Snapchat Drone Review in Terms of Price, Products & Availability

Welcome the arrival of “Pixy- the flying camera” that captures every moment

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In Partner Summit 2022, our favorite platform Snapchat revealed the first-ever airborne selfie drone, which is better known as Pixy. Users were overwhelmed by the arrival of Pixy however surprised by Pixy’s inexpensive pricing, simple to use, and easy operators. It is already taking away the top position among drone cameras. You will be surprised to know how Snapchat is doing wonders in the drone market. For this, I will be telling you about Snapchat Drone Review. 

Snapchat frequently introduces new features on its platforms like Poll stickers, Bitmoji reactions, and Shared stories. This left the users to scroll the Snapchat every day. Now, Snapchat’s new business in the drone market has already created a buzz and people are excited to hold that camera in their hands.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

If you are too eager to purchase a Snapchat drone, you must give a thought to buying it or not. To help you out, I will discuss the Snapchat Drone review in terms of price, features, and lots more.

Snapchat Drone Review

Snapchat is famous as a photo-sharing application, now it has gained widespread attention due to its release of the flying camera. The firm describes Pixy, a small yellow drone, as a free-flying buddy that may assist people to capture photos without using a selfie stick.

The Pixy is self-contained, shooting video as it flies and remotely transferring and saving it to the application. Once it captures everything, the selfie drone rests in the palm of your hand and ends its journey.

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Isn’t this looking exciting? For sure you can’t stop yourself when you hold that little yellow drone camera in your hand. That is why I will discuss the Snapchat Drone review in terms of price, features, usage, pros, and cons. So let’s get started now.

What is a Snapchat Drone Camera?

Snapchat released Pixy, a selfie drone that prices under $230. Pixy is a fascinating product. It’s small yellow, fully automated flight patterns, and takes video with a quality of 2.7k. However, you should review the specific details before purchasing Pixy.

Above its built-in Wi-Fi network, the Pixy promises quick exporting speeds. This drone, however, is self-piloting—it is not a UAV that you can operate for races or flights.

Pixy is a transportable airborne camera, with a non-waterproof casing. However, it can’t handle anything more than light rain or winds exceeding 12 miles an hour.

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Features of Snapchat Drone Camera

  1. 2.7K camera quality.
  2. 16 GB of inbuilt memory capacity.
  3. Hover, reveal, follow, orbit, and custom shooting modes.
  4. Battery life is 4 minutes for each battery ( 3 batteries maximum= 12 minutes).
  5. Dimensions: 5 x 4 inches.
  6. 0.2-pound mass.

Price of Snapchat Drone Camera and Batteries

If you want to get a Snapchat Drone review, you must know about the prices of the Snapchat Drone camera along with the batteries. Choose any of them that suits your needs.

Pixy Drone Camera ProductsFeaturesPrice
Pixy Flight PackPixy with a dual battery charger including 2 batteries.US$249,99
PixyPixy, bumper and carrying strap, rechargeable battery, and USB-C charging cable.US$229,99
Pixy Drone Camera BatteriesFeaturesPrice
Dual Battery ChargerTwo Pixy rechargeable batteries with USB-C charging station.US$49,99
Pixy BatteryEach fully charged Pixy battery holds 5-8 flights using the default flight modes.US$19,99

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Snapchat Drone Camera Usage

Snapchat Drone Review in terms of Price, Products & Availability

The Pixy has the same easy-to-use recording, editing, and storage features as Snapchat. Follow these instructions to sync the Pixy with the Snapchat app:

  1. Align the metal connector plates on the attached battery cartridge carefully.
  2. Set the drone’s display to standby and hold down the capture key for seven seconds.
  3. The 0.2-pound construction protects the props. This helps you to start filming high-quality drone views in less than a minute after packaging.

The 5 x 4-inch Pixy rests in the palm of your hand and is equal in shape to an iPhone 13 Pro. Moreover, it is built with a protective plate cover for safe and convenient traveling.

Follow the steps below and know how to use the Snapchat Drone camera

  1. Place the Snapchat drone in your palm near your eye.
  2. Spin the silvery physical analog wheel to choose from five different capture modes.

