Apple Watch SE 2 Rumors and Leaks | Here is Everything You Need to Know

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There is a lot of chatter on the internet regarding the release Apple Watch SE 2. If you are on Twitter you must have seen a lot of threads regarding Apple Watch SE 2 rumors. This watch is considered one of the best smartwatches by Apple. It is smart and affordable. In this article, we have gathered all the rumors regarding Apple Watch SE 2 that we found on the internet.

Apple Watch is your whole world on the wrist. You can travel using an Apple Watch and do so much more. It is your companion in every way. However, buying an Apple Watch can burn a hole in your pocket. While you can buy a refurbished Apple Watch to save money, having a brand new one feels different. To tackle the price issue, Apple introduced the SE series in 2020. This series provides all basic smartwatch functions at a lower price.

The Apple Watch SE series became an instant hit as soon as it was released. The popularity of the Apple Watch SE was due to the novel experience it provided at a lower price. The Apple fanatics are happy to hear about the second-generation Apple Wach SE launch. Scroll down to find out all the Apple Watch SE 2 rumors and leaks.

Apple Watch SE 2 Launch Date

There is no official word from Apple on the release of the Apple Watch SE 2. To make an accurate guess we shall look at the release date of the previous Apple Watch. Here is the Apple Watch release timeline:

  • Series 1 and Series 2: September 2016
  • Series 3: September 2017
  • Series 4: September 2018
  • Series 5: September 2019
  • Series 6 and SE: September 2020
  • Series 7: October 2021

If we observe this timeline, we can easily figure out that Apple releases the Apple Watch in September every year. The only time Apple swayed from this path was when it released Apple Watch 7 series in October 2021. So, going with the trend, we think Apple Watch SE will be released in September 2022 along with the new iPhone 14.

Apple Watch SE 2 rumors

However, a question still remains, whether Apple will release Apple Watch 8 or the Apple Watch SE 2 in September 2022. There is a chance that both Series 8 and SE 2 will be launched in September 2022

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Apple Watch SE 2 Price

There is no official announcement regarding the Apple Watch SE 2 price. However, if we look at the previous patterns we see that Apple maintains the same price structure for all the Apple Watch models. We can expect the Apple Watch SE 2 to have the same pricing as the original Apple Watch SE. 

Apple Watch SE 2 Rumors

Apple Watch SE 2 can be priced at $279 for a 40mm model. The price will increase with advanced models. 

Apple Watch SE 2 Design

One of the major Apple Watch SE rumors is regarding the design. There is a great chance that no major changes will be made to the Apple Watch SE 2 in matters of design. According to a rumor, the second-generation Apple Watch SE will be similar to the first Apple Watch SE. The display sizes will be the same and the only difference can be a new aluminum case. 

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There is no official word on the Apple Watch SE 2 design and the rumors are also very limited. We will update this section as we get any more news regarding the Apple Watch SE 2 design upgrade.

Apple Watch SE 2 Features

We have not heard many Apple Watch SE 2 rumors regarding the upcoming features. However, people are speculating about what new can the SE 2 model offer. There is a doubt whether SE 2 will get the tools available in Apple Watch 7, like measuring blood oxygen, etc. 

Apple Watch SE 2 Rumors

We expect the features available in the first SE watch to be present in Apple Watch SE 2, but we want more additional features like heart reading, GPS, and other necessary fitness features.

There is a rumor that Apple will plant the S7 chip in the Apple Watch SE2. There are also claims that Apple may give the SE 2 a new battery, new speakers, and a better always-on display. These features only require the internet to work. However, this may increase the price of the Apple Watch SE to $299.

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Features We Want to See in Apple Watch SE 2

While we love the Apple Watch SE series, there is always room for improvement. Here is everything we would like to see in Apple Watch SE:

1. Long Lasting Battery: If we compare the Apple Watch SE with other Apple Watch models, the SE model lasts longer. However, if we compare the SE watch with smartwatches from other companies, there is a lot of improvement required. For Apple Watch SE we want longer battery life. We don’t want to charge our smartwatch every day.

2. Monitoring Blood Oxygen Level: Apple Watch SE cannot monitor blood oxygen. While there are rumors that Apple Watch SE 2 might support monitoring blood oxygen levels, we want to have a surety about it. Let us wait for an official announcement on this one.

3. Wide Range of Colors: For Apple Watch SE 2 we would like to have a wide variety of color options. We do not want only three shades like the first generation SE watch. We would like to see more range in colors and straps. Something that lets us style our watch and give it a personal touch.

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Wrapping Up

It is time to wrap up! While there is very little news related to Apple Watch SE 2 on the internet, we have tried to gather it in one place for you. In this article, we have given you all the Apple Watch SE 2 rumors that have been floating around the internet.

I hope you found this article useful. What Apple Watch SE 2 rumors do you want to be true? Let us know in the comments below. 


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