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Frostpunk has been one of my favorite city-building games since COVID-19. As a result, I am looking for other games like Frostpunk. Why not explore more Frostpunk alternatives together?

Frostpunk is a procedurally generated world map in which players construct cities with simulated populations. Expand your kingdom through the city sky, thriving worldwide empire! You can work together or compete in real-time with your buddies in multiplayer mode.

Get to know more fantastic city-building games, including Frostpunk, from this article. So read the article till the end and grab multiple games like Frostpunk, mentioned below.

Top 10  Games Like Frostpunk To Stimulate Your Brain

Here are the 10 best games you can add to your list of city-building games like Frostpunk. Trust me. You will enjoy each game if you love to play Frostpunk.

1. SimCity

games like Frostspunk

SimCity is a massively multiplayer online game that simulates city building and urban planning. SimCity is also known as the best game like Frostpunk. It was created by Maxis Emeryville and released by Electronic Arts. The game was released for Windows in the first week of March 2013. It is a reboot of the SimCity franchise and the game’s first significant release since SimCity 4’s debut a decade earlier. On August 29, 2013, a macOS variant was made available.

Features of SimCity are-

  • Control of the transportation in a city.
  • Multiplayer mode.
  • Plan routes and timetables while building the infrastructure.
  • Plenty of different transport options.
  • A dynamic city that grows based on transport availability.

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2. Cities In Motion

games like Frostspunk

Cities in Motion is a fun game like Frostpunk, with a new multiplayer mode, more transport options, day and night cycles, timetabling, and cities that react dynamically to your transportation options, which will give you greater control over the city’s development. With simulation and management elements built into the gameplay, Cities in Motion 2 emphasizes the transportation side of the town. The player must produce and manage a vast transport network to meet the city’s needs in the game. And best of all, you have plenty of tools at your disposal, so you can get right into the details if you wish. Many transport options include buses, trains, boats, and more.

Features of Cities In Motion are-

  • Combines building, management, and politics.
  • Play as El Presidente to create your perfect island nation.
  • Players can link to Facebook and Twitter.
  • 20-mission campaign mode.
  • It is packed full of systems to manage.

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3. Tropico 4

games like Frostspunk

The base game of Tropico 4 offers 20 missions and several DLC packages to expand on. It is the Frostpunk alternative game in which tasks take place on a series of premade maps, but players can also create custom maps to expand on them. In this games like Frostpunk, taking control of Tropico is the first task in-game, and you’ll manage imports and exports, speak with your cabinet of ministers, deal with disasters, and complete faction assignments from there.

Features of Tropico 4 are-

  • Combines building, management, and politics.
  • Play as El Presidente to create your perfect island nation.
  • Players can link to Facebook and Twitter.
  • 20-mission campaign mode.
  • It is packed full of systems to manage.

4. Anno 2070

games like Frostspunk

Anno 2070 is one of the best games like Frostpunk, with a strategic focus. The gameplay is similar to popular real-time strategy games such as Age of Empires. Still, it also incorporates many city-building elements found in city-building games. In addition to the single-player campaign, Anno 2070 offers an endless game mode and multiplayer. Set in 2070, the game takes place after global warming has caused sea levels to rise to a point where livable land becomes highly scarce. It is an action game that throws players into a world where three factions work together to rebuild humanity. These are the Eden Initiative, the Global Trust, and the S.A.A.T.

Features Of Anno 2070 are-

  • Real-Time Strategy game
  • Single-Player and multiplayer mode.
  • Action 

5. Towns

games like Frostspunk

A Steam game called Towns might interest you if you enjoy RPG games like Frostpunk. As the game requires you to manage a settlement on top of an active dungeon, you can also explore it. The developers have cited other RPG games, such as Diablo, as inspiration. There’s also the option of choosing a biome to start your settlement in, whether grass, snow, or something else. It should be noted, however, that Towns is an unfinished game and was abandoned by its developers. Even so, it’s still fun to experiment with if you’re curious about it.

Features of Towns are-

  • RPG games.
  • Manage a settlement on top of an active dungeon.
  • Option of choosing a biome to start your settlement.

6. Aven Colony 

games like Frostspunk

The Aven Colony game is about colonizing an alien planet as humans attempt to survive. It was released in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Aven colony is a game like Frostpunk, with Science fiction fans who may find this game enjoyable as they build mines and farms, eradicate alien bugs, and defend themselves from unpredictable plagues. Players may travel outward to combat alien spores to maintain the careful balance necessary for a space colony.

Features of Aven Colony are-

  • PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • Build mines and farms, eradicate alien bugs, and defend themselves from unpredictable plagues.
  • Colonizing an alien planet as humans attempt to survive.

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7. Kingdoms Reborn

games like Frostspunk

In Kingdoms Reborn, you gradually develop your technology level as you progress through an aging process, attracting new residents and trading with others. Kingdoms Reborn is a game that thrives when played with friends, unlike most simulation games on the market designed for single-players. The game can be played cooperatively, sharing resources and sending gifts, or competitively, cornering the global market or forcing your friends out of their lands. It is one of the most amazing games like Frostpunk.

Features of Kingdoms Reborn are-

  • Designed with single-player in mind
  • You can play cooperatively.
  • Sharing your resources and sending gifts, or competitively.
  • You can build a colony and attract new residents to your settlement by trading.

8. Constructor Plus

games like Frostspunk

If you are tired of simulation and building games and want something new and maybe even weird, then Constructor Plus is for you. With almost three times as much content as its predecessor, Constructor Plus is one of the best games like Frostpunk, which is all about creating and maintaining a corrupt, larger-than-life city full of comedic potential. There are tripper-happy gangsters and even zombies roaming the town, and those looking for a more incredible experience may find this title appealing.

Features Of Constructor Plus are-

  • Creating and maintaining a corrupt.
  • A larger-than-life city that is full of comedic potential.
  • Tripper-happy gangsters and even zombies roam the town.

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9. Cities: Skylines

games like Frostspunk

As a city-building and simulation game, Cities: Skylines brings the genre to life with an impressive offering that provides a lot of new challenges and opportunities. Maintaining a large city is a typical experience found in games like Frostpunk. It also introduces countless additional mechanics that capture the thrills and challenges of managing one. Cities: Skylines is designed to transform bare locations into functioning cities. The game involves placing roads, managing zoning areas, health, budgets, traffic flow, pollution, resources, employment, taxes, public services, etc.

Features of Cities: Skylines are-

  • City-building and simulation game.
  • A lot of new challenges and opportunities.
  • Maintaining a large city is a typical experience.
  • Designed to transform bare locations into functioning cities.

10. From Dust

games like Frostspunk

Players assume the role of the godlike character who controls the game world from heaven in From Dust, a game that combines several genres. In games like Frostpunk, after mastering the story mode, you can move on to the 30 challenge missions that are more fast-paced and challenging without focusing on the story. These challenges add a dozen to fifteen hours of additional content to the total game content, emphasizing advanced puzzle tactics with all your available tools. Overall, From Dust offers an exciting storyline, a natural world manipulation, a quirky play style, and impressive physics to bring everything together in an intriguing package.

Features of From Dust are-

  • Role of the godlike character.
  • 30 challenge missions.
  • Emphasizing advanced puzzle tactics.
  • Dust offers an exciting storyline.

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Wrapping Up

So this was everything about games like Frostspunk. Now you can choose any one from the list mentioned above and enjoy this city-building gaming experience with your friends and family.

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