ChatGPT Passes Wharton MBA Exam But Its Math Game is Weak

ChatGPT Passed Wharton MBA Exam

We are already aware of the potential of the most advanced OpenAI ChatGPT. The popular ChatGPT is famous for generating essays, scripts, codes, poems, stories, and much more. The ChatGPT has stunned university professors with its ability to generate different genres of content. Within just one week of its launch, the ChatGPT has more than one million users. People have used the ChatGPT in many ways, but it had never appeared for an examination. And to let you know that the ChatGPT has excelled in the Wharton MBA exam but its Math game is weak.

OpenAI ChatGPT has shaken the academic industry with its ability and exceptional potential as people have used the ChatGPT for writing books that need and require a lot of time to execute. That is the power of ChatGPT.

In this article, I will discuss the information about the ChatGPT Passes Wharton MBA Exam and stunned academic professors. However, The ChatGPT fails to impress with its limited ability in maths.

ChatGPT Passes Wharton MBA Exam

ChatGPT Passed Wharton MBA Exam

As the popularity of ChatGPT is rising as the days are passing. It has now done something extraordinary as it cleared the test conducted by the professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton school of business. The exam was taken from the Operations Management course, which is the prime subject of the Masters in Business Administration.

Here is what exactly happened:

The Professor named Christian Terwiesch said in a statement that ChatGPT “would have received a B to B- grade on the exam”. He also added that the ChatGPT “has important implications for business school education.” The professor further says that reviewing the curriculum design, examination policies, and teaching is very important.

According to professor Terwiesch, the chatbot “does an amazing job at basic operations management and process analysis questions including those that are based on case studies.”

Comparing the effect electronic calculators had on the corporate world to the effect ChatGPT could have on academia.

By comparing the impact of calculators on the corporate world to the impact of ChatGPT on academia. Professor Terwiesch stated, “Prior to the introduction of calculators and other computing devices, many firms employed hundreds of employees whose task it was to manually perform mathematical operations such as multiplications or matrix inversions. Obviously, such tasks are now automated, and the value of the associated skills has dramatically decreased. In the same way, any automation of the skills taught in our MBA programs could potentially reduce the value of an MBA education.”

But the ChatGPT has some drawbacks too to which the professor added “I was just overwhelmed by the beauty of the wording — concise, choice of words, structure. It was absolutely brilliant… but the math is so horrible.”

Francisco Veloso, who is the mean at the Imperial College Business School in London says that “We are having serious discussions, and a working group is analyzing the implications of ChatGPT and other similar tools that we know our resourceful and inventive students are using, and we will be formulating policies around that soon.”

Andrew Karolyi who is the dean of Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business agrees with the situation and told the Financial Times, “One thing we all know for sure is that ChatGPT is not going away. If anything, these AI techniques will continue to get better and better. Faculty and university administrators need to invest to educate themselves.”

ChatGPT Medical Licence Passed

ChatGPT Medical Licence passed

Researchers have also examined ChatGPT on the USMLE, a three-part exam that all medical school graduates must pass in order to become licensed to practice medicine in the United States. They discovered that ChatGPT had an extreme amount of consistency and intelligence in its descriptions, performing close to or at the passing mark on all three assessments.

There are some large language models like the ChatGPT, which have always had the ability to assist with medical education and decision-making. According to the publication, doctors at a virtual clinic called Ansible Health have already started experimenting with using ChatGPT to help with writing duties like creating appeal letters and streamlining complex medical reports to make them easier to grasp for patients.

Wrapping Up

This article talks about the ability of the most advanced OpenAI ChatGPT to generate different genres of content. Now, with its exceptional ability, ChatGPT Passes the Wharton MBA Exam and impressed the professor of Pennsylvania. The academic professors are also worried for the students that they could cheat in exams by using ChatGPT.

It is just because the writing style is so precise and accurate of the ChatGPT-generated content. Comment down if you find the article insightful and share your thoughts on the ChatGPT and its ability to generate content.

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