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With the appointment of a new CEO, Twitter is poised to expand its horizons. Twitter circle, a new feature developed by Elon’s Twitter, allows users to send tweets to a specific group of people. It allows users to have more control over their Twitter activities. The new feature surfaced when the $44 billion deal was still months away from closing. Let’s have a glimpse of What is Twitter circle feature.

Twitter Circle feature is literally telling users to create a closed circle of individuals where you can make sure that no one will be offended by their tweet. It also helps to choose people who won’t offend you either. When Elon spoke about freedom of expression, many people spoke out against it, citing its potential to bring more negativity. The Twitter Circle is a perfect reply for them, where you can still express your opinions without harming anyone’s ideologies. Well done, Elon!

When you create a Twitter Circle, only the individual added to this can reply and interact with the tweets shared in that circle. The Twitter Circle is the modern version of Facebook groups. It also exhibits high similarity to Instagram’s close friend’s feature. Hold on here for a few more minutes, and let us serve you more pickles on the Twitter Circle feature.

How to Use Twitter Circle Feature | Handpick Your Audience

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Twitter is unveiling its new feature called a Twitter Circle, which is in the testing phase and available to a broad audience with more positive feedback.

Twitter people storm the Internet, praising and defaming these private Tweets on the Twitter idea. Twitter announced the feature saying, “Some Tweets are for everyone and others are just for people you’ve picked.

How to Get Twitter Circle on Twitter?

Twitter only enables some of you to use this feature as a beginning pack. They’ll expand the Twitter Circle to more people with more testing feedback. Enjoy it if you have it. If you don’t have access yet, be patient!

Why is the Twitter Circle Important?

The Twitter Circle, according to some, is not a new concept. It’s merely a reorganization of functionality in Instagram and Facebook. Take a good look, mate. There’s more to come!

The Twitter Circle is the ideal balance of freedom of expression and adequate regulations. When you make a Twitter Circle, you only invite people who will not be offended by your statements.

In such a situation, you retain your right to free expression while also ensuring that any negative is contained. Furthermore, you can choose who you wish to share your tweets with. Isn’t that powerful?

Twitter circle feature

Twitter Circle Features

In contrast to Facebook and Instagram, the people you select to add to your Twitter Circle have no restrictions. You can add anyone to your process regardless of whether or not they follow you. You can add up to 150 people to your Twitter Circle. 

The list of people you’ve added to your Twitter Circle is only visible to you. Members in a Twitter Circle can only interact with the tweets you share; they can’t retweet them outside the Circle. But they can still download the image or content and make it another tweet outside the Twitter Circle. 

We’ve seen one drawback so far: you can’t remove yourself from a Twitter Circle once you’ve been added by someone else; you can only mute the chat.

Wrapping Up

Elon Musk, the multi-billionaire, recently made headlines on Twitter buyout and expressed his views on freedom of speech. Elon Musk’s Twitter now includes a Twitter Circle function, which allows users to form a private group of people with whom they can share tweets.

It functions as a closed group, but the ability to add anyone to the group is what distinguishes it. You don’t need the following bond to choose someone for your Twitter Circle.

The feature is still under testing, and only a few people have access. We’ve provided you with a terrific preview of how it’ll look. Now is the time to share this post with your Twitterati. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to activate the Twitter Circle?

Click on everyone to open the choose audience menu. You will find a Twitter Circle there. Tap on the ‘Edit’ next to it and add people to your Twitter Circle.

2. How is a Twitter Circle different from a protected Twitter account?

Only the followers can see the tweets by a protected account. The Twitter Circle can have people who don’t follow you.

3. How many people can I include in my Twitter Circle?

You can add up to 150 people at the moment.

4. How many Twitter Circles can I create?

The Twitter Circle is under testing now. You can only create one Twitter Circle at the moment. We expect Twitter to include more Twitter Circles available for users in the future.

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