How to Use Snapchat on PC in 2022 | 3 Best Ways to Download SC

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Most of the apps have both mobile versions and desktop versions on updates. But Snapchat on the contrary sticks with its mobile versions. Every formal and informal activity in life works better with smartphones now. But still, some of us admire the big screen on PC. So, let’s see ‘How To Use Snapchat On PC?’.

During hectic work, we might wanna have a sneak peek to snap stories without letting the boss know. I have been there before, I am sure you have too. I may not be the guardian angel who brings you good fortune, but I can help you explore how to view your Snapchat on PC.

By the end of this article, you will get to know how to get your Snapchat for PC. We are covering the most tested 2 ways of accessing Snapchat on PC along with the recent updates on Snapchat on PC. Let’s move on straight.

How to Download Snapchat on PC?

How to Use Snapchat on PC in 2022 | 3 Best Ways to Download SC

As we already know, Snapchat is a mobile app, which doesn’t support a satisfactory desktop version. What are we gonna do to download Snapchat on PC, then?

It’s simple, but with some guidance- That’s why I am here.

We are going to deal with three scenarios of ‘How To Use Snapchat On PC.’

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Why I Can’t Access Snapchat on PC?

You can’t access your Snapchat on PC, because it is only can be downloaded from either Appstore or Playstore- which is available in mobile versions mostly. So wondering what we are gonna do?

We are going to mimic like we are using a mobile while handling a PC.

It’s not that hard. All you have to do is Install an ‘emulator’. That’s our first scenario.

How to Use Snapchat on PC with BlueStalks?

How to Use Snapchat on PC in 2022 | 3 Best Ways to Download SC

BlueStalk is an emulator used to mimic your phone on your PC. An emulator is simply software that imitates a platform like another platform. Besides BlueStalks, we got Andy, NoxPlayer, Remix Os Player, etc. as emulators. But only BlueStalk is allowing us to download and use an APK of an application. You might feel like it is a lot of technicalities. It is not.

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Check out these steps on ‘How To Use Snapchat On PC?’ with BlueStalks

  1. Open your Chrome on the computer.
  2. Search for
  3. Enter the website and click ‘Download’.
  4. Once the download is completed, you can see a pop-up in the bottom-left part of your tab on the computer, which is the BlueStalks APK.
  5. Click the downloaded APK and open it.
  6. Click ‘Run’.
  7. Click ‘Install’ on the popped-up window.
  8. BlueStalks will automatically set up. You can see the loading below now.
  9. When BlueStalks is launched, you can open ‘Playstore’ in it.
  10. Search for ‘Snapchat’ and simply download.
  11. Now you have access to Snapchat on your PC.
How to use Snapchat on PC

This is the most used practice on ‘How To Use Snapchat On PC’.

You might see ‘Oops, something went wrong’ during the process. It has nothing to do with your account safety.  It means you got caught. Snapchat has recently decimated the use of emulators. The problem surfaced with BlueStalks versions 3 and 4. So we recommend you to try this with BlueStalks 2-There is no harm in trying.

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How to Use Snapchat on PC Using Mirroring?

What if we have to watch a movie from a smartphone on a big screen? We share the screen with a big screen. We are doing the same here. You are not using Snapchat on PC here. You are watching your snap and selfies on a bigger screen – that’s all.

How to Use Snapchat on PC in 2022 | 3 Best Ways to Download SC

We are talking here about how to use Snapchat on PC. In that case, mirroring is not a bad option. There are plenty of phone mirroring apps like Vysor, Airdroid, and Screen Stream Mirroring.

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How to Use Snapchat on PC with Snapchat Official Website?

With arising complaints on updates, Snapchat is finally setting boot on the desktop version of their app. It is still under construction and has limited access to all features. But it is hopeful. If you want to have a teaser, follow these instructions,

  1. Open your Chrome and search ‘Snapchat for Windows’.
  2. Fill in your email and password.
  3. Check out ‘I am not a robot’.
  4. Login.
  5. Enter the verification code sent to your email and submit.
How to Use Snapchat on PC in 2022 | 3 Best Ways to Download SC

This only allows you to have a glimpse of the complete multimedia features. You can directly message a friend and wander on Snapchat Newsfeed. The downside is you can’t snap or upload photos yet.

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Wrapping Up

Hope you had fun. These are our favorite ways of ‘How To Use Snapchat On PC’. We can’t wait until Snapchat has an update. You can always use an emulator like BlueStalks or mirror screen your phone with your PC. This way, you can explore your favorite snaps on the big screen. Make sure to follow our instructions. Hope you are gonna love this.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can you use Snapchat from PC?

You can use Snapchat from a PC with an emulator like BlueStalks or by screen mirroring your phone. Snapchat has developed its website version, which is still under construction.

2. Why is BlueStalk not working?

Snapchat has recently detected emulators and banned most of them. If BlueStalks is not working, try BlueStalk 2 or any older version. It might work.

3. How to use Snapchat on Windows?

Simply search ‘Snapchat for Windows’ and log in with details. The Snapchat desktop version is still under construction, so might not get every cool feature on mobile Snapchat- Something is better than nothing.


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