Note:- One is customized and the other four are hover, reveal, follow, and orbit.

Hover: on a tripod, operate as a videographer.

Reveal: Captures a wider angle of your surroundings and is useful for zooming in or out photographs.

Follow: Responsible for tracking correctly.

Orbit: Captures 360-degree shot.

3. To begin a trip, push the yellow top button.

4. LED indicator blinks green and the drone camera will fly off without the remote or Snapchat application.

5. If the LED indicator is white that means it is recording.

6. Once the recording is finished all videos or photographs are saved on the huge 16-GB storage capacity and are transferred.

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Snapchat Drone Camera Editings and Sharing Features

Snapchat Drone Review in terms of Price, Products & Availability

When you open the application, users take possession of the settings and modifications. It is in your hands how you like to launch the drone to rise o you want to take a 360-degree shot it is completely customizable. The Snapchat Drone camera comes with four editing features:

  1. Bounce (creates a GIF).
  2. Orbit 3D (brings spacing to the edges of an object rapidly)
  3. Hyper Speed (speeds up the playing of a video)
  4. Jump Cut (accumulates the most engaging clips).

Thus you can easily create music-video-like material.  You can quickly transfer recordings in horizontal or vertical versions in the gallery or favorite video-editing application, in addition to sharing.

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Snapchat Drone Camera Battery Life

Snapchat Drone Review in terms of Price, Products & Availability

Despite its many advantages, Pixy’s battery capacity is in desperate need of improvement.  Although the batteries come with twin charging packs, still you get only four minutes for each stick. You can capture 30-second videos easily.

However, if you are planning to capture a long video shoot then you need to rely on the power bank. Moreover, batteries took one hour to get fully charged. In a nutshell, the Snapchat Drone Camera battery is not good if you are planning to capture long-day shots.

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Snapchat Drone Camera Availability

Snapchat Drone Review in terms of Price, Products & Availability

Till now Snapchat Drone Camera is available in the US and France only. However, we can expect its availability will start spreading its wings to other nations as well. Moreover, Snapchat Drone can be purchased only on the Pixel Website. You cannot find this flying camera on any other website.

Snapchat Drone Camera Pros and Cons

If you want to know about the Snapchat Drone camera review, here I will be telling you about the pros and cons of the Snapchat Drone Camera.

Pros of Snapchat Drone Camera

  1. Snapchat Pixy Drone captures 2.7K resolution videos.
  2. 12 MP Photos.
  3. Flight time of different modes can be changed on Pixy settings.
  4. Captured moments can be wirelessly transferred to Snapchat memories.
  5. USB-C charging cable with operational capacity over 2.4GHz/5GHz.
  6. Storage capacity – 16 gigabytes (100 videos – 1000 photos)
  7. Inside Snapchat memories, users can edit, apply AR lenses and add music to the captured creations. 
  8. Users can share their creations on Snapchat or export them to other platforms.

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Cons of Snapchat Drone Camera

  1. Snapchat could have used more Pixy-specific AR tools on Snapchat memories.
  2. An auto-crop feature when you change the horizontally taken creations to a vertical screen.
  3. Low video quality on large screens, but it is worth it for this product at this price.
  4. Low supply.

My Personal Review of Snapchat Drone Camera

If I talk about the Snapchat Drone camera, I must tell you that it is an amazing portable flying camera. You can capture all the moments wherever you are. Among the drone cameras, I can say give it a try and you will know its worth. However, the major drawback that I did not like about the Snapchat drone camera is that its battery life is not good. If the company will work on the improvement of the Snapchat Drone camera, it will do wonders in the drone market.

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Snapchat Drone Review

If you want to know about the Snapchat Drone review, go through the answers in the below video.

Wrapping Up

So this was all about Snapchat Drone Review. Go through all the above steps and know about the features of the Snapchat Drone camera. I hope you find this article useful. Share your thoughts in the comment section if you like the Snapchat Drone camera. Stay tuned for all the exciting updates. Have a great day!


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