Fenrir Elite Skin Leaked: Is it a Collaboration Between R6S and Venom?

Fenrir Elite Skin Leak

Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 is here with new features and immersive graphics. Just like any other highly-anticipated game, R6S leaks are also sparking curiosity, and fans want to know all the details about Fenrir Elite Skin Leak. Are you also wondering about the new look of Fenrir in Operation Omen of Rainbow Six Siege Year 9? Well, you might get the hints here.

The Year 8 Season 1 update in Rainbow Six Siege was Operation Dread Factor which brought the southern Swedish operator Fenrir. And now the Year 9 Season 1 update of this game brings Operation Omen, in which Fenrir is expected to be in a never seen before avatar.

If you want to understand more about Fenrir Elite Skin Leak, along with the best layout and attachments for his character, then continue reading.

Fenrir Elite Skin Leaked: Venom Animation!

Fenrir Elite Skin Leak

In the Year 9 Season 1 update of Rainbow Six Siege, the Fenrir Elite skin will come into play. This exciting update is set to be released on 12 March 2024

Along with many other operators and features that Operation Omen will bring, Fenrir elite skin is one of the most anticipated ones. The leaked venom animation of Fenrir’s elite skin has left fans appreciating Ubisoft’s attention to detail. You can read more about the features this update will bring in this article.

In a leaked animation clip, a character resembling a venom is seen coming towards the screen and all of a sudden, Fenrir appears with his new suit. Bang!

Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 Fenrir Elite Skin: Best Loadout With Attachments

Fenrir is a more advantageous operator as he has the capacity of dual speed and dual health, making him one of the best operators to pick in the game.

Fenrir has a gadget, F-NATT Dread Mine, that, when activated, can limit how far a person can view.

The gadget can be activated or deactivated anytime, according to Fenrir’s requirements. Not only are the mines produced by this gadget bulletproof, but they trigger only when enemies come in their closest proximity, producing smoke alongside. All these features make Fenrir a reliable site holder in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Omen.

Keep it noted that if the bulletproof status of F-NATT Dread Mine is disabled, the attackers can shoot the mine and destroy it (similar to the case of Melusi), even if the gadget is in activated mode.

The best loadout with Attachments that complement Fenrir Elite Skin are:

1. Primary Gun

Fenrir has two guns to his name:

  • MP7 Submachine Gun
  • SASG-12 Shotgun

2. Secondary Gun

The Bailiff 410, which is a five-shot high-speed revolver, compliments Fenrir Elite Skin as a secondary gun.

3. Gadget

Fenrir can use the following gadgets:

  • Bulletproof Camera x1 
  • Barbed Wire x2 

In conjunction with a primary gun, Barbed Wire is the best recipe to eliminate any enemies that try to come close to Fenrir in the game.

Wrapping Up

This was all the information about the leaked look of Fenrir Elite Skin in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The Year 9 Season 1 update in R6S has been getting all the hype even before its release, especially with leaks like these. I hope this update meets the fans’ expectations, and we can’t wait for the Rainbow Six Seige Operation Omen to be out.

I hope you found this article a good read. Leave your comments in the comments section if you have any doubts or queries. And while you are at it, you might want to check out other articles on Rainbow Six Siege on Path of EX.

See you soon with a brand new and informative blog. Ciao!

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