All Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked by Abilities in 2022

All Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked by Abilities in 2022

For years Apex Legends has been the favorite royale-hero shooter game of various PC gamers worldwide. In an arena of 60 players, you fight to be that one toughest warrior or something even bigger than that, a legend. Since the creators have rolled out the beta version of the mobile game, you must wonder who is the greatest of all the Apex Legends Mobile characters.

Almost all the old characters are there in the mobile game with a few additions. It would be interesting to see how they enhance the game controls on mobile devices. Soon you’ll download Apex Legends Mobile on your iPhone and Android devices, which means it’s only a matter of time before you start the kills. However, to have the upper hand in the game, you must know something your enemies don’t. 

Below you will know of all the powerful Apex Legends Mobile characters, but they aren’t powerful in the usual ways. Each one has unique abilities, and you cannot survive if you don’t have them in your team. 

Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked in 2022

Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked in 2022

There are a total of 18 Apex Legends Mobile characters. With more frequent updates, there are a chance creators will introduce more characters with deep-rooted history. Also, the Apex team creates characters with great detail and efficiency. In a sphere of such good legends, it can be hard to find the best of them.

Well, it depends upon the ability you are looking for. If you are looking forward to a legend that revives all your teammates, then Lifeline would be the best out of all the Apex Legends Mobile characters. However, if you are playing the game to win and kill the enemies like a ruthless soldier, Bloodhound is your legend. 

9. Mirage | Holographic Trickster 

Mirage ; All Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked by Abilities in 2022

Mirage is the ultimate Holographic Trickster of Apex Legends Mobile and the traditional game. Not every player aims to be the warrior, some play to stop others from winning. Or just confuse other players to laugh at their misery. Before turning into Mirage, the man was a bartender until his mother gifted him some customized holo devices, and the rest is history. 

Witty and humorous don’t even cover the guy’s character at all. Just know that if you like to troll, then Mirage would be the perfect character out of all the Apex Legends Mobile characters. 

Abilities of Mirage in Apex Legends Mobile-

  • Passive Ability- Now You See Me
    The “Now You See Me” ability allows Mirage to go invisible when reviving teammates. This ability also lets Mirage plug the name tags in Respawn beacon. 
  • Tactical Ability- Psyche Out
    Psyche Out allows Mirage to have a holographic decoy to fool enemies. The decoy will have limited health and act as if it is the real player, but it won’t be. 
  • Ultimate Ability- Life of the Party

Life of the Party allows Mirage to send not just one but five holographic decoys. It is a powerful ability that Mirage can escape enemies within seconds. 

8. Caustic | Toxic Trapper

Caustic; All Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked by Abilities in 2022

In Apex Legends Mobile, Caustic will play the same laboratory scientist he used to play in the PC version of Apex Legends. Alendander Nox used to experiment with his pesticides in the HumbertLabs. The gaseous creations of Caustic weren’t as full-proof as he thought because he only used inert tissues to experiment. His next adventure requires him to try his toxic pesticides on living subjects. 

Among all the Apex Legends Mobile characters, Caustic is the only one with gaseous traps. Here are the abilities of Caustic in Apex Legends Mobile-

  • Passive Ability- Nox Vision
    Nox Vision Passive ability allows Caustic to see the enemy despite the gas in between. Caustic can see the enemy through his gas as well as his enemy’s gas. 
  • Tactical Ability- Nox Gas Trap
    A Nox Gas Trap stops enemies from entering a place since it explodes when an enemy passes by, or you shoot at it. Nox Gas is a powerful ability to prevent enemies from entering a building. 
  • Ultimate Ability- Nox Gas Grenade
    Similar to the Nox Gas trap, the Nox Gas grenade enables you to use the dangerous toxic grenade over an area and hurts all the enemies inside that area. 

