Snapchat Phantom House: New Halloween Update!

Snapchat Phantom House: New Halloween Update!

Snapchat is known for its updates and ever-changing challenges. Now, Snapchat announced the Snapchat Phantom House. Snapchat invites you to the Phantom House to enjoy the immersive Halloween experience. Snapchatters are going to enjoy the new adventure using clues, solving puzzles, and many more. So, if you want to know more about it, come along!

Phantom House on Snapchat is making a dazzling entry on 8th October 2023. This new experience of Phantom House will take the Snapchatter to experience a new adventure, solve riddles, and share what they have observed with others through AR Lenses and AI-generated Dream selfies created by the Phantom House.

If you want to know more about it, keep scrolling and get updated information about the Snapchat Phantom Hose.

What is Snapchat Phantom House?

Snapchat Phantom House: New Halloween Update!

To celebrate the Halloween season, Snapchat added the spark by introducing Phantom House for all the content creators. This will allow the viewers to track the content creators and escape the Phantom House. The advertisement will be visible on all of Snapchat’s pages, including Chat, Camera, Stories, and Spotlight. The three of Snapchat’s Snap Stars—verified content producers—Tony Talks, Sofie Dossi, and Ezee—will participate in the weekly series. The Phantom House tale is filmed by Snapchat in association with its production company, Secret Level.

According to the sources- “We wanted to create a unique experience for Snapchatters that would keep them in the Halloween spirit for the entire month of October,” said Eric Baldwin, executive creative director at Snap Inc. “And we know Snapchatters love engaging with Snap Stars because of the true 1:1 connection with them.

What is Inside the Phantom House?

Snapchat Phantom House: New Halloween Update!

Inside the Phantom House, you will explore the virtual painting room that will provide a clue to the famous Snap Stars. Moreover, the viewers will observe the exterior of the Phantom House using an interactive virtual world lens. If a user wants to obtain the puzzle-solving hint, they need to battle against the evil spirit in the virtual game of Tic Tac Toe (Tic Tac Toe lens).

Who Will Be In The Phantom House?

Snapchat Phantom House: New Halloween Update!

Famous Snap stars Tony Talks, Sofie Dossi, and Ezee will be in the Phantom House. Viewers will be able to help the Snap stars to escape the phantom.

Wrapping Up

So this was all about Snapchat Phantom House. You will enjoy the Halloween season with your favorite Snap stars and help them escape the Phantom House. Do share your thoughts in the comment section if you find the article useful. Keep visiting Path of EX for all the trending stuff! Have a great day!

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