How To Unfollow Everyone On TikTok? Best Tips & Tricks To Use

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Many people use the follow-unfollow technique to get more audience on their account on TikTok. After they are done with following thousands of Tiktokers, they suddenly want to unfollow all of them. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Since there’s no such feature on the app, it makes us wonder “How to unfollow everyone on TikTok?”.  

Before you quickly use the first bot you see on the internet and let it mess up your account, know that TikTok is very strict with its policies. Use of any unauthorized bot can get your TikTok account shadowbanned. The same is the case with mass unfollow on TikTok. TikTok quickly finds out you have been using a bot and it restricts you from using your account. You don’t want that, do you?

To avoid getting shadowbanned, you can play safe and try to unfollow everyone on TikTok manually. Also, TikTok has kept a limit on the number of accounts you can unfollow in a day. Unluckily, it is different for different accounts. However, on average, you can only unfollow 150-200 accounts in a day. Also, we would suggest you unfollow these 150-200 accounts in intervals of 3-4 hours, if possible.

Can You Unfollow Everyone On TikTok?

How To Unfollow Everyone On TikTok? Best Tips & Tricks To Use

Yes, you can unfollow everyone on TikTok, but the only legal way is to do it manually. Also, you can only unfollow up to 200 accounts in one go. Otherwise, your account will get shadowbanned. And then you would have to learn how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok

What’s the better option? Well, we might have just found the best solution for you on how to unfollow everyone on TikTok.

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How To Unfollow Everyone On TikTok?

Now that it’s clear that you cannot possibly use bots who do unfollow everyone on TikTok but it can end up with a shadowban on your account. Also, you cannot manually unfollow each and everyone in your following list. Therefore, we have found apps for you that will unfollow everyone on TikTok. However, these apps will not unfollow in one go. Instead, they will do the unfollowing after intervals of time. 

Disclaimer: We do not endorse the credibility of these third-party apps. They will work, however, TikTok’s terms and service conditions might or might not get your account shadowbanned. So, use them at your own risk.  

1. FuelTok

FuelTok claims to be an app that does not mess up with TikTok’s algorithm. It merely unfollows at specific intervals of time so that the algorithm does not find it suspicious. Moreover, it has many other features. You can visit their website to find out more about their methodology. 

2. Jarvee

Jarvee is a social media automation software and is genuinely trusted by its users. It provides services for Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok.  

Get their free trial and check out how to unfollow everyone on TikTok after timely intervals. 

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Video On How To Unfollow Everyone On TikTok 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unfollow someone on Tiktok fast?

You unfollow someone quickly by either using a special app designed to unfollow mass accounts or manually unfollow every account on Tiktok. 

Why can you only follow 10k on TikTok?

If you cannot follow over 10k accounts on TikTok then it is because TikTok shows you an error. If you try to follow people fast again then it can even block you from following. It increases their spam score, so you should not follow quickly on TikTok.

Wrapping Up

I hope now you learned how to unfollow everyone on TikTok. It is not actually possible to unfollow all from your following list at once. You can either do it manually. But, TikTok also doesn’t allow it after unfollowing up to 200 accounts. Trying the apps is the best option that you have got. 

If you know of any other methods to unfollow everyone on TikTok, then please share them with our readers by commenting below. Moreover, you can also comment if you liked this article. 

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