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ps plus free games may 2022

Yet again, it seems that the next batch of PS Plus Free Games May 2022 has leaked pretty damn early than expected. Dealabs, which is a French gaming site, is the one who caused the leak. It has reported PS Plus lineups for even more than six months now. As per the leak, the PS Plus lineup for May 2022 includes many exciting games like FIFA22. 

For the month of May, the lead game is the one and only FIFA22, which as every football maniac must know, it is the latest installment of EA’s long-running series of football. Then it is further followed by the eye-widening mythology-themed game where survival and action RPG elements are blended together. Then, last but not least, comes the single-player roguelike title, Curse of the Dead Gods.

It’s gonna be quite a rollercoaster when it comes to these fantastic games, and I’m sure all the gaming fanatics would not want to miss such an opportunity. Which is why you should definitely check out all the extra info regarding the PS Plus Free Games May 2022!

PS Plus Free Games For May 2022 Leaked!

The excitement of knowing about all the PS Plus Free Games of May 2022 beforehand can’t be matched. The curiosity, the adrenaline, and all the excitement makes it impossible to wait. So, why wait? when you can know the names of all the leaked games for PS + for May 2022.

Let’s take a look at these PS Plus Free Games For May 2022-

1. FIFA 22

ps plus free games may 2022

The First PS Plus Free Games For May 2022 is announced to be FIFA 22. It’s pretty clear that FIFA 22 does not actually require an introduction. This soccer sim is part of the most popular sports games in the entire world, and FIFA 22 is possibly among the best entries in the past few years. Apparently, FIFA 22 is available on both PS5 and PS4

Everyone is gonna be ecstatic to hear that fact they have introduced a new Hypermotion feature which would be available only on the next-gen consoles. This would basically permit human-like movements of players and even teams in the game. There is a roster of more than 17000 players, and 700+ teams and to the surprise of many, 30+ completely licensed leagues. This is exactly how you planned. So cross your fingers for this amazing PS Plus Free Game For May 2022.

2. Tribes of Midgard

ps plus free games may 2022

Another leaked name among others for PS Plus Free Games For May 2022 is Tribes of Midgard! It is an action- RPG which is actually played from an isometric perspective. It is actually designed to be played along with your friends. The Tribes of Midgar actually even features a pretty lethal world which would be full of humongous mysterious enemies. The overarching story even points back to Ragnarok which is actually one of the most relevant events in Norse mythology. 

Although the Tribes of Midgard do have survival and even roguelike elements, we feel that it would be a lot more approachable compared to various other games which are present in this exact genre. Another advantage to this is the fact that The various PS4 and PS5 versions of The Tribes of Midgard would have been free. So, are you excited about this PS Plus Free Games For May 2022.

3. Curse of The Dead Gods

The PS Plus Free Games May 2022 Leaked Again!

Curse of the Dead Gods is another amazing PS Plus Free game going to be launched in May 2022. This specific isometric and action game was released in 2021. It goes more in the angle of a traditional action-roguelike as it is set in a lethal temple which is absolutely filled with enemies whose level of challenges keeps increasing. The variety of weapons and a well-developed curses system makes your fast-paced combats even more brutal.

Another amazing piece of news about this PS Plus Free Game For May 2022 is that the remodeled PS Plus subscription with three different tiers will be launched in June 2022. Till then, the users can enjoy PS Plus Free Games May 2022. If you are a PlayStation user,  you will be able to choose between the three tiers; Essential, Extra, and Premium. Although, you don’t need to worry because the regular monthly freebies will still be included in all the three tiers.

Wrapping Up

The PlayStation Plus Free Games May 2022 have quite a lot of strong reviews, so do keep it in mind that these titles would be up to taste only. It is true that they may not always correlate with the given review scores but do keep it in mind that an amazing game does not necessarily always go with the reviews. 

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