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Snapchat is exceptionally unique in providing all the services but fails to fix some glitches in the matrix. That’s why we’ve met now. Some errors will forever mask the good things. Snapchat tap to download error is a noise like that. We know you don’t want to hurt your finger refreshing all night. So here is how to solve Snapchat Tap to Load problem in 7 ways.

Snapchat has over 100 million users in the United States alone. Snapchat was always attentive to world affairs. The new headline on Snapchat is that they have reduced escalated misinformation around the Russia and Ukraine war on social media.

Snapchat limited its heat map feature to family and friends mode. The Snapchat heat map shows how many people are gathered in an area. I am also glad that Snapchat pledged $15 billion in aid for Ukraine’s support. But if there is a persistent glitch in the system, what’s using an application in need?

Here is the complete guideline to solve the Snapchat tap to load problem. I have detailed all the 7 methods step-by-step. All you have to do is go through them and enjoy your Snaps. Let’s see how to fix the Snapchat tap to load problem in 7 ways.

How to Solve Snapchat Tap to Load Problem | Methods to Fix Snapchat Error

Snap won't load fix ; How to fix Snapchat tap to load issue

Snapchat usually auto-downloads the snaps sent to you by friends. When the Snapchat Tap to Load Problem occurs, you must manually download the Snap sent to you. Without blabbering much, let’s go straight ahead into the error. Let’s discuss what exactly is this tap to load on Snapchat, and only then can you fully understand its fixes. 

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What is Snapchat Tap to Load Error

Snapchat is so cool that it allows you to auto-download the Snaps sent to you. But sometimes, when you try to open a snap, it doesn’t auto-download. Instead, a black screen pops up and says ‘Tap to Load.’ It forces users to download the Snaps sent to them manually. Snapchat Tap to Load Problem is a forever glitch in the application. I hope Snapchat will put effort into removing it in the future. 

How to Solve Snapchat Tap to Load on Streaks?

Snap streak is a great tool to measure your friendship on Snapchat when you and your friend send snaps back and forth at least 3 days in a row. But the Snapchat tap to load error ruins the fun- the snap won’t auto-download and pops up a black screen saying’ Tap to load.’ Here is everything to bring back the fun,

1. Reboot Your Phone to Solve Snapchat Tap to Load Problem

Rebooting your phone is the first thing you should do when you face difficulty operating an application. Because all the applications are restarted with the device, if there are any bug issues or network errors, they will be sorted out with the rebooting.

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2. Turn Off Snapchat Optimization

Imagine you have restarted the device and are still experiencing the Snapchat Tap to Load issue. We recommend that you check the optimization features on your mobile phones. Sometimes we put some applications to sleep to avoid running them in the background. To check if your Snapchat is optimized and turn it off in settings. Here is how to do it,

1. Go to ‘Settings.’

Settings; How to solve Snapchat tap to load error

2. Tap on ‘Apps.’

Apps on Settings; How to solve Snapchat tap to load problem

3. Select ‘Snapchat.’

Snapchat on Apps; How to solve Snapchat tap to load problem

4. Tap on ‘Battery Optimization.’

5. Choose ‘Don’t Optimize.’

Battery optimisation; Tapto load error on Snapchat

Now you have turned off your Snapchat optimization. Check whether your Snapchat Tap to Load Problem persists or not.

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3. Turn Off Data Saver to Solve Snapchat Tap to Load Error

Your data saver feature on mobile might cause Snapchat Tap to Load Problem. We have to deal with three different scenarios of data saver mode here.

In-built Data saver mode on your device- Most devices come with an in-built data saver mode which automatically enables when you don’t have enough data. To solve the Snapchat Tap to Load problem, try turning off your in-built data saver mode by following this method:  Setting> Connection> Data Usage> Data Saver> select ‘Off.’

data saver on settings; How to solve snpachat tap to load problem

Data saver turned on manually- If you are an Android user, you have an additional feature to put selected applications under data saver mode. So check if you have chosen Snapchat under your data save mode by this method: Settings> Apps> Snapchat> Mobile Data> Select “Allow app with Data Saver on.”

Turning on datasaver manually; How to fix Snapchat tap to load problem

In-built data saver mode on Snapchat– Snapchat has an in-built data saver feature that can be adjusted manually. You can turn on the data saver mode on Snapchat for 3 days to one week. Open your ‘Snapchat settings‘ and tap on ‘Data Saver.’ Uncheck the box of ‘Data Saver.’

