Ghost Trails Snapchat Plus | Keep an Eye on Your Friends

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Currently, almost all the social media platforms have come up with the most updates and exciting features for their users. This new tradition has also kept their users glued to We come with some exciting news on the latest and social media platforms for hours. trending updates on social media. The latest feature is ghost trails Snapchat plus. This is a premium membership service to increase revenue in Snapchat.

Any regular user of Whatsapp Business and Telegram would be able to draw a similarity with this feature. Snapchat+ is a Snapchat premium membership that gives users access to a variety of exclusive and pre-released features. This comes in a monthly subscription of $3.99 USD.

How to Spy on People's Snapchat
How to Spy on People's Snapchat

The features improve and personalize the Snapchat experience which helps you to get the app’s most used features. You can even check out amazing new features ahead of others. So let’s get to know the feature in detail below.

What is Ghost Trails Snapchat Plus?

Ghost Trails Snapchat Plus | Keep an Eye on Your Friends

This added feature in Snapchat allows you to track your friends wherever they go in the past 24 hours. Whenever the user enables their Snapchat+ feature in their country which makes their location accessible then you get to see their ghost trails. This incredible feature is decently updated by Snapchat.

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How to See Ghost Trails Snapchat Plus on Your Friends?

Snapchat users have to enable the option of sharing their location on SnapMap. To see the ghost trails of your friend you have to click on the Bitmoji of your friend on the map to see their ghost trail.

Ghost Trails Snapchat Plus | Keep an Eye on Your Friends

You can choose to clear your own ghost trail by keeping your ghost mode on or off. You are able to see the ghost trails of your friend only if they share their map location with you, your friend is located in a country where Snapchat is available. Last but not the least, both, your friend and you must have the Snapchat version of 11.85.

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Wrapping Up

The new feature of Snapchat allows you to track your friends and know about their whereabouts. This feature is new and users are having fun using it. You can also do the same. To know about such features on the social media platform subscribe to our website Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ghost trails Snapchat plus?

It is a new feature on Snapchat where you can track your friends wherever they go.

How can I use ghost trails Snapchat plus?

Your friend has to enable the ghost mode on their mobile, then only you would be able to track them.

Is the featured ghost trails Snapchat plus available globally?

Yes, in the countries where Snapchat is offered you get to use this feature.


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