How To Check Who Owns A Discord Server | 2 Different Ways

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Discord server has a large community which, at times, makes it difficult to see who owns the server and who doesn’t. To solve the confusion, let us learn how to check who owns a Discord Server.

Discord allows users to enjoy many features like announcements, music bots, giving roles, etc. Now let’s see if Discord will enable us to check who owns the server. If yes, then how to check who owns a Discord server?

So let’s find the answer to our common problem of how to check who owns a Discord server through this article of Path Of EX and conclude that Discord will c allow us to check out the server.

How To Check Who Owns A Discord Server?

Every server has an administrator and at least one mediator responsible for various duties like monitoring talks, publishing announcements, and expelling users who don’t follow the rules.

How To Check Who Owns A Discord Server | 2 Different Ways

For the Members who run from rules and regulations, Discord has categorized them. For instance, the names of administrative rights can be denoted by a certain hue. However, because these features are optional, it can be challenging to tell members apart. So let’s use different ways to see how to Check Who Owns a Discord Server.

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1. Using The Server Settings To Check

Developers for Discord are aware that you may occasionally require assistance from the server owner. The owner has a crown next to their name as a result. Now let’s see how to Check Who Owns a Discord Server.

How To Check Who Owns A Discord Server

Steps to check who owns a Discord server using Server Setting

  1. Launch Discord from a desktop application or web browser and sign in using your credentials.
  2. Visit the desired server and select the server name box. The server management area will then be displayed.
  3. Then select “Server Settings.”
  4. Select “Members.” This will make a list of every server user available.
  5. Look through the list until you find the person whose name has a crown next to it.
  6. The end of that. Once you’ve located the owner, you can start a chat by sending them a message right away.

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2. Making a Request

How To Check Who Owns A Discord Server

Discord offers a way to avoid unwanted attention for those who choose to give it up if they don’t want to. It might be extremely challenging to identify the owner without the crown. The good news is that you can still figure out who they are. So to learn this clever approach for how to Check Who Owns a Discord Server, scroll down and grab the information.

When a Discord server’s owner decides to renounce the throne, they continue to hold administrative rights. They will still be listed among the server’s administrators, but there won’t be a clear indication (the crown) that can aid single players.

You could message one or more Admins and ask them to provide you with this information to find out who the owner is. Click on an admin’s username to send them a direct message. The two of you can now chat privately as a result of this. If you’re fortunate enough, you might get the owner’s attention right away.

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Watch How To Check Who Owns A  Discord Server

Wrapping Up

We hope that you got a resolution to your query regarding how to check who owns a Discord server. So this was all about it. We will get back to you with more latest details about Discord. Till then, enjoy playing games with your friends, and do check Path Of EX for more amazing articles.

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