Snapchat in-built data saver in settings; How to solve Snapchat tap to load problem

We’ve cataloged three data saver mode features that might result in the Snapchat Tap to Load Problem and how to fix it. Enjoy your Snapchat auto-download now!

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4. Turn Off your Battery Saver mode to Fix Snapchat Tap to Load Problem.

If your phone is running on a low battery, the device will turn on the battery saver mode. It might affect the working of several applications as it tends to minimize battery usage. Your battery saver mode can be another reason for the Snapchat Tap to Load glitch. So plug in your device and turn off your battery saver mode. Here is how to do it, Setting -> Battery -> Power Mode or Battery Saver Mode and then turn it off.

1. Go to ‘Phone Settings.’

2. Tap on ‘Battery.’

3. Select ‘Battery Saver Mode or Power Mode.’

4. ‘Turn it off.’

Now check your Snapchat to whether it auto-downloads the Snap sent to you or not. Are you still having trouble? We got 3 more fixes. Scroll!

5. Clear Your App Cache

Applications might run slow due to junk files and unnecessary data. Clearing cache is like decluttering an old home. Try to clear your Snapchat app cache to solve the Snapchat tap to load problem. 

1. Open ‘Settings.’

2. Go to ‘Apps.’

3. Select ‘Snapchat.’

4. Tap on ‘Storage.’

Storage in settings; How to fix Snapchat tap to load problem

5. Click on ‘Clear Cache.’

Clear cashe ; How to solve Snapchat tap to load problem

That’s it. You have decluttered all the corrupted cached data now. Let Snapchat breathe now and auto-download your Snaps.

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6. Check Your Data Connection to Fix Snapchat Error

If any of the methods mentioned above failed to fix your problem, it is high time to check your data connection. If you are using Wi-Fi, check its router connection and reconnect to it again. If you are on your mobile data, try doing three things- Disable and enable your ‘SIM connection’, Turn on and off ‘Airplane Mode’ and turn off and on your network connectivity option.’

7. Update or Reinstall Snapchat to Solve Snapchat Tap to Load Problem

Sometimes, Snapchat shows tantrums because you have forgotten to update it for a while now. Always update your applications for new features and a better user experience. The application might stop working on outdated versions after a time. To Update Snapchat, follow these steps.

1. Go to ‘Play Store or App Store.’

2. Tap on the ‘Profile icon’ on top.

Play store profile icon; How to solve snapchat tap load issue

3. Click on ‘Manage Apps and Device.’

manage apps and devices in play store; How to fix Snapchat tap to load problem

4. Tap on ‘Updates Available.’

5. If there is Snapchat, Click on ‘Update’ next to it.

Updat snapchat; How to load Snapchat tap to load error

Reinstalling the application will be an easy way to update your application. 

1. ‘Long Press’ on the Snapchat icon on your phone.

2. Tap on ‘Uninstall.’  

quick Uninstall of Sanpchat ; How to solve snapchat tap to load problem

3. Go to ‘Play Store or App Store.’ 

4. Search ‘Snapchat’ on the search bar. 

6. Click on ‘Download.’

Here I have covered every fix for solving the Snapchat tap to load problem. These are all of the most effective methods to fix this Snapchat error. If you are still feeling helpless, I recommend contacting Snapchat customer service to address this issue- There is nothing creators can’t solve with their creation!

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Fix Your Snapchat Tap to Load Problem on Live!

If you face any troubles with the steps mentioned above, let me attach a YouTube video covering most methods to solve Snapchat Tap to load problem. Here is how you do it,

Wrapping Up

No matter how well-developed an application is, a minor flaw can completely ruin it. One such issue is the Snapchat tap to load problem. Here I have mentioned all the possible effective methods how to solve the Snapchat tap to load problem. I hope this article helps and stick with Path Of Ex for more guides like this.

Good day!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to fix the Snapchat tap to load issue?

Try reinstalling or updating your application for a quick fix. To fix this glitch, turn off your battery saver mode and data saver mode. Check whether you put Snapchat under optimization. If nothing works, reboot your device and check your connectivity.

2. Why does it keep saying ‘Tap to load’ on Snapchat?

The tap to load problem is a forever error with Snapchat. It might pop due to your battery saver mode or data saver mode. Checking your network and rebooting your device also might help.

3. Why is Snapchat not working?

Snapchat might stop working due to user hardware issues or errors on the system. Try reinstalling the application or rebooting your phone. Turn off your data saver mode and battery optimization. Also, clear your cache on Snapchat and check your network availability.


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