What Is Google Bard API Pricing? Is It Available for Free?

What Is Google Bard API Pricing? Is It Available for Free?

Are you a technology developer? Would you like to integrate Google Bard with your projects? There is good news, as Google Bard API is now available but for a limited number of people which developers can use in their projects. You only need to integrate the Google Bard API into your platforms, and then you can use the impressive Google AI Chatbot for your projects. But innovative technology costs a high amount. Therefore, you must be curious: What Is Google Bard API Pricing?

Google always remains a frontrunner in this digital era. So, every advancement and innovation brings new hype and craze worldwide. After the launch of Google Bard, AI Chatbot technology, many developers curiously want to integrate it into their project’s platform. Therefore, being an innovative developer, Google smartly developed the Google Bard API and helped the developer. However, currently, only a few people can join Google Bard API and use it for free as it is in the beta experimental phase. 

In the below post, I will help you know the pricing structure and steps to avail of the Google Bard API for your projects.

What is Google Bard API Pricing? Get Pricing Structure

What Is Google Bard API Pricing? Is It Available for Free?

Google Bard Chatbot is available for free for its users. All the Google Bard API waiters can access it for free, even in its experimental phase. Currently, Google Bard API is in its beta experimental testing phase. Therefore, as a developer, if you are thinking Google Bard API is an open source, then please note that it is available for use by a limited number of users.  

Although there may be a pay-per-model charge after Google Bard API completes its experimental beta phase, it is available for all users. But for now, no final comments can be made against it; currently, users can enjoy it for free.  

How to Integrate the Google Bard API? Different Methods

Currently, Google Bard API is not directly available for users to integrate. But if you want, you can integrate with it via different methods. Scroll down and learn different effective ways to integrate Google Bard API.  

1. Integrate Google API Through A RESTful API

With the availability API’s URL and other crucial information, you can easily and quickly integrate the API URL into your platform. But if you lack this information, do not worry! I have some other ways to help you integrate the Google Bard API into your platform. Check out below other sub-headers for joining Google Bard API now.

2. Join Google Bard API with Cloud Account

What Is Google Bard API Pricing? Is It Available for Free?

You can integrate and access the Google Bard API by creating a Cloud account. Here’s how you can successfully join the Bard API. 

  1. On your device, first create a Google Cloud platform account. 
  2. Enable the “Google Bard  API.”
  3. Now, make a service account. 
  4. Download the file for the JSON key.  
  5. For Python, install the Google Cloud platform SDK. 
  6. Start the import process for the “Google Bard API” module. 
  7. Make a “Bard Client project.” 
  8. To generate text, call “generate_text()” for the Bard Client Object’s 
  9. Use the generated text in your Google Bard application. 

3. Use a Third-Party Library Option

To avoid proceeding with such detailed technology, you can use a third-party application to integrate the Google Bard API. Check the below points for using third-party applications easily and quickly. 

You can use applications like FastAPI to integrate the Google Bard API. Although, I will advise you to refrain from using such apps as Google Bard is directly unavailable to users. 

Google Bard API Pricing Facts

Wrapping Up

The Google Bard API is currently free to use as it is in its beta experimental phase. There is a response on the Google community for Google Bard API against users’ queries about its availability. But the exact answer still needs to be revealed by them. Many thoughts are coming that the Google Bard API will be available with pay-per-model pricing, but exact details are unavailable. Although there are different ways to use Google Bard API, all the methods are dictated in the above headers. 

Are you also on the waitlist for using the Google Bard API? Please share your excitement with us in the comments section. Also, stay tuned with me for more updates on Google Bard API. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Google Bard API free to use?

Yes, you can use Google Bard API for use.

2. How is the Google Bard API helpful in Google’s language?

Google Bard API helps convert Google’s large language into a simple context.

3. What is the Google Bard API pricing?

Currently, Google Bard API is available to a limited number of users and is free.

4. Is Google Bard API available for every user?

No, Google Bard API is in its experimental beta phase. Hence only a limited number of users can use it.

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