7. Wraith | Interdimensional Skirmisher  

Wraith; All Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked by Abilities in 2022

Wraith is titled Interdimensional Skirmisher, and her real name is Renee Blassey. The fact that she cannot remember her past at all is fascinating, especially when all she has left in memory is a voice in her head. This voice led her out of the mind prison and made her manipulate space-time dimensions. 

Wraith isn’t just cool, she’s so powerful that she can make deadly attacks by manipulating the reality her enemy is living in. 

  • Passive Ability- Voices from the Void
    A voice warns Wraith that she’s in danger, giving her time to get ready for the attack. The voice also warns Wraith when she is on an enemy’s target.
  • Tactical Ability- Into the Void
    Moving to spacetime is the best tactical ability of Wraith. This enables Wraith to pass all the damage and kill enemies from the forefront.
  • Ultimate Ability- Dimensional Rift
    Dimensional Rift enables Wraith to create a portal between two points in space-time in which she can travel for 60 seconds. 

6. Pathfinder | Forward Scout 

Pathfinder; All Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked by Abilities in 2022

The best Forward Scout you will see in Apex Legends mobile, Pathfinder, is an MRVN (Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity). He is the best in location scouting. On an adventure to find his creator, MRVN, is searching the world to find a better explanation of his existence. Pathfinder is the most fun out of all the Apex Legends Mobile characters. 

Here are the abilities of Pathfinder in Apex Legends Mobile-

  • Passive Ability- Insider Knowledge
    Insider Knowledge allows Pathfinder to go through or survey a beacon, which helps the team to know of the circle’s next location in advance. 
  • Tactical Ability- Grapple
    Pathfinder uses a handy hook to get out of places ASAP. The hook gets attached to every type of land, be it rocks or plains. 
  • Ultimate Ability- Zipline Gun

With the Zipline Gun, Pathfinder creates a zipline for everyone. 

5. Lifeline | Combat Medic 

Lifeline; All Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked by Abilities in 2022

Lifeline’s real name is Ajay Che in Apex Legends. She left her family after she learned that her wealthy war profiteer parents were involved in the cause of war. That’s the biggest reason why Lifeline is devoted to helping people in Apex, and she is one of the most helpful Apex Legends Mobile characters. 

Here are the abilities of Lifeline in Apex Legends Mobile-

  • Passive Ability- Combat Medic
    Lifeline is one hell of a reviver. She can enable automatic revive drones that allow her to give health to multiple teammates. You can freely fight even when you will be reviving your partner. 
  • Tactical Ability- D.O.C. Heal Drone
    D.O.C is the Drone of Compassion. DOC allows Lifeline to heal all her teammates. 
  • Ultimate Ability- Care Package
    When your whole team is out of ammunition and gear, Lifeline can use her Care Package ultimate ability and drop a bunch of magazines, shields, bombs, and heals for her team. 

4. Gibraltar | Shielded Fortress 

Gibraltar; All Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked by Abilities in 2022

There is also a very gentle giant in Apex Legends Mobile, it is Gibraltar. His real name is Makoa Gibraltar. He is the son of rescue volunteers, so Gibraltar has always been an enthusiast at saving other people and helping them in need. Once his father lost his arm in saving Gibraltar and his boyfriend, which motivated him more to save other lives. 

Indeed, Gibraltar is one of the best Apex Legends Mobile characters. Below are abilities of Gibraltar in Apex Legends Mobile-

  • Passive Ability- Gun Shield
    When aiming down sights, Gun Shield passive ability allows you to deploy a shield that not only protects you from incoming fire but also saves your health. 
  • Tactical Ability- Dome of Protection
    Dome of Protection allows Gibraltar to use a huge dome shield. This shield blocks incoming gunfire and bombing, hence protecting you and your teammates. You can also fast revive your teammates when using Dome of Protection.
  • Ultimate Ability- Defensive Bombardment
    When you have defended yourself enough, you can use Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment and concentrate a mortar strike on a marked area. 

