Where to Watch Antlers | Is it Streaming on Prime or Disney Plus? 

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In the mood to watch a horror movie, just click on Antlers. It will serve your hunger for a horror movie rightly. Moreover, Antlers is directed by Scott Cooper. He is widely known for his amazing writing and directing skills. Now you must be thinking about where to watch Antlers?

Antlers is a supernatural horror film. It has a wonderful cast of Kerri Russel, Jesse Plemons, Jeremy T. Thomas, Graham Greene, Scott Haze, Rory Cochrane, and Amy Madigan. It is adapted from “The Quiet Boy.” Antler is a movie where a small-town teacher, after joining the school, takes interest in a quiet boy. This movie is irresistible, for horror movie lovers.

Antlers were supposed to release in April 2020, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it got delayed twice. Finally, it got released on October 11, 2021. The film received mixed reviews, do not delay in choosing your desired platform to watch the movie. Do share in the comments your views.

Plot of Antlers Until Now 

where to watch Anthlers / is it streaming on prime or disney: plot of Anthlers till now

Finally, the wait is over. The most awaited movie Anthlers is here. This movie is based on Nick Antosca’s short story “The Quiet Boy”. Antlers is a movie about darkness and supernatural darkness. Oregon is a small town from where the creation of Antlers has taken place. It is one of the blue-collar communities that has been destroyed by economic setbacks and drug addictions.

In Antlers, Julia, the protagonist, has returned home and also joined the job of a teacher. While teaching she takes interest in a quiet boy after witnessing his strange drawings and behavior. The boy’s name is Lucas Weaver. She tries to find out the reason behind his behavior, then she finds out that he is disturbed because of his mother. She passed away in recent times, which left Lucas’s dad to take care of him and his brother. 

To our surprise, the reason was from away, from Julie’s vision. It was Lucas’s vision of his dad and his drug-producing colleague being attacked. Since then his father has been locked. Lucas fears his father’s condition is worse at night, therefore he used to lock him up. When he locks his father, he silently hopes his dad’s condition doesn’t get worse at night. To shorten up, Antlers is a movie that will help you to gain confidence to handle adverse situations thrown by life at you.

Where to Watch Antlers?

To watch such an amazing movie depicting the horror surprises of life on a small boy. With the most amazing twists and turns, stay tuned to discover the platforms where you can watch Antlers.

1. Antlers is on Amazon Prime Video

where to watch Anthlers / is it streaming on prime or disney: anthlers is on amazon Prime video

Eager to watch how Julie (a small town teacher) helped a quiet boy (Lucar) in handling his horror thriller? Amazon caters to your urge to watch the horror thrill by offering you the below.

  • To rent a HD screen at $5.99
  • To buy HD screen at $14.99
  • To rent a SD screen at $5.99
  • To buy a SD screen at $14.99

Buy your desired subscriptions and watch the must-watch horror thrill on your portable devices.

2. Antlers is on Disney Plus

where to watch anthlers/ is it streaming on prime or disney: Anthlers is on Disney Plus

Antlers is streaming on Disney plus since 15th December 2021. It was running in Australia and New Zealand. Disney plus offers a monthly subscription at $8 per month. In case, you are looking for annual subscriptions they will be at $80 per annum.

3. Antlers is on Netflix 

where to watch Anthlers / is it streaming on prime or disney: Anthlers is on Netflix

No Antlers is not on Netflix. It is a very unclear idea to date that Anthlers will be on Netflix or not. But Netflix has signed to stream some sony films on it. 

Wrapping Up

Antlers is a movie that’s gonna act as a map for helping to come out of life’s darkness. Do not miss your chance to understand the different situations people go through and the impact which it had on them. Along with it, there is positivity and hope in life, which comes at its perfect timing in your life. Choose a platform where to watch Antlers and do share your views in comments.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Antlers streaming?

It is streaming on Disney plus.

Is Antlers on HBO Max?

No, Antlers is not on HBO Max.

Is Antlers on Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, Antlers is on Amazon Prime Video.


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