How to Get Verified on Snapchat: Expert’s Tips

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Do you know gaining huge followers on Snapchat is not enough to get your Snapchat account verified? If so, then what it takes to get the verification badge? If you too wonder this, then you are on the right page of the internet. This post is the guide on How to get verified on Snapchat.

Snapchat is one of the largest social networks present in today’s time. It has a huge community of potential people where businesses and creators can showcase their talent to the fullest to more than 188 million users. That’s a huge number!!! In such a scenario, having a verification badge acts as a cherry on the cake as it helps in building trust with the audience. But, Verification on any platform is a huge deal!

So, to crack this huge deal, you need to work harder on this platform too. As getting verified on such a huge platform is not child’s play if you don’t have the right guide. Sadly, there is no official way of getting verified just like the Tik-Tok. So, To know the trick on how to get verified on Snapchat, you need to ask few questions yourself:

  • Is your account Real and Authentic?
  • Are you delivering Engaging Content?
  • Do your stories get a minimum threshold mark of 50000 views?

If your answer is yes, then don’t wait and send a verification request ticket from the support section. But as said above, IT IS NOT GOING TO BE THIS EASY!!!!! Dive below to know what extra you need to do from your side to get the best possible results by using the expert’s tips. But, before that let us know about those extra benefits that come with this special emoji.

Extra Benefits of Verification

What is the fun of getting that shining verification badge if you don’t know its benefits? Shhhhhhhh!!!!! Even I was unaware of this before. Ahhh!!!! That’s a secret between us!!!

Do you know that this simple-looking procedure is going to deliver its best in the long run? Yes, it’s true. One among them is the solution to the signup. This means that now you can sign up in no. of devices without the worry of looking down.

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Expert’s Tips on How to get verified on Snapchat

How to get Verified on Snapchat
Source: Nerds Chalk

The craze for verification started when back in 2015 when fellow Snapchat users started noticing emojis beside an account. And without a doubt, that looked so attractive.

Well, it’s strange but Snapchat hasn’t yet revealed what makes them decide either to give or not give the verification badge but experts believe that getting 50,000 views on your Snapchat story can help get that emoji you want on Snapchat.

50,000 views on your story and the verification is yours? – I doubt it!!!!

Sure, the game of social media is all about numbers. So, according to the experts, here are some solid ways to up your number game on Snapchat or make your account verification worthy so that getting verified on Snapchat is not next to impossible for you. If you master these tips, then the answer on How to get verified on Snapchat will not further be explained.


The best way to get an organic amount of genuine followers on Snapchat is to create the best content you can. It can be anything. But try to go with something of your interest. Be it a funny video that rolls people with laughter or a talented one, it is completely your choice, but it needs to be engaging. Moreover, creating good content leads to more people following you.

And what does that mean?

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Don’t worry it is simple. The more the followers, the more the chances of getting verified on Snapchat! As Number of followers is directly proportional to the chances of you getting verified on Snapchat.

Snapchat Rolls Out “Snap To Store” Tools For Tracking Offline Attribution -  IPG Media Lab
Source: IPG Media Lab


Well, pretty much like Instagram and Facebook, Snapchat is not going to verify your account to hand you their special emoji if you are not a real personality or an original brand. Of course, Snapchat is going to ask for your identity proof when you apply for verification. So make sure that your account has some realness and authenticity.

Also, make sure that all the details that you fill out for the verification process are correct- to the best of your knowledge!


I had always wondered as to why it is so easy for the big brands and celebrities to get verified on any social media platform so easily and sometimes as soon as they join the platform. Do you think the same?

If yes, then buddy, the answer is right there. Their personality, name, or brand is strong enough and speaks for themselves. Their accounts are more prone to duplication. Also, to ensure the most trustworthy experience on their platform, they verify their accounts as soon as they join the platform.

The lesson here is to build your personality or brand to a certain level on the platform that speaks for you. So, at last, Snapchat has no other option but to verify your account. So, Having verified accounts on other popular social media platforms may also help you with getting verification on Snapchat because Snapchat surely does run an identity check.


Building a name or brand is a huge and sometimes tiresome task to do. You need to know that one cannot create something great overnight.

But Snapchat sure has something for you to offer as an alternative. You can take help from this social networking site to promote your snaps quite well to the right audience. Wondering Why? Snapchat helps you in this so that it reaches a large audience. This will make more eyes come to your account and you may never know, that could be your cue to verification.

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You can also collaborate with popular creators who are already popular in what you do on Snapchat and get more people to notice you.

Expert's Tips on How to get verified on Snapchat
Source: GameRevolution


So, these are some of the trusted ways to get a Snapchat account verified by the experts themselves. Try all these methods, remain consistent, and VOLAH!!!!!! your account will be verified. But, Snapchat users have also claimed that they get their accounts verified without having ‘the numbers’ but just reporting to Snapchat that their account was being duplicated. To prevent that from happening, Snapchat verifies its account.

But that’s not the purpose of verification right?

The aim is to build a better face and brand for you.

With whatever you do, make sure that you do not go against the community guidelines provided by Snapchat and abide by them with all of your heart.

So Pretty people, grab up your phone and start up with the process. Also, share your views on How to get verified on Snapchat in the comment section and tell us more if you know more tips.

Enjoy Your Verification Badge!!!!


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