Magical Witch in Royale High 2024 | How to Get Witch Hat For Free?

Want to shop the magical witch Royale High? You can get it. You must check this article out before you buy a magical witch hat. Know magical witch hat Royale High price and more information from this article. Let’s go.

As we all know Royale High’s Halloween was lit. Magical Witch Hat was the most beloved accessory of Halloween and it is now accessible for everyone even though it is not Halloween. You can buy the magical witch Royale High by paying cadies or diamonds. Let’s know more.

You can have a witch vibe in Roblox Royale High with the Magical Witch Hat. I love it and I know most of you too. I suggest you go buy it once you check out how much is the Magical Witch Hat worth and other details first from this article. Let’s know more about the magical witch Royale High.

How Much Is The Magical Witch Hat Worth | Magical Witch Hat Royale High Price

How To Get Magical Witch Royale High | Magical Witch Hat Royale High Price

Magical Witch Hat Royale High price is 1,250 candy if you want to pay in candies. You should pay 3,000 X Diamonds if you wish to pay in diamonds. The price of the magical witch Royale High varies accordingly.

How To Get Magical Witch Royale High | 7 Steps

How To Get Magical Witch Royale High | Magical Witch Hat Royale High Price

Magical Witch is a Royale High accessory. It was initially released for Halloween 2018 and then re-issued for Halloween 2019, Halloween 2020, and Halloween 2021. During the events, it is exclusively available for purchase using a different currency called Candy.

Steps To Get Magical Witch Royale High –

  1. Go to the shopping tab of Royale High
  2. Select accessories button 
  3. Go to the Halloween Candy Store Collection
  4. Click on the Magical Witch Royale High purchase button
  5. The pink scratch card machine tab will open up & it will ask you to pay from your Royale High card.
  6. Once you insert the card inside the machine it will show you as ‘card accepted & purchase complete’
  7. Take the receipt generated from the machine

Wrapping Up

This was all guys. Now you can go buy magical witch Royale High confidently. Share this article with your fellow Royale High who wants to buy a magical witch hat Royale High. Ok, guys. Go buy a witch hat and enjoy your Royale High gameplay looking cute with a new hat.

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