3. Octane | High-Speed Daredevil

Octane; All Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked by Abilities in 2022

Octane, aka Octavio Silva, is probably one of the most interesting characters you will see in the Apex Legends Mobile game. He is the son of Silvia Pharmaceuticals and is an adrenaline junkie. One day, Octavio was bored, so he started doing death-defying stunts. Losing both of his legs in an accident, Octavio got bionic legs that heal instantly. Making his a great match if you are always on the run in Apex Legends Mobile. 

  • Passive Ability- Swift Mend
    Swift Mend allows Octane to restore health automatically over time with 1 HP per second speed. 
  • Tactical Ability- Stim
    Stim tactical ability is used when you need just a few seconds of speed to make that ultimate kill. Giving you 6 seconds of 30% extra movement, Stim also takes the toll on your HP in Apex Legends Mobile. 
  • Ultimate Ability- Jump Pad
    The Jump Pad is more like a trampoline but stronger and more powerful. It can push you and your teammates into the air. 

2. Bangalore | Professional Soldier

Bangalore; All Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked by Abilities in 2022

There’s no one better than Bangalore in weapons. Since the beginning of the Apex Legends Mobile game, Bangalore was a dedicated soldier, coming from a family full of IMC officers. Having extensive combat experience. Since her brother, Jackson, was killed in a ship crash, she is fighting in the Apex field to reach to her family one day. 

Bangalore is the most skilled player out of all the Apex Legends Mobile characters. Her abilities are given below-

  • Passive Ability- Double Time
    When you are taking fire, this ability can give you 30% more speed in movement. However, you only get 2 seconds with the hiked speed. This ability is generally used to confuse enemies. 
  • Tactical Ability- Smoke Launcher
    Smoke Launcher allows Bangalore to speak high-velocity smoke wall anywhere. It is highly used for coinciding and deceiving enemies. 
  • Ultimate Ability- Rolling Thunder
    Rolling Thunder is an artillery strike launched on enemies, and it creates havoc in their territory. 

1. Bloodhound | Technological Tracker

Bloodhound; All Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked by Abilities in 2022

Bloodhound is the most deadly character in Apex Legends Mobile. Scare your enemies and be a blood-sucking monster to them. Bloodhound has a tragic past. Both of his parents died at the meltdown of a facility, making him an orphan. His uncle Arthur taught him the Old Ways of beliefs in nature. However, Bloodhound still uses both new and old ways in his methods of war. 

  • Passive Ability- Tracker
    See the left tracks of your enemies with the use of Tracker passive ability of Bloodhound. You can see the paths where your enemies roamed long ago and find them quickly. 
  • Tactical Ability- Eye of the Allfather
    The Eye of the Allfather allows Bloodhound to reveal any secret clues, hidden enemies, or anything that’s not visible normally. 
  • Ultimate Ability- Beast of the Hunt
    Giving agility and speed to Bloodhound, this ability highlights his preys in red color and makes the surroundings monochrome so that no enemy is left unseen by Bloodhound. 

What legends are in Apex Legends Mobile?

Some legends can be accessed for free in the beginning. However, for using others, you would have to get in-game currency. The legends in Apex Legends Mobile are-

  1. Bloodhound
  2. Bangalore
  3. Octane
  4. Gibraltar
  5. Lifeline
  6. Pathfinder
  7. Wraith
  8. Caustic
  9. Mirage

How many characters are in Apex Legends Mobile?

In total, there are 18 characters in Apex Legends Mobile currently. But, there will be more as they launch new updates. 

Who is the most mobile legend in Apex?

Pathfinder is the most mobile legend in Apex as it is his only ability to scout the lands and find the best path for his teammates. 

Wrapping Up

I really hope you find your true Apex Legends Mobile character after going through this list. Compare the Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate abilities of all the characters and choose the best one according to your needs. This article on “All Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked by Abilities in 2022” was all about this article. 

Share this article with your friends and fellow Apex Legends Lovers and comment below the names of your favorite characters. 

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