How to Fix 0x800f0806 on Windows 11? Here are the Fixes

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Windows updates, and fixes are three things we face every now and then.  An update comes, we install, and then there are glitches. But do not worry! Indeed, you would have installed Windows 11, like me, and would have faced 0x800f0806. So, do you know how to fix 0x800f0806 on Windows 11 and get rid of this issue as soon as possible?

While upgrading to Windows 11 Version 22H2, Windows users are facing this problem. This error is encountered while installing Windows 11 updates on the PC.  so, to fix this issue, there are some steps that you can try. Every bug has a solution. So, follow these steps to fix 0x800f0806 on Windows 11. 

How to Fix 0x800f0806 on Windows 11?

How to Fix 0x800f0806 on Windows 11

Like various other Microsoft Windows errors, 0x800f0806 on Windows 11 is a common issue people are currently facing. We need to update the Windows to support various apps and carry on our browsing and other tasks efficiently. So, follow the steps, and see if they help you. 

1. Restart the PC

How to Fix 0x800f0806 on Windows 11

The first fix for solving 0x800f0806 on Windows 11 is restarting the computer. Shut down properly, and then restart the computer. Hopefully, this works and permits you to continue downloading stuff to your system using the new Window.

2. Restart Windows

How to Fix 0x800f0806 on Windows 11

The second step and the other obvious fix is to restart the Windows Update. You also need to run the background intelligent service transfer. follow the steps.

  1. Open your Windows and click on Search to reach Services.
  2. Now, click on Windows update > Startup type > Automatic > Apply > OK.
  3. Click on “Restart the service” for “Windows Update”.
  4. Now, select Background intelligent transfer service > Startup type > Automatic > Apply.
  5. Click on OK.
  6. Select “Restart the service” for “Background intelligent transfer service”.
  7. Now, restart the laptop or PC.

3. Update Troubleshooter

How to Fix 0x800f0806 on Windows 11

Updating Windows with the troubleshooting tips available can fix many issues. For your information, we have a troubleshooter for the updates that Windows come with. So, these updates are quite useful and helpful. This Windows Update Troubleshooter is there in the PC’s settings. Here are the steps to run the troubleshooter.

1. Open the settings app.

2. Scroll to the System, locate and click the Troubleshoot tab.

3. now, click on other Troubleshooters.

4. Click on Run, and follow the on-screen wizard to follow the instructions.

5. Complete the task, and your issue regarding the error 0x800f0806 code on Windows 11.

4. Microsoft Update Catalogue

How to Fix 0x800f0806 on Windows 11

You can also use Microsoft update catalogue. you can manually download. then, follow the online instructions.

1. Go to the Microsoft Update Catalogue.

2. Manually download the file supporting your PC.

3. Now, click on the link displayed on the prompted page.

4. Go to the Downloads folder and install windows 11.0-kb5017321 by double clicking.

5. Successfully install by clicking Yes to verify.

5. Reset Windows Update Components

How to Fix 0x800f0806 on Windows 11

One of the major causes of 0x800f0806 error on Windows 11 is corrupt Windows Update Components. Certainly, if these components are faulty, they will cause an error. So, resetting the components can be a great fix.

1. To reset, download the file that have the associated files.

2. Right Click on the Zip file.

3. Extract all.

4. You are good to go.

6. Media Creation Tool

How to Fix 0x800f0806 on Windows 11

Media creation tool is used to upgrade the computer to the next level. it is also used to create a USB to install Windows on some other system. there is a step-by step easy-to-follow process.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know how to fix 0x800f0806 on Windows 11. Due to 0x800f0806 error, Windows fail to download the stuff you want to. however, a simple drill of above mentioned points or instruction can solve the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 0x800f0806 on Windows 11?

0x800f0806 is an error code that occors while installing Windows 11.

Can I fix 0x800f0806 error by myself?

Yes, by following the above-mentioned steps and figuring out the reason, you can fix this code.

How can resetting the Windows Update Components help in fixing this issue?

If corrupted components are fixed, the updates will automatically be solved


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