Tips on How to Make an Aesthetic Instagram Story in Simple Ways

How to Make an Aesthetic Instagram Story

Ever wonder how people put on their Instagram stories so well? How are their stories so aesthetic? Oh, the colors, the text, everything looks so perfect How? If this is your concern too, then this post is right for you. This post is the guide on How to make an aesthetic Instagram story.

Instagram is the ultimate social networking site where you can make friends all over the globe. It has got all. The reels, Igtv, posts, and especially the stories. Though these stories last only for 24 hrs yet, they have a huge impact on the audience. But this requires a great strategy especially when you want your story to be an aesthetic one. And that is why expert advice is essential.

According to the experts, to Make an Aesthetic Instagram Story in Simple Ways, you must

  • Explore the editing section of the story
  • Play with fonts
  • Don’t miss on draw tools
  • Use other editing apps
  • Say yes to the cool effects
  • let it be
  • Place the text on the right spot
  • Mix n’ match
  • Use pre-ready templates

But, are these tips really helpful? Will they lead you to your desired story? Is is really easy? do you need experts for them? Or you can complete the said task in simple steps? Don’t worry, you will get to know about all this below.

Tips on How to Make an Aesthetic Instagram Story in Simple Ways

Expert’s can never advise wrong, especially when it is to make an aesthetic Instagram Story. Yes, the algorithms may change and can be different for different topics, yet to achieve an Aesthetic Instagram Story is easy with these tips and tricks. Read along why these tips leads to an impact on your stories.

How to Make an Aesthetic Instagram Story in Simple Ways
Source: YouTube

Tip 1: Explore the editing section of the story

You must be similar to the story section offered by Instagram. If you have a look at the top right corner of the Instagram story’s editing panel, you’ll see 6 options there.

  • Linking option: You can use this if you have more than 10k followers or want to link to an IGTV video in the stories
  • Save option: With these, you can save your current work,
  • Filter option: Here you can add camera filters to your photo
  • Sticker option: Here you can explore what Instagram has to offer to you
  • Draw tool
  • Text option.

Instagram offers all these editing options to help you in getting most of the work done whenever you want to create an Instagram story.

Don’t be shy and make their full use and let your creativity come out. Who knows you can be a great artist?

Tip 2: Play with fonts

When it comes to Instagram stories, you can bring in a lot of the aesthete. Don’t think much. It is Simple!

You can do it by using the fonts that Instagram has to offer. And who says you have to stick with just one font? THAT IS TOO BORING! RIGHT? Do what your instinct says. You can mix and match various fonts according to the subject of your story.

But wait!!!! Make sure you don’t add a plain font with something quirky. No No No! That’s the kind of contrast we don’t need here. Use fonts that make your story come together, but not make it fall apart. Be Cautious! Because a wrong font really can do that. It is sure you do not want that!

Aesthetic Instagram Story in Simple Ways
Source: YouTube

Tip 3: Don’t miss on draw tools

In Instagram stories, the draw tool ( in my personal opinion) is very underrated. Ahhhh yes, that’s true. But in contrast to this view, you really can bring out the best of the story using that feature in your aesthetic Instagram story.

When you create an aesthetic instagram story, do not hesitate. Feel free to draw objects with your hands or you can get a marker to do that to make it look more neat. SHHHH!!! That’s your secret. Don’t be sad if you are not a pro at it. Most of the people are not. But it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. To tackle this, spend some time with the drawing feature and get hold of it.

After a few sessions, you will be all set to rock your stories with your own aesthetic creations. Vola!!!

Tip 4: How about other editing apps

You must know that Instagram stories are a great source of reach and engagement when it comes to instagram marketing. Yes, so can go with a theme-related story to get the best possible potential audience. If you want to create a theme-specific aesthetic instagram story, you can also jump off to other editing apps that provide some extra options in filters and editing options.

And why not?

After all, you’re creating for instagram, and gram would like it if you put in a little extra effort. So, assemble all of your creative sides and take your creativity to other photos and video editing apps like snapseed, VSCO, lightroom and come out with something wow! or… aesthetic!

Tip 5: Say yes to the cool effects

I must say, sometimes to make things a little contrasting, bright, and aesthetic it is okay to add some effects. Yes, it is. luckily, Instagram has that for you!

If you dig a little deeper into the Instagram stories (the creating panel), you’ll see and option to browse effects.

so, what are you waiting for?

Go browse some aesthetic effects. The reason being, a nice effect can really make a boring Instagram photo a really aesthetic Instagram story. All you have to do is to work a little harder and FIND THAT EFFECT!

How to Make an Aesthetic Instagram Story in Simple Ways
Source: YouTube

Tip 6: Sometimes, let it be

You know what?

Sometimes the photo and the visuals are more than enough to be considered aesthetic. Yes, it is not a joke. so, it is okay for the visuals sometimes to do the talking. If you think you are having a perfect picture or a video that can bring you a lot of praise, then you just sit back and enjoy the little treat to your eyes.

Tip 7: Place the text on the spot

Will the whole aesthetics of the story really come together or fall apart depends upon the spot of your text!!!! Do you knew this?

So in order to make your story stand out and be aesthetic, you’re always supposed to place your text at a place where it compliments your aesthetic Instagram

story’s graphic visuals.

Shhhh! let me tell you another important secret!!!

Place wherever you want your text to be placed but don’t place it on the main subject of your story. Ahaan!!! That’s how you will turn your normal text story into an aesthetic one.

Tip 8: Mix n’ match

Well, the key to an aesthetic instagram story will be that you always don’t make it look monotonous. Play with the different tools available on instagram and also on so many other applications used for editing. Play with the color palette Instagram has on your aesthetic story’s canvas, use different fonts and mix them up. Create visuals that are pleasing to the eyes.

Instagram provides so many aesthetic gifs, stickers, clips, graphics and so many more things that help you make your instagram story look more aesthetic.

Make proper use of those features. Be creative and let the aesthete inside you come out.

How to Make an Aesthetic Instagram Story in Simple Ways
Source: Medium

Tip 9: Use pre-ready templates

Creating instagram stories, drawing, adding texts, gifs and colour coordinating them can take a bit of your time. but what about the aesthetic instagram stories which you have to put on the go? Oh No. What to do when you are in a hurry?

Well, for that you can use the pre-built templates according to the mood of your stories. all you would have to do is to just add and make a few finishing touches and you’ll be good to post your aesthetic Instagram story.

Final Verdict

So, these are the tips on how to How to make an aesthetic Instagram story. Try these tips in your way and bring on your aesthetically creative side on the canvas for your Instagram stories.

Also, share your favorite tip among all the mentioned above.

Enjoy your aesthetic stories!!!

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