Fubo TV vs Xfinity Instant TV: Is Fubo Truly Unbeatable?

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Smriti Razdan
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If you are confused about choosing between Internet TV or cable tv, today I am going to solve your dilemma for Fubo TV vs Infinity Instant TV. Whatever the scene is, choosing between the two Internet TV streaming services or if it is Cable TV on the other end of the rope pulling you towards it, here I have distinguished the two for your ease.

Xfinity Instant TV, is a live streaming TV service. It belongs to the cable giant Comcast. It shall be available only for the Xfinity Instant Internet subscribers. This TV service is very similar to the Sling TV service. There is one base package for the subscribers, and then you can customize the package or the bundle with preferred add-ons. As simple as that! Choose what you want to stream. It is structured similarly to Sling TV: 1 base package, then customize it with add-ons.

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The American online television service Fubo TV focuses on sports-loving people. Also, it lays its emphasis on the Spanish language. So, Fubo TV has an array of Spanish-language content as well.  Its stations or channels broadcast live sports to the masses in Canada, the United States, and Spain. Stream 100+ channels to watch the live stream like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, HGTV, FX, and many more. It has so much to offer. Let us consider and see who performs better between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV.

Fubo TV vs Xfinity Instant TV Xfinity Instant TV

Fubo TV is more inclined toward Sports channels and Spanish language content. It is the most preferred choice of the new age subscribers who want their daily dose of sports inch by inch. On the other hand, Xfinity Instant TV is a different ballgame altogether. Let us compare them, and choose the best as per our requirements.

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Price Comparison Between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV

Price Comparison Between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV

Fubo TV’s base plan costs $69.99 for 30 days and offers 110 channels besides 10 simultaneous streams and 1000 hours of DVR storage. There are channel add-ons as well, depending on the subscriber’s pocket and willingness to spend. 

Comparatively, Xfinity Instant, now Xfinity Flex, the live TV streaming service by Comcast’s Xfinity group, has priced its local channels for $18 on a monthly basis. Adding $10 offers Internet rental free to the subscribers. The add-on Sports and News channels cost $36.50, Entertainment channels cost $15, and the Kids and Family category is priced at $10.  

So, Xfinity Instant is affordable, and you can choose the sports channels as per preference. 

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Channel Comparison Between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV

Price Comparison Between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV

Channel-wise, no one can beat Fubo TV. Though Fubo TV has its mark in the Sports category channels, it offers News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Live channels too. Fubo’s lineup includes 105 channels. Comparatively, Xfinity TV packages come via cable connection. There are various channels offered, but the list is not even half of Fubo TV.

The Basic plan of Xfinity TV includes ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, CSPAN, CSPAN HD, CSPAN2, (Local) Educational Programming, Eternal Word Television Network, EVINE Live, Home Shopping Network, HSN HD, HSN2, Jewelry Television, Music Choice (x59).

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Fubo TV Channel List

  1. A&E
  2. ABC
  3. ABC News Live
  4. ACC Network
  5. AMC
  6. American Heroes Channel
  7. Animal Planet
  8. BBC America
  9. BBC World News
  10. beIN SPORTS
  11. beIN SPORTS 4
  12. beIN SPORTS 5
  13. beIN SPORTS 6
  14. beIN SPORTS 7
  15. beIN SPORTS 8
  16. beIN SPORTS en Espanol
  17. beIN SPORTS LaLiga
  18. BET
  19. BET Her
  20. BET Jams
  21. BET Soul
  22. Big Ten Network (and linear channels)
  23. Bravo
  24. CBS (local station)
  25. CBSN
  26. CBS Sports Network
  27. Cheddar
  28. CMT
  29. CNBC
  30. CNBC World
  31. Comedy Central
  32. Comet
  33. Cooking Channel
  34. Cozi TV
  35. Destination America
  36. Discovery
  37. Disney Channel
  38. Discovery Family
  39. Disney Junior
  40. Discovery Life
  41. Disney XD
  42. DIY Network
  43. E!
  44. ESPN
  45. ESPN 2
  46. ESPNews
  47. ESPNU
  48. Estrella TV
  49. Food Network
  50. FOX
  51. FOX 4K (beta)
  52. FOX Business
  53. FOX News Channel
  54. FOX Sports 1
  55. FOX Sports 2
  56. Freeform
  57. Fubo Sports Network
  58. Fubo Sports Network 2
  59. Fuse
  60. FX
  61. FXM
  62. FXX
  63. FYI
  64. Galavision
  65. Game Show Network
  66. getTV
  67. GINX Esports TV
  68. Golf Channel
  69. Great American Country
  70. Hallmark Channel
  71. Hallmark Drama
  72. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
  73. HGTV
  74. History Channel
  75. IFC
  76. INSP TV
  77. Investigation Discovery
  78. Law & Crime Trial Network
  79. Lifetime
  80. LMN
  81. Local Now
  82. Logo
  83. LX TV
  84. MLB Network
  85. MotorTrend
  86. MSG
  87. MSG+
  88. MSG 2
  89. MSG+ 2
  90. MSNBC
  91. MTV
  92. MTV 2
  93. MTV Classic
  94. MTV Live
  95. MTVU
  96. National Geographic
  97. Nat Geo Wild
  98. NBA TV
  99. NBC
  100. NBC News Now
  101. NBCSN
  102. Newsmax TV
  103. Newsy
  104. NFL Network
  105. NHL Network
  106. Nickelodeon
  107. Nick Jr.
  108. Nick Music
  109. Nicktoons
  110. Olympic Channel
  111. OWN
  112. Oxygen
  113. Pac-12 Network
  114. Paramount Network
  115. People TV
  116. Pop TV
  117. Revolt TV
  118. Science Channel
  119. SEC Network
  120. Smithsonian Channel
  121. Sony Movie Channel
  122. SportsNet
  123. Stadium
  124. Stadium 1
  125. Stadium 2
  126. Stadium 3
  127. Sundance TV
  128. Syfy
  129. Tastemade
  130. TeenNick
  131. Telemundo
  132. Tennis Channel
  133. TLC
  134. The CW
  135. The Weather Channel
  136. Travel Channel
  137. TUDN
  138. TUDNXtra 1
  139. TUDNXtra 2
  140. TUDNXtra 3
  141. TUDNXtra 4
  142. TUDNXtra 5
  143. TUDNXtra 6
  144. TUDNXtra 7
  145. TUDNXtra 8
  146. TUDNXtra 9
  147. TUDNXtra 10
  148. TUDNXtra 11
  149. TVG
  150. TV Land
  151. UniMas
  152. Universal Kids
  153. Universo
  154. Univision
  155. USA
  156. VH1
  157. Vice
  158. WE tv
  159. Zona Futbol

