What is Facebook Activity Log: Find/Delete Activity Log & More

Facebook is a platform that is undoubtedly in the lead in its domain. Facebook Activity Log is a category on Facebook that keeps a record of all your online activities in a chronological manner. It helps a lot in managing your account and timeline.   

Facebook Activity Log is a feature that helps its users in viewing previously posted pictures and old content related to them. As you might have a habit of posting actively and frequently, you may need to keep track of all your previous posts, pictures, videos, friend request, events, etc. You can also have access to view a particular activity or content you are looking for.

Facebook Activity Log will help you in monitoring your account in a better way. If you wish to know all about Facebook Activity Log, I have brought a detailed guide on it. This blog has mentioned all the information you need to know. 

What is Facebook Activity Log?

Facebook activity log has many categories under it to manage. As wide and large Facebook is, the wider it has the content to manage in the Activity log. Facebook lends you no tight hand in viewing and managing the history and record of your own content. Categories and sections the Facebook Activity Log has are listed below:

Manage Your Posts

Facebook Activity Log:

Under the very first section of the Facebook Activity Log, Your Content contains the record consisting of the updates of shared posts, check-ins, notes, and your searches as well. It has the record and history data of the status you’ve previously uploaded. You also have access to view the data of the posts shared from the other apps linked with Facebook. 

Manage Activity You’re Tagged in

Facebook Activity Log:

Under the section called “Manage Activity You’re Tagged In” you have access to view all the posts. Posts where you have been mentioned by other people in the comment section also can be seen here. They are listed in this section of the Facebook activity log in a synchronized manner. Also, along with it, you can see all the posts and pictures you’re tagged in by your Facebook friends.

Manage Interactions 

Facebook Activity Log:

This section allows you to have access to view all the posts you’ve ever liked, reacted and commented on. All the content on your timeline can also be seen here, like who wrote on your timeline and who shared their posts on your timeline. The posts shared by you on other’s timelines will also appear here. All the other data, like polls you’ve ever participated in or ever created, can also be seen. You can also see the poll votes you have ever conducted from your Facebook account. 

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Facebook Activity Log:

This section further continues and covers the posts you hide or archive. The record of saved posts and the number of pokes are also mentioned here. All other things, like ratings and responses of marketing pages, brands, and sellers, are listed here if you are associated with the corporate sector pages on Facebook.

Manage Groups, Events, and Reels

In groups, events, and reels, there is all the data listed for these three sections if you have been actively using them.

Facebook Activity Log:

Groups: You can easily see all of your group activities both as a member and a participant. All the likes, comments, and reactions ever done by you in the group can also be seen here. It is also listed with a detailed record list of all the groups you ever created and were invited to. The group activity record holds all the information regarding your data, like the date of joining or leaving. 

Events:  In the events section, you can see all the records of the events you ever created or were invited to. You also have the access to see the response you gave to that particular event in the past. 

Facebook Activity Log:

Reels: Here in this section, you can view all of your saved and drafted reels. You also can find the previously saved audio reels and reels effect here. All the anonymous posts you ever wrote but never posted can also be seen here. 

Many more miscellaneous things that you were associated with are also here.

Manage Profile Information

Facebook Activity Log:

Under the Profile Information section of the Facebook Activity Log, you can look at all the information you updated for your profile. It includes your profile picture, cover picture, and the hobbies you have added to your personal information. All the past records of songs, books, and films you’ve watched or marked can be seen here. All the past data of the articles you’ve read can be found here too.

Manage Connections

Facebook Activity Log:

In the manage connections sections, you have the access to view your networks and connections. Data of the removed friends, friend requests received and sent is available under this portion. The people whom you blocked and when you blocked can also be seen there. If you were ever invited to a channel or received a channel invitation, you can find its data here. All the pages of your interests can be seen listed here. 

Manage Logged Actions and Other Activities 

Facebook Activity Log:

This is the section of the Facebook Activity Log that has the past record of your searches. It holds the list of the data of the videos you’ve searched for and watched. All the records of the times you logged in and from what devices you logged in. 

Facebook Activity Log:

It further has all the data information of the miscellaneous activities, like game apps you searched for, collaborations, your linked subscription, news searches, privacy checks, and so on. 

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How to Find Your Facebook Activity Log?

Facebook Activity Log:

After knowing what Facebook Activity Log consists of, If you are unaware of where to find it, don’t worry! I am here to help you in finding it. To manage Facebook Activity and find it, there are two ways in references to the devices you use.

How to Find Your Facebook Activity Log Using Desktop? 

