Is the Super Bowl on Amazon Prime 2023? Where to Watch Super Bowl?

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If you are living in the 21st century, there’s no way you have missed Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance. No sane person would. Everyone was streaming it on NFL, but what if you have Amazon Prime? You definitely don’t want to miss her next performance, do you? So, let’s answer “Is Super Bowl on Amazon Prime” and get on with our blog.

An annual final playoff game is played in order to determine the league champion of the National Football League. The annual playoff game is known by the name Super Bowl. Since the game is played on Sunday, therefore it is also called Super Bowl Sunday or Super Sunday. Until 1969, till the time Super Bowl Moniker was adopted, it was called AFL-NFL World Champion Game.

There are many sources that broadcast the Super Bowl. This article is all about letting you know about the Sources and avenues that stream the Super Bowl. To know more about the said topic, stick around and read the topic to know.

Is the Super Bowl on Amazon Prime?

Is the Super Bowl on Amazon Prime 2023? Where to Watch Super Bowl?

Super Bowl is not on Amazon Prime. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, who will be hoping against the hope that is the Superbowl on Amazon prime?  So “NO” is the plain answer to your question, is the Super Bowl on Amazon Prime.

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Where to Watch Super Bowl?

Although you can’t watch the Super Bowl on Amazon prime, the good thing is that there are  viable options that are credible and trustworthy and stream Super Bowl. You can turn to these options to watch Super Bowl. Given below are some of the options.

1. Sling TV: 

Is the Super Bowl on Amazon Prime 2023? Where to Watch Super Bowl?

Sling TV allows streaming the entire game. If you are a Sling user, there are two options available for you.

Sling Orange: You can access Sling Orange for $50 per month.

Sling Blue:  You can access Sling Blue for $30 per month.

2. Fubo TV: 

Another viable alternative is Fubo TV. The subscription cost for the Fubo TV costs $75.99. It enables you to watch the entire game in 4K, and the good thing is that you don’t have to pay any extra charges for it.

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3. Hulu With Live TV: 

Hulu with Live TV comes with multiple options. Hulu+ Live Tv provides on-demand videos and live TV as well. Besides, it comes with Disney + and ESPN + bundled. The subscription is priced at $82.99 and is not that much expensive. It allows you to play as many streams at once at home. 

3. Fox Sports App: 

Is the Super Bowl on Amazon Prime 2023? Where to Watch Super Bowl?

Another option where you can watch Super Bowl is to install the Fox Sports app on your Smart TV or Streaming device. You can avail of the service for free, provided you have logged into a paid TV account. It is important that your streaming services should support your local Fox station.

4: YouTube: 

As compared to its competitors, YouTube TV offers more, with over 100 Channels. You can also watch your local ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS, and NBC Channels in most areas. YouTube TV has unlimited Cloud storage. You will be allowed to get Six accounts to share with your home cloud. 

For the first three months, you have to pay $54.99, and thereafter you will be charged $64.99 per month. You can also watch the video in 4K by paying an additional $20. You can also use this service on three screens.

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5. Direct TV: 

One of the viable alternatives where you can watch the Super Bowl is Direct TV. Direct Tv offers a package of a number of channels for games, entertainment, and others. The pricing for the services ranges from $90 to $150 per month. The flip side is that Direct TV does not offer 4K. 

Direct TV streaming allows unlimited cloud DVR storage. It allows you to watch games or show on two streaming devices at once while at home. And, when away, you can stream on Three devices. 

Can You Watch Super Bowl in 4K: 

Is the Super Bowl on Amazon Prime 2023? Where to Watch Super Bowl?

You can watch Super Bowl in 4k from this year onward, unlike the last year. But you have to be selective when it comes to the streaming services that allow 4K streaming of the Super Bowl since all the services don’t provide this feature. 

If you want to watch Super Bowl in 4K, You can try it on FuboTV, YouTubeTv, and Fox Sports App.

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Wrapping Up:

For a sports enthusiast, the super Bowl is one of an event. And to be able not to watch it comes as a huge setback and annoyance owing to the broadcasting by a few certain services. As discussed, there have been certain changes and upgrades in the said field. It is getting better and better with each passing year. 

Is the Super Bowl on Amazon Prime? This question of yours stands answered with the answer “NO.” It does not. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I watch Super Bowl on Amazon Prime?

Ans: Amazon Prime does not allow the streaming of the Super Bowl.

Q: Where can I watch Super Bowl?

Ans: You can watch Super Bowl on FuboTV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Fox Sports App, and Direct TV.

Q: Can I watch Super Bowl in 4K?

Ans: Yes, you can watch Super Bowl in 4K.


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