Philo vs Hulu Live TV: Affordable vs Pricey with Extensive Channels

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It really becomes confusing if you have to choose between a pocket-friendly Internet TV service with an expensive one, with the latter offering an extensive channel lineup. So, if you have already decided to get rid of the cable wire and switch to internet TV service, you are at the right place to compare the two renowned services. This time my contenders for the battle of the best are Philo vs Hulu Live TV

Both Philo and Hulu Live TV are known for their services and happy subscribers. On the one hand, Philo is your budget’s best friend as it offers quite good content and services on a budget. On the other hand, Hulu Live TV is pricey but offers access to live streams of the most popular networks associated with sports, lifestyle, and entertainment. 

Which Live Streaming Platform Pays ...
Which Live Streaming Platform Pays the Most?

You are here to clear the air and choose between Philo and Hulu Live TV; so am I. Here I have analyzed both the services on various parameters to help you choose what suits you and your preferences plus pockets.

Philo vs Hulu Live TV

Both Philo and Hulu Live TV have their end of pros and cons. I believe everything or every service has its share of flaws and benefits. For one subscriber, Philo might be the perfect choice besides not offering many sports or local channels. On the contrary, a bit pricey Hulu Live TV might be the perfect choice for any other subscriber, based on preferences. Let us have a detailed analysis. 

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Price Comparison Between Philo TV and Hulu Live TV

Philo vs Hulu Live TV: Affordable vs Pricey with Extensive Channels

Comparing the prices, undoubtedly, Philo is the affordable pal. With the subscription package of $64.99 per month, get access to more than 65 channels. You can also add HBO and Showtime if you pay an additional $10.99. Remember, Hulu will cost you another $14.99 per month. 

However, this is not the case with Philo’s subscription. Philo is priced merely at $25 for a month; the package includes more than 60 channels. The best part is there is no contract, so you can cancel or continue with your Philo TV subscription at your convenience. The best part is that you can take a free trial before subscribing to Philo. 

So, Philo is a clear winner if you think local channels and sports channels are not for you.

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Channel Comparison Between Philo TV and Hulu Live TV

Philo vs Hulu Live TV: Affordable vs Pricey with Extensive Channels

If you want live TV networks, Philo is the choice. Remember, it does have various on-demand content from previous TV broadcasts. There is an array of channels missing on its platter. There are entertainment and lifestyle channels, but local and sports channels are missing. Sports channels like ESPN or CNN are not there. Comparatively, Hulu Live TV offers something or the other from every category. 

Philo Channel List

  1. A&E
  2. American Heroes Channel
  3. AMC
  4. Animal Planet
  5. BBC America
  6. BET
  7. Comedy Central
  8. Cooking Channel
  9. Destination America
  10. Discovery Channel 
  11. Discovery Family
  12. Discovery Life
  13. DIY Network
  14. Food Network
  15. fyi
  16. Game Show Network
  17. Hallmark Channel
  18. HGTV
  19. History Channel
  20. IFC
  21. Investigation Discovery
  22. Lifetime
  23. Motor Trend
  24. MTV
  25. Nickelodeon
  26. OWN
  27. Paramount Network
  28. Science Channel
  29. Sundance 
  30. TLC
  31. Travel Channel
  32. VH1
  33. Viceland
  34. WETV

Hulu Channels List:

  1. A&E
  2. ABC
  3. ABC News Live
  4. ACC Network
  5. Adult Swim
  6. Animal Planet
  7. BET
  8. Big Ten Network
  9. Bloomberg Television
  10. Boomerang
  11. Bravo
  12. Cartoon Network
  13. CBS
  14. CBS News
  15. CBS Sports Network
  16. Cheddar News
  17. CMT
  18. CNBC
  19. CNN
  20. CNN International
  21. Comedy Central
  22. Cozi TV
  23. Crime+Investigation
  24. CW
  25. Dabl
  26. Discovery Channel
  27. Disney Channel
  28. Disney Junior
  29. Disney XD
  30. E!
  31. ESPN
  32. ESPN 2
  34. ESPNU
  35. ESPN College Extra
  36. Food Network
  37. Fox
  38. Fox Business
  39. Fox News Channel
  40. FS1
  41. FS2
  42. FreeForm
  43. FX
  44. FXM
  45. FXX
  46. FYI
  47. Golf Channel
  48. HGTV
  49. History
  50. HLN
  51. ID
  52. Lifetime
  53. Lifetime Movies
  54. Localish
  55. MSNBC
  56. Motor Trend
  57. MTV
  58. NASA
  59. National Geographic
  60. Nat Geo Wild
  61. NBC
  62. NBCLX
  63. NBC News NOW
  64. NBC Regional Sports Networks
  65. News Nation
  66. NFL Network
  67. Nickelodeon
  68. Nick Jr.
  69. Olympic Channel
  70. OWN
  71. Oxygen
  72. Paramount Network
  73. Pop
  74. QVC
  75. SEC Network
  76. Smithsonian Channel
  77. Start TV
  78. SyFy
  79. TBS
  80. Turner Classic Movies
  81. Telemundo
  82. TLC
  83. TNT
  84. Travel Channel
  85. TruTV
  86. TVLand
  87. Universal Kids
  88. USA
  89. VH1
  90. Vice

