Where To Buy Apex Legends Nessie Plush In 2023 | Finally! Get Your Official Nessie Plush

where to buy apex legends nessie plush

All the Apex Legends enthusiasts have been on the search for the Nessies ever since the game has been launched. At last, Respawn gave us the opportunity in 2020. The adorable official six-inch Nessie Plush is a must-buy. Now the main question arises, where to buy Apex Legends Nessie plush in 2023?

Nessies are undoubtedly one of the most well known Easter eggs in Apex Legends and there is even a surprise to this plush. The official six-inch Nessie Plush comes with its own bonus: a QR code which links you directly to the game content. For now, it is not exactly clear what all secrets this cute plush hides, but you’ll definitely figure it out. 

The tiny plush animals have definitely turned into quite a huge fad. It even led Respawn to create the real life version for all the Apex Legends enthusiasts. Which is exactly why without wasting any more time let’s move further with where to buy Apex Legends Nessie Plush?

Where To Buy Nessie Plush Toy in 2023?

Nessies have officially turned into a staple of Respawn games and have been there ever since the Titanfall franchise existed. It’s clear how the tradition sneakily made its way to Apex and immediately drew the attention of all its fans. This is exactly why it’s necessary to know where to buy Apex Legends Nessie Plus?

where to buy apex legends nessie plush

As soon as the Apex Legends Nessie Plush was released in 2020, it got sold out way too fast. So, the moment that the real life version of the Nessie Plush was restocked, thousands of Apex Legends fans were clamoring to get their very own Nessie Plush toy. Imagine the level of enthusiasm for this new collectible. The Apex Legends Nessie Plush can be parched in the official site of Apex Legends where you’ll receive the original and best quality that a plush can provide. 

You may not know this but the Nessie plush even holds the key to one of Apex’s first mysteries. If you shoot around 10 different Nessies spread across Kings Canyon, this would trigger an Easter egg. This would happen where the colossal Loch Ness Monster would emerge for a brief period of time. It would be right from the ocean which is extremely near the swamps. 

What Are The Two Types of Apex Legends Nessie Plush?

Now that you know where to buy Apex Legends Nessie Plush, it’s important to know the various types of Nessie Plush available. Entertainment Earth provides exactly two variations of these cute stuffed Nessies such as:

where to buy apex legends nessie plush

1. 6-inch Nessie Plush 

The 6-inch version of the plush was released in May 2021 and cost around $10 (€7) plus its shipping cost, which we feel is quite a satisfactory size to secure your very own slice of Apex joy. 

2. 12-inch Nessie Plush

The 12-inch version of the plush which was released in April 2021 and cost around $30 (€22) plus its shopping cost. But, this version has been sold out by now. You’ll have to wait and see when it will get restocked. 

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s all there is to it. All the necessary information that we feel would be of use to you has been mentioned above. We genuinely hope that our guide on where to buy Apex Legends Nessie Plush was a helping hand for all the Apex Legends enthusiasts out there! In case you have any more doubts or queries, feel free to leave a comment!


1. Where to Buy Apex Legends Nessie Plush?

The Apex Legends Nessie Plus can be pre-ordered on the official Apex Legends site.

2. Does the Apex Legends Nessie Plush unzip?

The 6-inch Apex Legends Nessie Plush doesn not have a functioning zipper. But, the 12-inch Nessie Plush has a zipper that functions.

3. Is the Nessie Plush laundry safe?

No, it is suggested that the Nessie Plush is not washed in a laundry machine. It is better to wash by hand as it is a soft plush.

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