Why Did Snapchat Change My Bitmoji? The Inside Story of 3D Bitmoji

Why Did Snapchat Change My Bitmoji

Hello, Snapchat user! Have you noticed something a little different about your Bitmoji lately? It is like waking up one day and finding out your favorite cereal has a new flavor. Following this new Snapchat update today, you might be wondering: Why did Snapchat change my Bitmoji?

The Snapchat Bitmoji update has stirred up a whirlwind of confusion and frustration among some of us. While I personally think the new 3D version is super cool, not everyone shares the same sentiment. There is a whole bunch of users out there who are not exactly thrilled with the change. They call the new bitmoji ugly. In fact, some are even thinking, “How can I remove Bitmoji from Snapchat for good?”

If you are one of those curious souls trying to figure out why your Bitmoji suddenly got a makeover, you have come to the right place. Join me to uncover the mystery behind the question: Why did Snapchat change my Bitmoji?

Why Did Snapchat Change My Bitmoji?

Why Did Snapchat Change My Bitmoji? The Inside Story of 3D Bitmoji

Snapchat decided to give Bitmoji a makeover to make it look more like real people and to give users more choices. The new Snapchat Bitmoji is 3D and has more facial expressions. You can also change things like your Bitmoji’s hair and eye color.

Here is why Snapchat made the changes:

  1. To make Bitmojis more realistic and expressive than the old Snapchat Bitmoji. The new ones look more like real people and can show more emotions.
  2. To let users customize their Bitmojis more. You can now change things like your Bitmoji’s hair color, eye color, and clothes.
  3. To be more inclusive. Snapchat wanted Bitmojis to look like people of all different skin tones, hair types, and body sizes.

But not everyone liked the new 3D Snapchat Bitmoji update. Some thought they looked too real, while others thought they looked too cartoony. So, Snapchat made some changes based on what users said. They made the Bitmojis less shiny and added more details to their faces. They also let you change your Bitmoji’s nose and lips.

User Reactions to the Bitmoji Makeover

Now that we have explored why Snapchat decided to revamp Bitmoji let us take a peek at how some users reacted to this change.

A user, who had grown rather attached to their old Bitmoji, voiced their concern: “@Bitmoji Why the hell did ya’ll just change my Bitmoji!? I’ve had the same one for like over half a decade or sum. 😡”

Another user expressed their frustration by tweeting: “@Snapchat Why did my Bitmoji’s appearance change? Now me and my Bitmoji’s life and relationship are destroyed. How can I change it back?”

Yet another user chimed in with their thoughts: “@Snapchat @snapchatsupport WHY ON EARTH DID YOU CHANGE MY BITMOJI TO THIS GOD AWFUL THING 😩”

It is clear that some users were quite taken aback by the Bitmoji transformation!

New Snapchat Bitmoji Update in 2023

Snapchat has released a fresh and exciting update for Bitmoji in July 2023, promising to take your Bitmoji experience to new heights of expressiveness and realism.

↪ Overview of New Snapchat Bitmoji

As part of this thrilling upgrade, users are in for a treat. Brace yourselves for a staggering 190+ new hairstyles, and new hair dye options like ombré, split-dye, balayage, and highlights, not to mention an array of earrings, nose piercings, and other facial adornments. And that is not all; there is a bounty of hat options and colors, as well as exclusive Snapchat Lenses and more!

↪ Revamped 3D Models

Your Bitmoji’s got a makeover! With improved hair texture, face shading, and body proportions, your avatar now exudes a more lifelike and natural vibe. This upgrade is especially noticeable when you take your Bitmoji into the world of 3D experiences, like Bitmoji AR. You will be thrilled with the enhanced realism, from hair texture to facial nuances.

↪ Expressive Emotions

The new Bitmoji is a maestro of emotions. From a beaming smile to an astonished expression and even a subtle smirk, your Bitmoji can now convey a wider spectrum of feelings. Whether you are over the moon or feeling down in the dumps, your Bitmoji’s got you covered.

↪ Fine-Tuned Editing

Editing your Bitmoji has never been smoother. The updated Bitmoji editor allows you to zoom in, rotate, and make precise adjustments to your avatar’s facial expressions, hair, and clothing in 3D. Tweak away until your Bitmoji truly represents you!

How to Remove 3D Bitmoji on Snapchat?

In certain instances, if you find yourself unhappy with the latest Snapchat Bitmoji update, you might encounter situations where restoring the previous version is simply not an option. In such cases, the solution may involve detaching or unlinking Snapchat from Bitmoji. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to Remove Bitmoji on Snapchat:

Step 01: Launch the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
Step 02: Tap the Bitmoji icon located in the top left corner.
Step 03: Access the Settings menu by tapping the cog icon located in the top right corner.

Step 04: Scroll down and select the Bitmoji option.
Step 05: Locate and tap on the Unlink My Bitmoji option at the bottom.
Step 06: To finalize your action, click on the Remove button.

With these steps completed, your 3D Bitmoji will be successfully removed from Snapchat.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap on “Why Did Snapchat Change My Bitmoji?”! I hope this article sheds some light on the topic. For more juicy insights into Snapchat, visit Path of EX regularly. Do share your thoughts in the comment section if you have any queries; our team is always here to keep you in the loop!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did Snapchat change my Bitmoji?

To make them more realistic and expressive, give users more customization options, and make them more inclusive.

2. How do I customize my 3D Bitmoji?

Open Snapchat and tap on your Bitmoji in the top-left corner. Then, tap on “Edit Avatar.” You can customize your Bitmoji’s hair color, eye color, skin tone, body type, and more.

3. Why do some people not like the new 3D Bitmojis?

Some people find the new 3D Bitmojis to be too realistic and strange, while others find them to be too cartoonish and not realistic enough.

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