With so much to offer, Hulu Live TV’s prices are justified. So, if we look at the channel lineup, Hulu Live TV is the clear winner. 

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Availability Comparison Between Philo TV and Hulu Live TV

There is no availability comparison as Hulu Live TV does not possess the license to stream in countries other than the US. So, it is available only in the US. Similarly, Philo is also confined to the US borders.

Device Comparison Between Philo TV and Hulu Live TV

Philo vs Hulu Live TV: Affordable vs Pricey with Extensive Channels

Hulu Live TV can be accessed on various devices like Apple TV, Roku TV, Fire TV, and Chromecast. You can stream Hulu Live TV on an unlimited number of devices on your home network. However, Starz premium channels, Cinemax, Showtime, and HBO have a limit of five screens at a time. 

Philo vs Hulu Live TV: Affordable vs Pricey with Extensive Channels

Philo TV Supported Devices

  • All current models of Roku.
  • All current models of Fire TV. 
  • 4th generation and above models of Apple TV. 
  • Android TV- 5.0 and above. 
  • PC- Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. 
  • Android- Chrome or 5.0 and above.
  • Mac- Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
  • iOS- 14.0 and above or Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. 

So, in both cases, there are plenty of device options.

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User Interface Comparison Between Philo TV and Hulu Live TV

Philo vs Hulu Live TV: Affordable vs Pricey with Extensive Channels

Philo has a simple and easy-to-use interface. It is well designed with a dark mode color scheme- black background and blue text. So, the screen actually lightens up with a movie and shows stills, and it gives an appealing feeling to the viewers. 

Hulu Live TV’s user interface is being redesigned by the service provider. On the basis of feedback from the users, the team is trying to enhance and smoothen up the user interface.

So, Philo is a clear winner.

Cloud DVR Comparison Between Philo TV and Hulu Live TV

Philo vs Hulu Live TV: Affordable vs Pricey with Extensive Channels

With Hulu Live, the viewers get only 50 hours of Cloud DVR and 2 streams. On the other hand, Philo offers unlimited cloud DVR to subscribers in its base package. It is like services offered by high-end internet TV subscriptions

So, on the basis of cloud DVR, Philo is the winner. 

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Overall Performance: Philo TV vs Hulu Live TV

Talking about the overall performance, both the services are the best in what they have to offer. So, if your window to watch TV is less, and you do not watch sports or local channels, the affordable Philo can be your perfect entertainment partner. On the other hand, Hulu Live TV might be pricy, but it offers lot many channels. 

Who Wins: Philo TV or Hulu Live TV

Philo vs Hulu Live TV: Affordable vs Pricey with Extensive Channels

In my opinion, friends, I am actually confused. Choosing the right services depends on the aforementioned factors, and I have analyzed them all. So, it is up to your preference and suitability. For instance, if you are working and watching TV for a limited time span, you can choose the affordable Philo. However, if you are looking for a good channel lineup, especially in the sports and news category, you can opt for Hulu Live TV. 

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Wrapping Up 

If I get a free trial of 7 days for a streaming service, I would definitely go for one. Seven days are enough to decide if the TV service offers you what you are looking for. So, between Philo TV and Hulu Live TV, I would suggest going for a free trial and coming to the decision to choose the right internet TV service for you and your family. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a user interface?

A user interface means how smooth and navigation-friendly is the streaming app and device. 

Hulu Live TV or Philo, which one has a strong user interface?

Philo has a strong user interface as compared to Hulu Live TV which is working on it. 

Why should I choose Philo over Hulu Live TV as my next internet TV service?

Philo offers unlimited cloud DVR as compared to Hulu Live TV.



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