To find out the way of reaching to your Facebook Activity log using a desktop/PC from a web browser is very convenient. It can be done in just a few steps mentioned below:

1. Log into your Facebook from your web browser.

2. On the homepage, click on your Profile Picture to open your profile.

Facebook Activity Log:

3. As your profile opens, click on the three dots under the Edit Profile option. 

Facebook Activity Log:

4. In the menu, click on Activity Log.

Facebook Activity Log:

5. Activity Log menu will appear. 

Facebook Activity Log:

And that’s it. You have reached your Facebook Activity Log section on your desktop. 

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How to Find Your Facebook Activity Log Using Mobiles? 

People operate Facebook on mobiles mostly through the Facebook app. It, too, has a simple but different method than that of the desktop. Here are the guide steps to reach your activity section. 

1. Log in to your Facebook account from the Facebook app.

2. Tap on your profile picture in the top right corner.

Facebook Activity Log:

3. Scroll down and tap on Settings and Privacy.

4. Choose and tap on Settings

Facebook Activity Log:

5. On the top search bar, type Activity Log and search.  

6. And the Activity Log will appear on your screen. 

And you are already there. You can now manage the data you wish to. 

How to Clear your Facebook Activity Log History?

Facebook Activity Log:

Are you looking for a way to clear all the data in the Facebook Activity Log at once and get rid of it? Facebook, by default, does not allow you to clear your Facebook Activity Log at once, but you can do that with certain things and not all.

Most of the items in the Activity Log needed to be removed one by one. Certain things you can delete in one go are mentioned below.

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How to Clear Your Entire Activity History on Activity Log? 

Facebook keeps all the records of your activities on the activity log. If you just want to clear all the history in one go. There is a way to clear the entire video watch history. You can follow up the guidelines below to proceed:

1. Open your Facebook Account and Go to your profile.

Facebook Activity Log:

2. Scroll and find Settings and Privacy and tap on Settings. 

Facebook Activity Log:

3. Find the Activity log and Scroll down to Manage Interactions. 

Facebook Activity Log:

4. On the top of the page, tick on the option of All. 

Facebook Activity Log:

5. After ticking all, click on the Remove option. 

And like this, you can clear all of your activity histories on the Facebook activity Log section.

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How to Clear Your Entire Video Watch History on Activity Log?

Clear your entire search history is possible on the Facebook Activity Log section with a few sections like the entire search and video watch history. These can be done in one go. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Click on your profile picture in the Top right corner. 

2. Click the Three dots and click Activity Log.

Facebook Activity Log:

3. Tap on Videos You’ve Watched.

4. On the top right, click on Clear Video Watch History.

Facebook Activity Log:

5. Confirm your decision.

6. Then go back and Click on Search History. 

Facebook Activity Log:

7. On the top right corner, click Clear Searches. 

Facebook Activity Log:

And you are already done with the method of removing your entire search history in one go, on the Facebook Activity Log.  

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Who Can See Your Activity Log?

Facebook Activity Log:

Don’t panic over this; by default, only you have access to view the entire album of your Activities on Facebook. Nobody else can see the detailed data of your past online activities, searches, or watch histories. However, there are many certain activities that may appear as a memory on your timeline from your Facebook activity log. If any of your activity appears and you want to remove, hide or delete it from your timeline, simply choose the option of Move to Archive. And that is how simple it is. 

NOTE: The post appearing on your timeline will appear only after you approve them.

Wrapping Up 

In this article, I have given you all the detailed and helpful information regarding what Facebook Activity Log contains, how to find Facebook activity log, how to clear Facebook activity log, and who can see your Facebook activity log. I hope this blog will help you out in the best way possible. To read more such blogs, visit our site, Path of EX. 

Frequently asked questions:

Can anyone see my Facebook Activity Log?

No, they cannot view all of your Facebook activities. If you voluntarily opt to share an old post, activity, event, or memory on your timeline. They can definitely see that. Other than that, nobody has access to see any data from your Facebook Activity Log. 

Can I see someone else’s Activity Log?

Yes, it is possible more easily if the person is on your friend list. You need to click on the Facebook side tab; when you have access to their latest posts, you will get notified of their newest likes and comments and sometimes with some more information also. But it certainly has a limited amount of information. 

Can I see when someone was last active on Facebook?

Yes, Facebook allows you to see when somebody was last active on Facebook on browser and app both. Somehow if they have put privacy on it, you won’t be able to do so. 

Can I see with whom my friend is talking on messenger?

You can never learn whom someone is talking to using your Facebook account. All you can see is the pictures, videos and other content they post and share, including likes and comments on their content.

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