Fears To Fathom Ironbark Lookout Walkthrough (2024): The Complete Story 

Fears To Fathom Ironbark Lookout Walkthrough: The Complete Story

Fears to Fathom: Ironbark Lookout is no less than a living nightmare. The video game’s sinister plot and suspenseful characters are enough to give you goosebumps. If you are looking for ways to complete the game, this guide on the Fears to Fathom Ironbark Lookout walkthrough will help you through.

Rayll Studio’s Fears to Fathom: Ironbark Lookout is a psychological horror video game and the fourth installment of the Fears to Fathom series. It was launched on 6th May 2023 and is available on Microsoft Windows. Based on survival stories, the Fears to Fathom: Ironbark Lookout is a true horror game like Little Nightmares that will keep you on your toes. This article will give you helpful insights on the Fears to Fathom Ironbark Lookout walkthrough to complete it like a pro.

The story of Fears to Fathom revolves around a teenage guy who is posted in a lonely base in the middle of a forest. As much as he tries to find the mysterious secrets, the story becomes more complicated. So, the Fears to Fathom Ironbark Lookout walkthrough is something that you all need. So, keep reading till the end so as not to miss anything important.

Fears To Fathom: Ironbark Lookout Walkthrough

Fears To Fathom Ironbark Lookout Walkthrough: The Complete Story

Fears to Fathom: Ironbark Lookout revolves around a 24-year-old guy named Jack Nelson. He is posted to a new outpost in the middle of the Ironbark State Park. He relocates to his new home and tries to fulfill his duties. However, he encounters mysterious things happening in the surroundings. He tries to fight back only to find out that Ironbark State Park has its own sinister truth. 

Will he be able to escape, or will he be consumed in it? Only the right choices can help Jack to survive. As the game proceeds, you must complete tasks to get achievements and unfold the story. Read ahead to learn more about the game in the Fears to Fathom Ironbark Lookout walkthrough.

Chapter 1: Talkative

  1. Drive the RV and stop by the parking lot. Jack will see a man near the Diner.
  2. Go to the man and talk with him to unlock the Talkative achievement
  3. Jack will get information about the Ironbark State Park and its mysterious kidnappings.
  4. Finish the conversation and go to the Diner.

Chapter 2: Generous

Fears To Fathom Ironbark Lookout Walkthrough: The Complete Story
  1. As suggested by your sister Kayla, order your food.
  2. Finish your dinner and tip the waitress to unlock Generous achievement. 

Chapter 3: Sharp Shooter

  1. Enter the Ironbark State Part by 8:02 PM and meet the park ranger named Billy. 
  2. Get the Tower 11 keys from Billy and arrive at your new place by 11:32 PM.
  3. Access the computer and radio in the room and connect to a new member of the team, Conor Hawkins.
  4. Open the computer by entering the password “ironbark11” and play the mini-game (zombies.exe) to score more than 500 points to unlock Sharp Shooter achievement.
  5. Start a fire in the wood stove to keep yourself warm. 

Chapter 4: Top Of The Mornin’

Fears To Fathom Ironbark Lookout Walkthrough: The Complete Story
  1. Start the new day. Make coffee, click pictures, and enjoy the view.
  2. Open the computer and watch the “EmployeeTraining.mp4” video to complete the Top of the Mornin’ achievement.
  3. Suddenly, the radio gives a signal of an illegal campfire smoke north of Tower 11. Go and check the place.
  4. You will hear a screaming sound and find scattered items like a radio, machete, grill, jerrycan, and lantern in the campsite.
  5. Return back to your Tower and report the incident to Connor. When Connor denies the allegations, go back to your room and try to pacify yourself.
  6. Prepare your dinner by using your sister’s casserole recipe. Eat half of it, light the wood stove, close the window boards, and head to bed.
  7. Suddenly, Jack wakes up at 2:27 AM and sees a shadow on the window wall. Open the door. Jack finds an animal skull and candles with satanic symbols. 
  8. Jack reports the incident to Connor, who denies it completely.

Chapter 5: Survivor

  1. A week later, Connor calls Jack in the middle of the night and tells him to check the campfire smoke. 
  2. Use the binoculars to zoom in on the sight. Jack sees the cult members standing around a burning altar.
  3. Use the camera to click a picture for evidence. However, the camera flashes and alerts cultists.
  4. As the cult members advance toward the tower to find you, look for hiding places. Run inside your room and hide under the bed.
  5. After the cult member leaves, run downstairs and hide in the port-a-potty and wait for the cult member to leave, then run to the park entrance.
  6. Take your RV and drive to exit the park.
  7. Send your evidence to Headquarters. However, Mitch Scott denies your allegations and dismisses your evidence.
  8. Leave the camp job and warn others who plan to go camping in the Ironbark State Park.

Wrapping Up

The Fear of Fathom Ironbark Lookout walkthrough ends here. I have covered all the major and minor details you will encounter in the game. The adventure game will give you different choices in every crucial episode. If you choose the wrong option, it will lead to Jack’s death. So, use your instincts to get through this puzzle. If you have any questions related to the Fear of Fathom Ironbark Lookout walkthrough, drop a comment below.

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