So, if you opt for add-ons for Fubo TV, both Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV offer an equal amount of channels. 

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Availability Comparison Between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV

Fubo TV vs Xfinity Instant TV: Is Fubo Truly Unbeatable?

People living in the United States, Spain, and Canada can have access to stream Fubo TV. Fubo TV has a good reach as it is available in three major countries. Xfinity TV is available in 48 states. The major coverage is in Florida, California, and Illinois. 

So, it is clear that Xfinity TV has a wide reach in the US, but Fubo is spread across three countries. 

Device Comparison Between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV

Price Comparison Between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV

Fubo TV is available on more devices than Xfinity Instant TV, which is available on Xfinity Flex only. You can stream Fubo TV on Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Roku, or Android. 

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Fubo TV Device Support

Price Comparison Between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV

Media streaming devices – Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku,

Smartphones and tablets – iOS, Android

Game consoles – Xbox

Desktops and laptops – Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Smart TVs – Samsung TV, Vizio TV, HiSense, LG TV,

So, the choice is clear here, with Xfinity, a subscriber is limited to Xfinity Flex as compared to Roku. 

User Interface Comparison Between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV

Price Comparison Between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV

The user interface for Fubo TV is easy and comfortable to navigate. Whether it is a phone or a Smart TV, Fubo TV is easy and comfortable to use. A top screen menu shows the options to navigate and browse. Talking about Xfinity Instant TV, though available only on Xfinity Flex, the program guide is easy to navigate and surf. 

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Cloud DVR Comparison Between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV

Price Comparison Between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV

Cloud DVR is a feature provided by the streaming service to record TV shows and movies on your streaming device. Fubo TV offers 1000 hours of storage to record shows and movies. It also offers a three-day look back. Xfinity Instant TV permits two record two programs at a time and stores recordings of up to 20 hours. These are stored in the cloud and can be accessed at an internet-friendly location. 

So, Fubo is a clear winner here.

Overall Performance: Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV

Speaking of the overall performance, Fubo TV is incomparable. The issue with Xfinity TV is that it can be used with an Xfinity device only. In terms of Cloud DVR also, Fubo steals the show. 

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Who Wins: Fubo TV or Xfinity Instant TV?

Price Comparison Between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV

Between Fubo TV and Xfinity Instant TV, Fubo TV is a clear winner for its overall performance. It offers easy navigation and a comfortable user interface. Speaking of cloud DVR, no other internet TV service gives 1000 hours of cloud storage. So, I would definitely choose Fubo TV.

Wrapping Up 

With Fubo TV as a clear winner, I am sure all your doubts are clear, and you can easily choose your bundle. Fubo TV has so much to offer as compared to the Xfinity Instant TV available only on Xfinity Flex. So, if you are comfortable with that, with Xfinity Internet, you can opt for that too.        

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is better Fubo TV or Xfinity Instant TV?

Fubo TV is a better option for its huge channel lineup.

Is Xfinity Instant TV available in countries other than the US?

Xfinity Instant TV is available in Florida, California, and Illinois. 

Does Fubo TV offer Sports and regional language channels?

Yes, Fubo has an extensive list of Sports and Spanish-language content. 


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