided. Will Xbox be making any more consoles? Or is it the end of Xbox?

However, it wasn’t received with a lot of grace by the Xbox Gaming Community, as one user wrote, “Gotta sell it before it’s not worth a pair of socks .” 

Is Xbox Stopping Xbox Production: Is Xbox No Longer Making Consoles?

So what went wrong, and how did Xbox lose its grip over the Gaming Community?

Xbox 360 was a huge success, and they had all the momentum to beat Sony with the stronger processor and diverse catalog along with regular First-party titles. 

Xbox One was the polar opposite of the Xbox 360; the lack of regular quality games, lack of choices, and heavy hardware was widely criticized, so much so that Microsoft received criticism that the Xbox One was too bulky. Carl Ledbetter led the design of the Xbox One and responded in an interview that “there are very real issues around cooling when you’re pushing some number of watts in the processor. Therefore, the thing (Xbox One) has to have some size to it.” He later went on to say that “Xbox One’s patchwork squares were purposefully designed to mirror the console’s dashboard. “all of these raised the question: if people could get all the Xbox games on PC, why would people spend so much on Xbox? This was evident in the world of Reddit. 

Reason for the Xbox Fall

Another reason for the demise of Xbox was the rise of PlayStation with a variety of exclusives. The success of PlayStation can be measured by the fact that it has the most (12) nominations for the GOTY award (Game of the Year). It includes games like Stray, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Immortality, Neon White & the ever-popular Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception, and it boasts five times more exclusive first & third-party games.

What’s Next for Xbox? Could they Bounce Back?

According to a report, Microsoft is looking to take a multiplatform approach moving forward, which could mean that Xbox and PC platform exclusivity for games from Microsoft’s first-party studios could be coming to an end. This could mean an increase in cost for e-versions of the games, and people at this point don’t see any future for Xbox unless they wave a magic wand or open some sort of Pandora’s box, which has the finest version of Xbox in it.

If this has any truth to it, then there would be no reason to buy an Xbox. Why would someone buy Xbox over PlayStation, considering the latter gives you a more quality gaming experience with hardware that’s not heavy or that could resist wear and tear quite efficiently, as explained by the below Redditor.

And with the announcement of Starfield getting launched for PlayStation 5, one might think that Xbox with Microsoft games and some third-party games is a better option than Xbox with all the games.

They could bring back the original framework and mindset behind what could have been the game changer in the world of gaming, Xbox 720 before it was changed to Xbox One under new management. Microsoft explained that the Xbox One was called that as it was intended as an all in one entertainment device. You can also argue that saying the name sounds like “Xbox won,” which is far from the truth considering the plummeting sales of Xbox. But that’s speculation for another motivation.

Wrapping Up

I hope now you have your question, “Is Xbox no Longer making Consoles?” answered.
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