How to Record Discord Audio in OBS | Via iOS, PC, Mac, Windows

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Discord is a fantastic tool for friends and communities to connect and have voice calls, but have you wondered how to record Discord audio in OBS? If not, let’s learn from this article how to record Discord audio in OBS and use this important recorded audio in the future.

Discord offers gamers a simple way to connect and work together, either by using Discord in a web browser or downloading it to your PC. The platform has many features that facilitate chat, but there is no opportunity to record. Still, it can be done with OBS Studio so let’s see how to use OBS to record your Discord audio.

So are you excited to record your audio in discord? Let’s start with what we need to record our audio in Discord and how to record it. All you have to do is read this article, which will help you where and how to record Discord audio in OBS.

What Do You Need To Record Discord Audio?

How To Record Discord Audio In OBS

Discord enables online one-on-one or group communication amongst friends, gamers, and creatives. The platform allows you to share your screen and have video conversations, voice chats, and instant messages. OBS Studio is all you require if you seek a tool to record anything shared on the site. You can start recording your talks using OBS Studio if it is legal to do so in your nation or region without their permission. But do you think why you should use OBS to record discord audio, and how to record Discord audio in OBS, scroll down and check for answers to all your questions?

All you have to know is how to record Discord audio in OBS.

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How To Record Discord Audio In OBS Using Windows?

How To Record Discord Audio In OBS

You can use OBS Studio’s features to record the audio from Discord and your microphone input. It takes audio inputs from various channels, including your desktop audio and microphone. The entire discussion may be recorded and stored as a file on your computer. 

Scroll down and follow a step-by-step guide on how to record Discord audio in OBS.

  1. Open OBS Studio, then select Sources.
  2. To choose your desktop audio output for recording, select Audio Output Capture from the list.
  3. Choose a name for your desktop audio source by selecting the Create/Select Source option.
  4. To confirm, click OK.
  5. Pick a device from the Properties menu.
  6. Choose a suitable output device, such as your speakers or headphones.
  7. To confirm, click OK.
  8. Suppose there is only one output device on your system. Use the default settings if you want.
  9. Go to the Controls area of the OBS window and select the Start Recording button.
  10. By default, OBS Studio saves the audio recording as a blank MKV file with the time and date of the recording in the filename.

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How To Record Discord Audio In OBS Using Mac?

How To Record Discord Audio In OBS

If you are a Mac user and struggling with how to record Discord Audio In OBS using Mac, here is a solution for you. Follow the steps mentioned below and enjoy recording your audio in Discord.

  1. Sign up and install OBS on your computer.
  2. Click the addition sign (+) in the Sources section of OBS, which is at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Choose Audio Output Capture from the dropdown menu.
  4. Select the Make source visible checkbox before naming your audio source and clicking OK.
  5. Select your audio output device, such as headphones or speakers, from the dropdown menu next to Device, expand it, and then click OK.
  6. Click the Start Recording button in the Controls portion of your screen’s bottom right corner.
  7. Audio is automatically captured as a blank movie in the MKV format. Click Output and choose a different option from the menu next to Recording Format to select another form.
  8. Click the loudspeaker symbol in the Audio Mixer section to turn on or off your microphone recording.
  9. You should notice a blue slider next to the icon for the loudspeaker. To control the recording volume, move it.
  10. Click File, then Show Recordings to locate your recordings.

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How To Record Discord Audio In OBS Using IOS?

How To Record Discord Audio In OBS

There is no mobile version of iPhone OBS, but you can still use OBS on your iPhone; wondering how there is a solution for How To Record Discord Audio In OBS using IOS, you have to follow the step, and you are ready to go.

  1. On your iPhone, launch Discord and start the stream you want to record.
  2. Open the Voice Memos app by selecting the red and white soundwave symbol from the main menu after leaving Discord.
  3. To begin recording, tap the red button at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Reopen Discord and start the audio. Use speakers rather than headphones if possible.
  5. If required, pause, resume, and re-record audio.
  6. Open the Voice Memos app and select Done after the recording is complete.
  7. When finished, tap Done once again.

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How To Record Discord Audio In OBS Using Android?

The answer to your question about how to record Discord audio in OBS using Android is no, as OBS is not compatible with Android mobile devices. You’ll need to utilize a voice recording app on your phone to capture Discord audio. There isn’t a single voice recording app for Android smartphones, and there are different installation methods. You might already have the required tool on your device, or you might need to download it from the Google Play Store.

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Why Use OBS To Record Discord Audio?

How To Record Discord Audio In OBS

OBS enables you to record and edit your videos however you like and offers sophisticated customizing and voice recording features. Due to its popularity, a community has been developed where users exchange tutorials and plugins for the program. OBS Studio is a video creation and streaming program featuring key capabilities for screen capture, audio and video recording, and live streaming. The program has many capabilities for artists, gamers, streamers, and podcasters where you can use record Discord audio in OBS.

The OBS software works well for many tasks if you know how to record Discord audio in OBS, as it is specially designed for video producers and streamers. It can stream games, screen activities, birthday parties, and more. The free program enables direct streaming on many websites, including Twitch and YouTube, but you should know how to record Discord audio in OBS  for that. You can also use Discord with Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

Watch How To Record Discord Audio In OBS

Wrapping Up

So this was all about how to record Discord audio in OBS, and you came to know how amazing Discord is. So, for now, let’s wrap up learning how to record Discord audio in OBS. But, for more Discord articles and queries, you can check out Path Of E,x, where you can find multiple Discord guides.

I hope this solution of how to record Discord audio in OBS helped you. Do mention to us in the comments which steps you used while recording in Discord.


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