How to Hide Snap Score in 5 Easy Steps

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Snapchat is a platform that is the best among the lot when it comes to privacy policy. The platform does not allow anyone to intrude into your account without fair permission. Accordingly, if you wish to hide your score on Snapchat, refer to my article on how to hide snap score. I am sure your confusion will be sorted.

You must walk that extra mile to hide your snap score from someone you do not want to share it with. There are no such options on Snapchat where you can automatically hide your snap score.

So, read my article now and get enough clarity on this topic. You would also get the latest information about the snap score and how to increase or reset it.

How to Hide Snap Score?

How to Hide Snap Score?

You can not hide your Snap score on Snapchat. Unfortunately, no such settings are provided on the platform to hide your Snap score. You have to remove the person from your friend list or block them to hide your score from them.

Before we proceed any further, I have discussed in detail what snap score means and how you can remove it. Hence, read ahead and get to know all the required details.

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What Does Snap Score Mean?

What Does Snap Score Mean?

Snap score refers to the number of snaps you have sent or received on the platform. The number of snaps you send or receive with your friend increases the score. You increase the score when you receive any snap from your friend.

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Is the Snap Score Visible?

What Does Snap Score Mean?

Snap score is visible only to friends on the platform. When you have added someone as your friend on Snapchat, but they have not added you back, the score would not be visible to them. Both users have to add each other to view the snap score.

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How to Check Someone Else’s Snap Score?

How to Check Someone Else's Snap Score?

You can easily check someone else’s snap score on the platform. For that, you have to follow a straightforward process. Hence, refer below for the same.

1. Launch Snapchat.

2. Click on your Bitmoji.

3. Go to “My Friends.”

4. Look for the person with the search function and click on their Bitmoji.

5. A profile window will open.

6. You will find a number displayed under the username. That is their Snapscore.

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How to Increase Snap Score?

How to Increase Snap Score?

When you use the platform regularly, your snap score increases; you have to send and receive more snaps, create stories, and keep up the snap streaks to increase your Snap score. You can increase your score with the following methods.

1. Your snap score increases when you share casual messages with your friends on the platform.

2. When you open stories on your platform, you add points to your snap score.

3. When you follow and interact with celebrities, you receive many snaps from their end. That also increases your snap score.

4. When you temporarily stop using the app and rejoin again, you get points in your snap score.

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How to Reset The Snap Score?

How to Reset The Snap Score?

When you wish to reset your snap score, you have to delete your score and your account. You may experience a visual glitch, your snap score is displayed as zero, and you want to restore your actual score. Hence, to do so, refer to the steps mentioned below.

1. Log out of your Snapchat account and log in again.

2. Reboot your mobile.

3. Update your Snapchat App.

4. Clear cache of the Snapchat app.

5. Reinstall Snapchat after uninstalling it.

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Why Can’t I See the Snap Score of My Friend?

Why Can't I See The Snap Score of my Friend?

When you can not see the snap score of your friend, then they might have blocked you or removed you from their account.

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Wrapping Up

Snapchat is a platform where the privacy policy is quite strict. If you were searching for how to hide snap score, I hope this article helped you. It is not easy to view the snap score of your friend. Hence, this article would help you understand the crux of the matter. Read the article and let me know your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Hide Snap Score?

When you wish to hide the snap score from someone, you must remove or block that person from your friend list on the platform.

What is snap score?

Snap score refers to the number of snaps you have sent or received on the platform.

Do both users need to follow each other to see their snap score?

Both users must follow each other on Snapchat to see their snap score.


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