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Do you know that to grow on Instagram, it is important to use all the features to increase audience reach? I know you are doing your best to boost your content strategy. Likewise, you have to stay connected with your followers by sharing the day-to-day moments on Instagram stories. It strengthens the bond and nurtures your relationship with the Instagram community. If you are worried, you are not giving the best when it comes to uploading your stories, worry not! I will tell you about the best Apps For Video Editing Instagram Stories.

When I open the Instagram application, I like to check the stories of my friends, checking the discounts offered by e-commerce websites, Job advertisements, and many more. This gives me an amazing experience to be updated about happenings. If you also want to update the beautiful stories to let your audience unfold your content, keep scrolling to know more.

Let’s dive into the article and quickly read this awesome collection of apps to create a memorable experience with your audience. You can create customized, beautiful stories with just a few clicks.

7 Best Apps For Video Editing Instagram Stories

7 Best Apps For Video Editing Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the best engaging tool to see the growth on Instagram. Instagram stories increase the viewers and reach for your profile. Whether you have a Business account, Creator account, or Personal account, you can create an engaging story.

For this, read the best six apps for video editing Instagram stories. Go through the list below.

1. InShot 

7 Best Apps For Video Editing Instagram Stories

InShot app is one of the amazing apps for video editing Instagram stories. It is a powerful app with amazing features like adding music, transition effects, adding text, filters, and many more. Editing on the InShot app looks like professional editing, and you can make beautiful customized stories for your audience.

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  1. Trim, cut, crop, and multi-split the videos.
  2. Merges the multiple clips.
  3. Cropping the video in HD format.
  4. Adjust your video and photo in a standard ratio.
  5. Rotate, flip and reverse the video.
  6. Adding music, sound effects, and recorded voice.
  7. Video speed control and create a photo slideshow.

2. Boomerang

7 Best Apps For Video Editing Instagram Stories

Boomerang creates an amazing experience for you to share your moments with the audience. If you search for the best apps for video editing Instagram stories, go for Boomerang. You can create the moments with fun and creativity. Boomerang allows you to make the loop videos backward and forward. You can also make a video of your photos and update them on Instagram story.

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  1. Make mini videos.
  2. No need to sign up for Boomerang.
  3. Stitch ten photos together.
  4. Speed up the video
  5. Download videos in the camera roll.

3. Magisto 

7 Best Apps For Video Editing Instagram Stories

Magisto app creates amazing videos, collages, slideshows and adds music and effects to your videos. Try this one of the amazing apps for video editing Instagram stories. You can create a beautiful story to attract the attention of the audience. Magisto app is built with advanced features that you must use for your photos.

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  1. Turn photos and videos into attractive videos.
  2. Creates professional look on videos.
  3. Creates beautiful slideshow and video collages.
  4. Add Beautiful templates.
  5. Add text colors, choose fonts, and change orientation.
  6. Attractive themes for your videos.

4. Horizon 

7 Best Apps For Video Editing Instagram Stories

If you want to create some attractive videos for your Instagram story, choose the Horizon app. You can capture the videos or the photos horizontally. Hold your phone in any direction and capture the video moments for your Instagram story. You can create a magical look for your stories with the help of the Horizon app.

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  1. Built with HD resolution.
  2. Use your own device’s hardware camera button or volume button.
  3. Download video with High, Medium, or Low space.
  4. Amazing filters and effects.
  5. Speed up your video.
  6. Record video in the correct orientation.

5. StoryArt

7 Best Apps For Video Editing Instagram Stories

Have you tried the StoryArt app? If not, try the app right now and make beautiful Instagram stories. This app allows you to use various filters, collage templates, and many more. If you are searching for the best app for an Instagram story, then the StoryArt app is one of the best apps for video editing Instagram stories.

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  1. Offers 2000+ story templates.
  2. Edit your video with advanced filters.
  3. Different colored story templates.
  4. Offers high-quality logos, icons, and 120+ covers.
  5. Offers 60+themes and different colored backgrounds for your story.

6. Unfold

7 Best Apps For Video Editing Instagram Stories

Do you want to create beautiful stories? Use the Unfold app to create a customized and attractive Instagram story. Unfold app offers you 400+ story templates, collages for the IG stories, beautifully designed filters, and tools to attract the attention of the viewers. You can also schedule your posts with its amazing feed planner. Unfold apps are the best apps for video editing Instagram stories. Start downloading this app now.

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  1. Amazing templates and Collages.
  2. Filters, stickers, GIFS, and colorful backgrounds.
  3. Create an amazing bio site with links to your different social media profiles.

7. Canva

7 Best Apps For Video Editing Instagram Stories

Canva app is the best video editor app with beautiful design templates and video editing features. You can create logos, banners, photo grids, and many more. One of the best things about the Canva is designing for Instagram highlight covers, posts, or stories. Canva offers you around 60,000 free templates and lets you create professional designs.

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  1. Beautifully designed templates.
  2. Add text, change color, and change font size and design.
  3. Upload images or videos from the gallery and edit on Canva.
  4. Beautiful collages.
  5. Amazing Instagram story templates.

Wrapping Up

So what are you waiting for? Start using these applications to grab the attention of the viewers on your story content. Update your moments in the 24-hour circle box and let the audience unfold happiness. These are the best apps for video editing Instagram stories. Feel free to share the article with your friends. Stay tuned for all the exciting updates.


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